If you like privately owned land that has been maintained, at a cost to the owner, as park space, get your "collective" asses together and buy it ["Get Off My Land!" News, July 14, regarding the protest against development of a privately owned property on N Mississippi that the community uses as a park.].

-posted by BokChoy

Gentrification is a CLASS issue, not a race issue ["Get Off My Land!" News, July 14]. Blacks, whites, or ANYONE else who has enough money or owns their own home are NOT being priced out. In fact, assuming that all the people pushed out for not having enough money are non-white, while all the people moving in must be white, IS FUCKING RACIST.

-posted by Commenty Colin


"Ian Karmel who, after taking the contest a year earlier, has become perhaps Portland's most recognized stand-up" ["Comedy Bubble," Comedy, July 14, regarding the sudden prevalence of local comedy showcases]. This is like saying that someone has become the world's most renowned mime. For the organizations that are serious about expanding and improving the Portland Comedy Scene, any noticeable "pop" of the bubble will be nothing but an opportunity in disguise. Indeed, this is where newborn booking companies come into play. Let's be real: Artistically, Portland has ALWAYS punched above its weight, and rightfully so. The least the Mercury can do is be honest to the actual comedy scene, and not just to a few favored sons.

-posted by hookerwithapenis


Yes indeed, these fine fellows are truly blazing a new path ["Chop Shop," Last Supper, July 14, about new meat counter Chop]. The cured meats at the Russian delis, the old German places, and the wizened, spry fellow at Victor's European Meat Market haven't been doing this for a long time. That's not to say Chop and Olympic [Provisions] aren't making good stuff—they are—but they're not reinventing the wheel.

-posted by jake


Who are you to say that people who are avoiding gluten are all "celiacs" ["Glutenous Maximus," I, Anonymous, July 14, in which the anonymous author expresses irritation and disbelief regarding the growing number of gluten-free eaters]? How about gluten intolerance? Gluten sensitivity? Just plain feeling better when you don't eat bread? Our dietary habits have changed a lot since our guts evolved. Maybe people are healthier when they eat less wheat and more fermented vegetables. Who knows? Don't go around thinking you know what's best for the other guy. He might decide he knows what's best for you.

-posted by Mazarine

Our understanding of how diet affects health (and planet) is rapidly evolving, especially with the explosion of food and nutrition related documentaries the last five years ["Glutenous Maximus," I, Anonymous, July 14]. We could all probably use a little more patience on all sides of this table (hah! See what I did there?), because these issues are only going to continue becoming more central to our discussions of health care, economy, and sustainability.

-posted by pdxnelson


My dear Ms. Romano... as soon as you called Kim Kardashian a fucking ugly bag of moldy laundry, I knew it was love [One Day at a Time, July 14, in which the author calls Kardashian a, well... you know]. I could almost see spittle flying as you furiously typed away. I heart u 4evr.

posted by Ron PDX

WE LOVE U 4EVER 2 Ron PDX, that's why we're sending you two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at the People's Sandwich of Portland, where fucking ugly bags of moldy laundry will never be served.