I'm quite disgusted that Civic Stadium has been turned into a propaganda monument for the fucking logging industry ["The Portland Timbers, From Army to Zizzo," Feature, April 14].

-Ice Tiger


I agree with this analysis but here's the question: Where is this money actually coming from ["A Zone by Any Other Name," Hall Monitor, April 14]? Can you please ask the city what other programs are receiving less funding because of Sam's need to do the county and state's job for political gain?

-posted by Number Six


What do we think about publishing a dead author's unfinished novel ["Death and Taxes," Books, April 14]? [David Foster Wallace is] dead and all, but it's hard to escape the feeling that he'd object to [The Pale King's] publishing, and its entrance into his body of work with its half-formed nature becoming more and more of a dusty footnote over time. Part of art is declaring a work finished and fit for judgment and entry into the rest of one's body of work, no?

posted by Commenty Colin

Publishing this as David Foster Wallace's book is misleading, at best ["Death and Taxes," Books, April 14]. It is a book of his work, compiled and organized by others, but not his book. The publisher calls it "an unfinished novel by David Foster Wallace," but really it is what was in his files when he died. I can attest to myriad changes of mind an author goes through on the way from "writing a novel" to having a finished novel, or having nothing at all. Intentions do not correlate to achieved art, and it is presumptuous for the publisher to assert otherwise.

-posted by Matthew Stadler


I saw [Boomcracklefly] last Thursday ["On the Wings of Revolution," Theater, April 7]. I found the actual production aspects of the play to be top-notch. But the script and plot were needlessly convoluted. I agree with [author Virginia] Thayer that a few rewrites and some workshopping and this play could be excellent, but right now it tastes like young wine.

-posted by Graham


Hobo Bellagio is right ["Say Hello to the Hotel Bellagio," News, April 14]. A monument to the ego of Portland's political class.

-posted by Haku

Best name ever ["Say Hello to the Hotel Bellagio," News, April 14]! It kind of looks like a jail, though.

-posted by MKUltraPDX

Anything to divert the bums from the area around Portland's #1 tourist attraction: Voodoo Doughnut ["Say Hello to the Hotel Bellagio," News, April 14].

-posted by Chunty McHutchence

DON'T KNOW HOW they do the voodoo that they do so well—it's a spell, hell... UMMMM... yes Chunty, the lines at Voodoo sure are long. But on the bright side, you're winning two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish! where your cynical humor will most likely be tolerated as well.