DEAR MERCURY—I'm no mathematician but I'm pretty certain that if the city keeps building bikeways at 20 miles a year, they'll get to 370 miles a year and a half early ["Slow Roll," News, April 21]. Also, it will only take a little over three years to fill the current backlog of demand for bike corrals, after which I imagine the city will be able to keep up to speed with new requests. Add in the fact that the city is going to start pumping an extra million into the bike plan annually and this seems like an overly harsh article about the progress Portland has made in the first year of a new project that happens to be starting at the tail end of a monstrous financial crisis.



I love beer and gastronomic chemistry, but I stopped reading this after seeing a comparison made to the exploitative and shameless Mark Zuckerberg, with the implication that he has unbridled enthusiasm and visionary obsession ["Beer-ed Science," Last Supper, April 28].

-posted by thiebes


You got to wonder if the pending investigation of possible civil rights violations against the city over the Aaron Campbell shooting, including whether or not the DA manipulated the Grand Jury by withholding the supervising officer's testimony, had anything to do with this arrangement ["Give the FBI a Chance?" News, April 28]. The problem is that we'll never know if the FBI is violating our civil rights, as they have always done to innocent Americans with impunity.

-posted by Whistle Blaster


Doing the math that's $239,234 per unit ["Rise with Us," News, April 28]. We have lots of distressed real estate in Portland, why are we building more? I feel like we've dumped so much money into South Waterfront and in the end they had to have a fire sale to get rid of the unsold units. A bigger problem for me, and Portland, are all the campgrounds along the Eastbank Esplanade—that's a problem that needs an immediate solution. If I were a tourist visiting Portland, after seeing all the campgrounds I would think twice about a return visit.

-posted by Jeff


Well played, Denis [C. Theriault] ["I Won on Jeopardy!" Feature, April 27]. I watch every night, so we saw you win and lose. I was on Jeopardy! in 1987 when the values were half what they are now. I had a $3,000 lead in Double Jeopardy, then the returning champ kicked my ass with categories she liked. I got just under half her total ($9,200 to $4,200). I bet it all on 19th century America and got it right to end up with $8,400. She missed it, but of course bet zero. I'm still miserable about the blown opportunity.

-posted by HGROOPMAN


What, are you fucking kidding me? A Portland Patio Pages [special advertising section] now? Have you been outside lately? What's next, a gift of Stolichnaya that's filled with water and not sweet, sweet booze? Eff you, Portland Mercury, for reminding me of the good time in the sun I'm not having. And here I was totally enjoying this week's issue until you totally Chernobyled me with this bullshit.

-Westman Brown-Mathews

OH YEAH you thought you had us there, Westman, and then last Sunday temps shot up and it was all BLAM! REVERSE SUN BUURRRRN! The patios of Portland were packed, which leads us to the conclusion that our timing is, in fact, perfect. Still, you get two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish! because we know it was a vitamin D deficiency that caused you to act out like this. ENJOY.