The real question is why does anyone file a complaint in the first place ["Smoke Out," News, Sept 23]? Let's face it, a lot of anti-smokers won't be happy until all smokers are either dead, imprisoned in camps, or frog-marched through smoke-free Pioneer Square into a secret dungeon beneath Starbucks, where they'll be subjected to a continuous audio loop of Dan Saltzman talking about how family friendly Portland is until they swear they'll stop buying American Spirits.

-Posted by Big Tobacco on


It probably is you ["It's Not Me, It's You," I, Anonymous, Sept 23]. It is a sad fact of dating that you, as the man, have to make all the first moves. This means you're going to get rejected a lot, and you will have to learn to be more resilient if you want to find a great woman. Oh, and all you beautiful Portland women. I'll probably be asking you out soon. If you are not interested, do me a favor and just say "no, but thanks."

-Posted by Haku on


Since when is cutting in line not a prick move ["Bike Law 101," News, Sept 23]? It turns my stomach when some selfish prick squeezes past all the cars to cut in front and then slows all of us polite cyclists down while all the cars wait for a gap in the left lane to go around.

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Basically it boils down to a bad book: It can't make up its mind what it wants to be ["Sunset Boulevard: The Musical," Arts, Sept 23]. I think Linda does the best she can with Norma, but the Joe is just awful. He cues others by sounding exactly like he's giving cues. He's supposed to be a lovable heel, not an asshole who also has no discernible personality. It's not impossible to write a musical that is both an exploration of aging and delusion while also being bitterly funny, but this ain't it.

-Posted by rich bachelor on


Hello from a Cayuse and Walla Walla/Dutch(?) half-breed, year-round Pendleton resident ["Let 'er Buck!" Feature, Sept 23]. I know that reading about Round-Up Week in the Merc or the NY Times, a well intended yet self-righteous liberal white person may get the impression that the Cowboys and Indians out here are separated. But let me assure you, the second week in September—as with the rest of the year—we live together, we work together, we eat and drink together. We get pissed at each other sometimes, but then who doesn't? I do thank Sarah [Mirk], Patrick [Alan Coleman] and Ian [Goodrich] for coming out and spending this celebration with us and to anyone reading, please feel welcome to come for next year's. Let 'er Buck!

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PATRICK [ALAN COLEMAN] AND SARAH [MIRK]—THAT is how to write a summary of what it was like to be at the Round-Up ["Let 'er Buck!" Feature, Sept 23]. You effing nailed it. Thanks for a great read.

-Dean Rodgers

THANKS DEAN! We now return to our regularly scheduled urban PC-liberal hand wringing vegan/nose-to-tail eating cycling indie rocker crybaby business as usual. And you get two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where you'll get more culinary bang for the buck.