Workwear for hipsters who do little hands-on or physical work ["Hand-Eye Supply," Sold Out, Aug 12]? Do you seriously believe any actual working-class person will shop here? No one on a construction crew will be caught dead here, leaving it open for hipster wankers who want to look like they are "involved in a project."

-posted by The Showstopper on portlandmercury.com


Did you think for once about our apples and grain stopped by the drawbridge and the millions of dollars [of] losses because of that quaint antique built by our great-grandfathers 100 years ago for horse and carriage ["Singing CRC Kumbaya," News, Aug 12]? It will cost millions of dollars more, to everyone, to continue with the freeway failure that exists in the I-5 system as it passes through the city of Portland.

-posted by intellagence on portlandmercury.com


Seriously? This is how you perceive architects ["Raging Architects," Hall Monitor, Aug 12]? Seems to be quite a generalization and you probably should have done more research before writing such dribble. Or you know, met an architect or two. You ask, "Who says architects are deskbound nerds?" Uh, nobody? Bowties? Have you never set foot in an architecture firm? Deskbound doesn't exactly describe our profession.

-posted by Npdx on portlandmercury.com


This is why, anytime I stay in a hotel, I ALWAYS put my suitcase on the metal luggage rack provided in the room, instead of the bed ["Bugged Out," Feature, Aug 12]. I don't want to take any stowaways home with me....

-posted by MeghanH


I lived in the Marquette building on Burnside back in 2004, and was run out by bedbugs ["Bugged Out," feature, Aug 12]. It got to the point that my girlfriend and I were tucking sweatpants into our socks and wearing hoodies to bed, yet would still wake with bites on our hands and faces, where we weren't completely covered. It was terrible, and at the time we really felt that there was no one there to turn to. We left before our lease was up and had to destroy most of our furniture. If you are a renter and start noticing bites... GET OUT!!! If you own, call an exterminator right away. It's not worth it.

-posted by whahappen


TO THE MERCURY VIA VOICEMAIL—You know, I just love that for the first time ever the Portland Mercury [Aug 12] puts an actual person of color on the cover, but then decides to put a giant fucking bug on them. You racist fucks, I don't know what the hell is your problem.


DEAR MERCURY—Holy ocular orgasms! When I turned to the comic page this week, my pants spontaneously combusted in jizz fire [Fun Page, Aug 12]. The Perry Bible Fellowship has returned after triumphantly vanquishing its enemies, whoever those may have been. Now when I read the first and last three pages of your fine paper as I do every week, I will take comfort in knowing that after my trashy gossip and sex advice, there will be a gem of brilliantly fucked up genius waiting for me. Long live Nicholas Gurewitch and his PBF.

-ben h

TRUST US BEN, we print all the PBF strips we can get our mitts on, but they're far and few between these days—all the more so a treat when one comes through the door. Until the next installment, fill your entertainment hole with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish! where things occasionally get biblical, too.