[Letters, schmetters. Email is old-timey, and these days most of the Mercury's best and rawest feedback comes in the form of comments on our hyperactive Blogtown, PDX. This week, reporter Matt Davis set the blogosphere off when he called the new comedy Knocked Up "sexist, anti-abortion, frustratingly not-funny." The statement launched a comment war, some choice excerpts of which appear below, along with Blogtown commenters' reactions to the Gossip's Beth Ditto naked on the cover of NME. Join the discussions, weirdness, and entertainment happening every day at!]

Look, I'm all for examining the sociological significance of popular film, but lighten the fuck up already. It is not a pro-life film. It was funny. If you didn't laugh, perhaps it's because you are too pretentious.

Posted by suz

The preview I saw made the movie look idiotic. It looks like the origin story of one of those hot-competent-wife-fat-stupid-husband sitcoms dragged out to two hours. No one's saying she has to have an abortion, but given our extremely retro political climate, I agree with Matt that there is something troubling about the notion that she has to both have the baby AND let a one-night-stand loser in on the parenting process. This isn't 1952.

Posted by $0.02


She looks good, but inside she blames size zero expectations on "gay men in the fashion industry." I've said it once and I'll say it again: Beth Ditto is a fucking idiot.

Posted by coolidge

I'm not really sure what she's trying to prove... Yes we know you're fat, and yes you don't shave your armpits. That's nothing to be proud of, it's just showing off how little dignity you care to really display.

Posted by Sam


DEAR MERCURY—If Dinosaur Comics sucks because it lacks technical artistic skill, then so do South Park and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The comic is hilarious; apparently Ryan North has kept a journal of truisms, epiphanies, and silly anecdotes for 10 years, and after realizing no one would publish such a collection, found the perfect medium to spew his weird wisdom to the world. The art doesn't matter.

Jari Sky

CONGRATULATIONS TO JARI for the defense of Dinosaur Comics—point, set, match against all the illustration teachers and other under-qualified critics who've been Dino-hating. Jari gets two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, and lunch for two at No Fish! Go Fish!


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