DEAR EDITOR—A better and more equitable use of the million dollars per year Mayor Adams wishes to spend on an office of equity ["A 'Yes' Vote That Isn't, Really," Hall Monitor, May 26] would be to pave streets in the Cully, Felony Flats, and East Portland neighborhoods where our ethnic minorities have been pushed by gentrification. Regarding the LGBT community, which in Portland barely qualifies as a minority, other than the odd queer-bashing by douchebags out of Beaverton, I see little evidence of inequitable treatment of LGBTs, certainly nothing systematic or anything by Portland or Multnomah County government, and nothing requiring the expenditure of a million dollars for a half-dozen white-collar paper pushers.

 -Brian A. Cobb


Boo hoo ["Kids in the Big House," News, May 26]! It's jail. You chose to commit a crime. You were caught. Did you expect a back rub? I am hoping that jail was so unpleasant that you don't want to return.

-posted by BokChoy

You seem to think that jail should be a punitive measure for criminals rather than a chance to rehabilitate the juveniles ["Kids in the Big House," News, May 26]. Study after study has shown the mass ineffectiveness of this manner of behavioral correction methodology. Also, if you'd read the goddamned article, you'd have noticed that juveniles being held in adult jails were being held there BEFORE they'd been convicted of a crime. So what you're advocating for is that juveniles who have not been convicted of ANY crime be held in adult jails where they're much more likely to be sexually assaulted or commit suicide.

-posted by Graham

As someone who watched a family member go from a scared kid who made a mistake to a hardened criminal who has dead eyes and no emotion but survival after being thrown into general population at the age of 16 for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, all you who say this isn't a bad thing can suck it ["Kids in the Big House," News, May 26].

-posted by superlaylers


Way to take, er give, one for the team, Dan ["The Choicer Challenge," Savage Love, May 26]! Speak to gay people and it's pretty easy to see that they haven't chosen that life... but rather it chose them, and they finally found some happiness in life by accepting it. Acceptance and choice are not always the same.

-posted by Kerry


Can't, for ONCE, we have a comedy revolving around an abortion, a divorce, children being sad, and a loveable buffoon who DOESN'T discover the meaning of life ["Hair of the Dog," Film, May 26]?

-posted by DamosA


"It's sort of a secret, but OMSI is one of the few science museums nationwide that actually builds its own exhibits. It has one of the three largest exhibit-building studios in the US." ["What Is Narnia Doing in Our Science Museum?" In the Shadows, May 26] WHY THE FUCK DOESN'T OMSI BRAG ABOUT THIS?!?!? Give public tours and talks with the people making these exhibits? Man... they're really missing out. Portland has a fairly robust homebrew DIY community and they'd love to chat with them.

-posted by Graham


I'm bringing a class action suit against them for contributing to my hearing loss ["Slay Bowels," Music, May 26].

-posted by Super Chundy

You know, there's an old saying about the relationship between age and appreciation for loudness... ["Slay Bowels," Music, May 26]

-posted by Coastofnebraska

This show fuckin' killed. Despite your preferences, Travis Ritter, the show was packed and all had a great time... ["Slay Bowels," Music, May 26]

-posted by SmutLust


I LOVE IT ["The New I, Anonymous Blog!" New Column! May 26]! It's my favorite column in the Portland Mercury, and a daily dose of it!

-posted by cheetoface

TELL IT, CHEETOFACE! Now fans of the I, Anonymous column can mainline it, uncut, straight into their daily lives at portlandmercury.com, where you can comment, vote on surveys to determine how full of shit people are, and even enjoy some cute 'n' cuddly videos in the I, Anonymous chill-out tent! Be there now! As for you, cheetoface, you get two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish! which is always kind of a chill-out tent.