OKAY LUCKYBULLDOG13PDX—I agree with you about bicyclists having to stop at traffic lights and stop signs ["Concrete Change," News, June 16, regarding plans for improved bicycling infrastructure on N Williams, which prompted luckybulldog13pdx to leave a comment calling for bike helmet and licensing laws]. But in my opinion, anybody who thinks that there should be a helmet law is an idiot as well. It's bad enough that bikers on motorcycles have to wear them, but an adult bicyclist? Rider education is more important than a stupid, pathetic law that generates income to the courts and gives people a bad record.

-Larry Hanson


So happy you did this ["The Silent Majority," Feature, June 23, in which Oregon political lobbyists are rated by anonymous insiders]! But I think you need to address the amount of power other organizations and lobbyists have in Salem. City of Portland... Planned Parenthood... these are important people down there.

-posted by Brass Cupcake


The headline Vicky read was not "used in a publication for all to see," but in a publication that she chose to pick off a pile or out of a box, open, and read voluntarily ["So Goddamn Sensitive," Letters, June 23, in which reader Vicky Colbert objects to the word "Goddamn" in a headline]. The freedom of speech does not guarantee your right to not be offended, Vicky.

-posted by Dick Flavor


I will not question [the water bureau's] Mr. [David] Shaff's decision to drain the reservoir, but I would like to point out a wasted opportunity here ["The Flush Heard 'Round the World," News, June 23, regarding the national outcry caused when eight million gallons of water were drained from the Mount Tabor Reservoir following an incident in which a drunken trespasser urinated into it]. Once one person has peed in the reservoir, requiring that it be drained, doesn't it logically follow that others would have a short window in which to pee in it without consequence, seeing that it's about to be drained anyway?

-posted by Edgar Dirby


I feel like there's a line between seeing a problem as minor in its true context, and reflexively dismissing all such problems as "problems." I feel like this article crossed the line into dismissiveness ["My Half-Year of Lady Memoirs," Books, June 23, in which author Melissa Lion reviews five memoirs by women, some of whose problems Lion criticizes as privileged]. I just don't believe that just because some people have it way better than others materially/culturally and in other ways that their problems become invalid complaints, since everyone's differing levels of dissatisfaction evidences a humanity that seems to be common across all circumstances. And yet. I certainly read stuff and have the same eye roll as Melissa does. I think this ambivalence classifies me as a "knob."

-posted by Commenty Colin


HI—I just want to let you that Arkngthand is a Dutch band ["Behold Arkngthand, Norway's Hottest Game of Thrones Metal Band," Blogtown, June 16, in which author Erik Henriksen discovers a band he doesn't like whose identity is based on a franchise he adores]. They are not from Norway.


UM UM UM... Ruud as in Ruud van Sloun, lead guitar player of Arkngthand???? Sir, we are honored that you have chosen to pay our site a visit! Quick, bring forth Ros, the comely red-haired prostitute, and three barrels of ale from the cellar—for Ruud has won the letter of the week!