TO LAST WEEK'S I, ANONYMOUS JEW/MUSLIM—Some (in fact many) of us LOVE bacon and don't believe that god commands us to not eat certain foods ["Not Kosher," I, Anonymous, Nov 4]. Also, if there are so many of you around, why aren't there more kosher restaurants? I have lots more to say, but the oven timer just went off which means my bacon, bacon, bacon pizza from Papa Murphy's is ready. 



Congrats to Gretch ["We Are the Champions," Feature, Nov 4]. I was disappointed with the show's new nasty tenor, and I'm saddened that Gretchen received a somewhat clumsy, cliché reality show hatchet job in an effort to make her some kind of TV stock villain. But, hey, that's the entertainment biz. Gretchen is a strong and talented woman (what some people call a "bitch") and I'm sure she'll be just fine.

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All the risk factors for [domestic violence], and the risk factors for those risk factors, are on the rise: joblessness, stress, drug abuse, etc. [ "Violent Truth," News, Nov 4] Also, not every abused person is a woman. Even though most are, the "vagina = victim, penis = perpetrator" model is ultimately counterproductive.

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I really like John Candy, but Zach Galifianakis does nothing for me ["Planes, Trains & Automobiles," Film, Nov 4]. Can someone tell me the movie with Zach in it that first launched him into the hearts and minds of Americans? Maybe I just haven't seen the right stuff (and I mean that seriously—I feel like I haven't seen him in much; I mostly just see people applauding him)?

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This sounds something like great news ["Putting Down the Axe," News, Nov 4]. But do you think it is slightly misleading not to mention the city's unfunded debt in an article about our sunny future? This year, the accounting standards people are now requiring municipalities to include such bad news in their financial reports. You cite some unnamed sources in the penultimate paragraph of this piece, warning against over-optimistic views of the future employment scheme. But when this debt comes due, and all of us are paying for health care for retired baby boomer bureaucrats as our services are incrementally removed (that may have already started), what do you think happens to unemployment in a state that is so heavily reliant on bureaucrats to pad its employment numbers? Why not pick things up early in the game? I really hope you might consider questioning this type of information, for all of our sakes.

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Ned, you know that the Spider-Man Broadway adaptation is horrid by whose account ["Flying High: Zip Zap Zoom," Theater, Nov 4]?? How the hell would you know anything about it when there hasn't been any preview shows... God... I can't stand you talent-less no-nothing bloggers who sit in judgment of people with talent... STFU you hack.

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DEAR JACK27, we so wish we had tickets to Spider-Man on Broadway to give you for brightening our day with your passion and enthusiasm. Instead we hope you'll treat yourself to a fine film at the Laurelhurst Theater and to lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where nobody disses anything Spider-Man touches.