DEAR MERCURY—being a newbie to P [What?—Eds.], I have been reading all the free weekly lit to get a feel for things. After reading several of Ann Romano's columns [One Day at a Time, weekly], my question is: What is the point in rehashing the weekly disasters that befall the usual suspects—KK, LL, CS, et al.? Don't we get enough of that shit every day in EVERY media? Her singular talent seems to be raiding the thesaurus to use a different adjective every time she trashes one of her regular losers. What's the point?     

-barry newbie 


DEAR MERCURY—I know that freedom of speech prevails for all, but to publish a valentine from someone who is claiming they are 46 to their 16-year-old "love" is pretty damn sick ["Mercury Readers' Valentines," Feature, Feb 10"]!! I do not understand the thinking behind publishing this one. I know you have editors who are educated and I would hope have a sense of right and wrong, but to let this one pass is wrong! Please do not advocate this kind of crap!



DEAR MERCURY—[A] hipster is a fan of bad indie music, which this town produces in mass. The Chores, the Shaky Hands, all flavor-of-the-month bands soon to be forgotten. And the old respected acts are a joke; Pavement imitated Too Much Joy, but the latter was funnier. Colin Meloy sounds like the guy from the Dead Milkmen. The Thermals, yuck, they make Green Day seem like Surreal Dadaists. The rest of the PDX scene wants to be King Missile. Yet there was not a review of the best album of the last decade: I Killed the Zeitgeist by Nicky Wire. It figures he towers over all the indie mediocrity your music critics worship.

-P Jacks


DEAR MERCURY—Reading your shithole newspaper while enjoying a diner-style breakfast at Diamond Darcy's, I had to laugh (at you and your readers referring to Darcy's as "a sad, sad place ") ["82nd vs. Lombard," Feature, Jan 20]. Having enjoyed most of PDX's great restaurants, I can safely say Heather at Darcy's is hands down the best server in Portland. Not because of her efficiency or whatever, but because of how happy she makes you feel to be there. Hell, I even know her name! It's a cool vibe having breakfast at Darcy's. I think the reason you are sad when you go there is because the zombies in the back video poker room remind you too much of your digital iPhone thumbsucking. I guess when they feature Darcy's in the fourth season of Portlandia you will kill yourself then. Because you'll realize all you can do is talk shit on what's cool and like what's lame.


OKAY FINE, we will stop making fun of Diamond Darcy's. Shit! Rmiddlehouse, you win two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, which is yet another of PDX's great restaurants with "cool vibes." Dork.