DEAR EDITOR: Ann wasn't flipping the bird at Occupy protesters [One Day at a Time, Oct 13], but rather chiding those gathered to increase their effectiveness. This is a reasonable challenge not to be confused with run-of-the-mill mustache/hipster insults.

It's great people want to instigate change. Ann responded by asking for specific suggestions of "positive action for busy wage-earners who want to affect change in ways other than camping in the rain." Here's one: A letter to elected officials stating a personal viewpoint and call to action not only receives the weight of 2,000 citizen voices, but it also creates a paper trail by which the system can direct and justify change, based on the wishes of We the People (usa.gov/contact).

-Jadene Mayla


TO THE MERCURY: Okay, we get it that the occupiers want people to know how the 99 percent are getting screwed and that there are a lot of ways that happens. I am sure it is enormously satisfying to think that people are paying attention to you sound off about whatever pisses you off the most, but wouldn't it be even more satisfying if while you had their attention you presented an idea that could lead to justice for the ninety-niners?

I spent a week down at the occupation trying to get people to simply sign a petition calling on Senator [Jeff] Merkley to introduce a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood. I got 500 signatures, but I also got a lot of blank stares and dismissive responses from those who think that you can win a revolution without getting involved in politics. Perhaps Ann Romano was just trying to say that we are not ready for pure democracy when we have such difficulty developing a political strategy for getting there as a nation [One Day at a Time, Oct 13].

For now, we have to work through our representatives. If in the end, the majority want anarchy then that is what we will get, for better or worse.

-Rick Staggenborg, MD, Alliance for Democracy


TO THE MERCURY: I was horrified and devastated upon reading Ann Romano's recent treatment of Ashton Kutcher [One Day at a Time, Oct 13], wherein she declares her distaste for those who end their sentences with prepositions. As Ms. Romano should know, the belief that such usage is always wrong is a vestige of the ill-fated effort to impose Latin grammatical rules upon a Germanic-Latin-Norse hybrid language. Is the Wu-Tang Clan nothing with which to fuck? Yes and no. While the disrobed Mr. Kutcher's particular usage was indeed improper, I still offer Ms. Romano a hearty "fuck you." How you allow this and call yourself a respectful publication is beyond me.



TO THE MERCURY: I understand that these occupiers of the streets of Portland are mad, and they think they're doing good. And perhaps they are, but as far as I can see, their goals go no further than to let the men and women of the upper class who have so righteously raped the rest of us know that what they did was WRONG WRONG WRONG, and somebody needs to be held accountable for it. That's all fine and dandy, except for this: The upper class who have so righteously raped the rest of us KNOW it was WRONG WRONG WRONG AND THEY DON'T GIVE A FUCK! Good luck holding anyone accountable and seeing any change for this is AMERICA. Until you all decide to take this French Revolution style and bring out the guillotines, I see no hope for your ventures.

-Jocelyn Kazebier


TO NED LANNAMANN: Okay, I'll bite ["Notes of a Dirty Old Man," Film, Oct 13, in which Ned calls Blowfly's manager (and the author of this letter) a "sleazebag"]. What, in your douchey estimation was "sleazebag" about me dedicating seven years of my life taking a national treasure from complete career stasis to a global touring machine that headlined a stage on the world's biggest festival last year, enabling a movie being made worthy of your D- psych 101 analysis? Go fuck an echidna.

-Tom Bowker

FUN FACT! Echidnas are spiny anteaters native to Australia and New Guinea, and belong to the family Tachyglossidae in the monotreme order of egg-laying mammals. And for hipping us to this knowledge, Tom wins the Mercury letter of the week, and two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where sexual relations with echidnas are generally frowned upon. For a variety of reasons.