DEAR MATT STANGEL—I think your arguments fell into an easy trap, which is to equate the speed and diversity of available information to cyborgization ["I, Cyborg," Feature, Feb 24]. Blogging and Facebook hold the same "second-self" problems that have broached anyone entering into the world of written media, from the author of a magazine article in 1860s to the publishings of 16th century philosophers; it's a process that now happens in hours instead of months or years. Using hardware to interact with that media subconsciously, like balancing on a bike without thinking about it—that is cyborgization.

-Trev C


DEAR BIG MIKE—Who is this "we" you speak of ["One More for the Suggestion Box," Letters, Feb 24]? I'm a Mercury reader as well, and I have no desire to see "big titted, big-assed Gresham bitches." If or when I do, I'll drive to Gresham. Don't get me wrong, I like sluts as much as the next girl, I just don't need them in my Mercury. So, please—stop speaking for all of us.



DEAR MERCURY—I would like to thank Andrew Hanna for clearing up a mystery ["There Is More Than One King Missile Song?" Letters, Feb 24]. I was wondering why most indie music fucking sucks, and it's because it all sounds like King Missile and nothing could fucking suck more than King Missile.

-Scott Owens


DEAR MERCURY—In response to Nic, who can't find inspiration for writing unless it's to bash celebrity bashers ["A Wise Man Once Said...," Letters, March 3]. Sure, Ann Romano's spewed lettering isn't the most pertinent and severe writing in the world, but if you consider all the content on paper and the interwebs that is "published" every hour, every day, her "contributions" aren't that close to the bottom of the barrel.



DEAR MERCURY—Why are you still giving away dinner for two to No Fish! Go Fish! for the "letter of the week" [Actually, they're not open for dinner. We give away lunch.—Eds.]? Change it up, PLEASE.

-kelsey m carrisoza montalvan


DEAR MERCURY—Low-income residents are not forced to shop at a convenience store ["Just Deserts," News March 3]. They choose to shop there. Low-income residents that are on the SNAP [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] program are allowed to purchase unhealthy foods. What fast foods are they purchasing with the cash they can withdraw that contributes to obesity? The system is broke. At least the WIC [Women, Infants, and Children] program only allows healthy food items. Those deserts don't need an upscale market, they need a low-price grocer like Winco or Grocery Outlet that offers good food at low prices.



HELLO SIR/MADAM—This is Bob Haynes and I will like to know if you sell (Top Prize Wheel)? If yes then kindly get back to me with the prices you have and if you have a similar product let me know of the price range. Thank you and hope we can have a good business co-operation.

-Bob Haynes

SURE THING BOB, we can totes rig you up a prize wheel that will be top of the pops. But because we also pride ourselves on our good business "co-operation," we'll even throw in two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where top prize wheel winners are appreciated.