DEAR EDITOR—Your celebration of the multiple aggravated assaults committed against two intoxicated bar patrons is a sordid, disgusting piece of pornography masquerading as alternative journalism ["The Bartender Chronicles," Feature, March 17]. By publishing this detailed account of evil, the Portland Mercury has affirmed the Pacific Northwest's reputation as a violence-prone place and perpetuated the immoral idea that extreme violence is an acceptable response to—what, exactly, verbal provocation or a finger waggled too close to one's face?

-Matthew Sproul


Never been to SXSW, but judging from the videos and pictures I've seen of it over the past few years, it looks like a serious clusterfuck ["Deep in the Heart of Texas," Feature, March 24]. I love music, but I don't like extreme crowds. That wouldn't necessarily stop me from going to Austin for that fest, but if I did, I would probably do the makeshift shows that are starting to pop up on the outskirts of the city, from what I've read.

posted by Chorizogrande

SXSW looks absolutely miserable. Maybe 10 years ago a novice band could impress an A&R rep and get signed, but those days are looooonnng gone.

-posted by Spindles


An activist is an activist is an activist ["A Horrible, Horrible Sight," News, March 24]. Mr. [Mike] Vos and his crew should have gone with the wind (pun intended) and taken advantage of their unique albeit tragic situation, documenting the destruction as much as possible, sensing people's emotions, reflecting on it all, bringing it home, and educating the people back here. That, my friends, is true activism.

-posted by Nix


I'm going to see it just to see how many areas it rips off from Miranda July ["Mopelandia," Film, March 24]. I see four just in the preview. I feel like dying on the days that feel like this movie. Why would you make a movie like that?

-posted by Jump jump

I have seen this film and completely disagree with the review. In today's world, the audience is completely comfortable with overlapping and interwoven narrative. We are tired of Portland magnified and idealized. This is real, and by its nature, universal to other cities in many people's experience.

-posted by R

Mr. McCormick definitely has talent as a cinematographer. His photography is pure poetry, but a talent like that is separate from screenplay writing and directing. He should embrace what he does best, and hopefully someone else will too, and let him DP a great script resulting in an epic film.

-posted by Ten Red

This film blew me away. So, it's like a group of different stories about different characters, right? All of these stories seem entirely unrelated. But here's the catch—and hold onto your seat, because this is amazing—in the end, you realize that they are all interconnected in some way you hadn't anticipated at the beginning of the film. Woah! It's like that Don DeLillo book about the baseball and the garbage man, or whatever. I hope this narrative device is employed in more films!

-posted by Ovidius

YOU'RE A FUNNY GUY, Ovidius. A sarcastic bastard, but funny. You win two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where you can wipe that sarcastic look off your face right now, buster.