If I must purchase a permit to prune city-owned trees in the parking strip in front of my home that have buckled the sidewalk... and on top of it pay the city to remove their leaves from their street, you're damn right these gypsies should pay the price ["The Food Cart War? Not Quite...," News, Dec 9].

-Posted by Tony Columbo


"Complaint based"" ["The Food Cart War? Not Quite...," News, Dec 9]? Is it public record exactly who is making the complaints? Because if it's just the local restaurants and the restaurant association, maybe they should get creative about competing rather than just whining to the Portland Bureau of Development Services about a deck.

-Posted by Oregometry


It might be a good idea to recall that the FBI could have stopped 9/11 months before it happened but chose to allow it to happen by ordering agents on the trail of "Middle Eastern men taking flight lessons" to "stand down" from such investigations, just months before aircraft were guided into the Twin Towers ["Um, What the Mayor Said...," Hall Monitor, Dec 9]. And, if Sam, as a gay man, has not felt FBI scrutiny personally, there are many in the older gay community who, I suspect, would be happy to relate horror stories to him. The one good thing to come out of this last FBI debacle/attack is just how easy it is for, say, the Zionists to run a false flag op. In fact, given the "hidden hierarchy" structure of terror cells (you really do not know anyone except your immediate boss), it's almost a certainty that Mossad has at least one pet "Arab" terrorist cell in operation for just such contingencies as 9/11. And if Mr. Mohamud had opted (been ordered) to stay in the vehicle, which from the warrant he seemed prepared to do, and the bomb had been real, we would know nothing except that an "Islamic" terrorist had killed your mother and little sister....

-Posted by Stormport


[Tony] Perez, I'm sure you really racked your brain coming up with that cutesy rhyme, "my Willamette Valley palette," but what exactly the fuck does that mean ["Stuck in the Middle... East," Last Supper, Dec 9]? Love it, though—Lebanon gets "props for trying." Yo, motherfucker, you make it sound like they haven't been making wine there for thousands of years. Lauro a go-to for "haute Middle Eastern cuisine?" Have you ever eaten there? Mediterranean, sure, but Middle Eastern?

-Posted by jake


Hi Tony. I completely agree with you—that Baba Ghanoush is creamy and delicious ["Stuck in the Middle... East," Last Supper, Dec 9]. I like that in the same review you suggest going to a vegan food cart AND to order leg of lamb... it shows you've got some food range :)

-Posted by cookingwhileeating


Wait, let me get this straight, Taylor-Taylor has a personal chef named "Mattress" ["My World: Courtney Taylor Is Drinking Life Up," Music, Dec 9]?

Posted by El Dulce

YES, EL DULCE, this is the news we are telling you (Mattress' snacks are delicious, incidentally). For successfully registering this information you win two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where there are no mattresses in sight.