DEAR MERCURY—It seems as of late a few changes in people's perception regarding Christians have started a trend of people stepping up to anyone that will listen to say, "the bad Christians don't speak for me" ["Look! A Reasonable Christian," Letters, March 15]. From where I sit, all Christians seem to pick and choose what they see to be the real or rational "Christian" beliefs from the Bible, and say the rest is outdated or symbolism or just plain unimportant. The only difference is where you, as a Christian, have decided to draw the line.



DEAR MERCURY—Trying to learn something about the ethics of fur from Keith Kaplan, a public relations employee for the fur industry, is like going to Jeffrey Dahmer to learn the ethics of cannibalism ["Love and Death in the Fur Industry," Sold Out, March 8]. The processing of fur involves toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and chromium. Here in the US, fur farms register with the USDA but are not inspected. The stench, filth, tiny cages, and anal electrocution [are] not even considered abuse under regulations that allow for "industry standard" practices.

Matt Rossell, In Defense of Animals


DEAR MERCURY—My family recently moved into the Lents neighborhood because we really want to be productive members of a proactive community that's working together to invigorate the local economy while honoring and celebrating diversity. So I feel that Ms. Jenniges is out of line to suggest our response to the low-income housing proposal came out of fear ["Setting Aside Differences," News, March 15]. Ms. Jenniges may be trying to single herself out as a reporter with a juicy story, but Lents is trying to work together with PDC [Portland Development Commission] to find the best solutions for everyone involved.

Sarah Vhay


DEAR MERCURY—The biggest mistake to be made with our local "anarchists" is to take them seriously ["Disturbing the Peace," News, March 22]. This is a ridiculous "I want you to pepper spray me/Why are you pepper spraying me?" singsong that we should all find hilarious rather than offensive.



DEAR MERCURY—In regards to last week's article "Sit and Spin" [News, March 22], let's make one thing perfectly clear: Street kids who beg and threaten people for money are a PAIN IN THE ASS. I have no problem with providing social services for the homeless who are looking to add to society, but the street kids I encounter who coerce people to give them money can take their complaints and shove them up their asses.

Eric Holmes


DEAR MERCURY—When you envision walking between the [Pioneer] Square and the waterfront, passing a few good-natured transients along your way, what are they doing ["Sit and Spin," News, March 22, reguarding Portland's sit-lie ordinance]? They're sitting down, right? The panhandlers who get in your face and threaten you aren't sitting down, they're following you, active and standing. I call bullshit.

Sara Gally


DEAR MERCURY—Ezra Ace Caraeff in his last Once More with Feeling column [March 22] rips on Californians who come up here and mispronounce our great state and streets. I would like to remind Ezra that he is also a Californian. Raised in San Diego with some semi-famous daddy in LA, who moved up here to take advantage of our low housing market and become a vegan. So before he continues to rail against the Californication of Oregon, remember, he is not part of the answer. He is part of the problem.

Tim Rich

A (NERVOUS) CONGRATULATIONS TO TIM for sleuthing (stalking?) all that information on Ezra, who was being sarcastic—alas, so difficult to convey in print. We are awed (and chilled) by your private investigation skillz. So, we're going to give to you two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch for two at No Fish! Go Fish!, where everybody who's anybody has secrets. (By the way, have you listened to the Mercury's podcasts? They're great. portlandmercury.com/podcasts.)