DEAR PORTLAND MERCURY—As a master numerologist and a frequent reader of the Mercury, I was dismayed by your uninformed usage of numerology in the article entitled "Occupy Numerology" [News, Nov 17, recounting a number of statistics regarding all aspects of Occupy Portland]. Numerology is already un-sexy sounding as it is, but blurring the distinction between statistics and a metaphysical science about vibrational interactions kills me as a professional. I've been working for 25 years to educate people about the usefulness of this ancient system in understanding the character of people, places, and things, and how we manifest so much through timing and naming.

-Jen Elliott


Compared to many of the clowns that have purported to act as chief of police, along with myriad complications involved in dealing with the [Portland Police Bureau] union, whatever minor missteps [Police Chief Mike] Reese may have taken, he's doing fine ["Occupation Revived," Feature, Nov 24, chronicling Occupy Portland's relationship with police during and after the encampment's park eviction].

-posted by stukasoverpdx

This article gives far more information regarding what Occupy Portland is about than the movement itself ["Occupation Revived," Feature, Nov 24]. Of the 13 times I've visited since it first sprung up, the only info I get is, "We're the 99 percent," and "Quit buying into the capitalist machine."

-posted by Handsome McHaberdasher


REALLY, MERC?—You think my letter was about Twix bars ["Haters," Letters, Nov 24]? My response to the I, Anonymous addressed to "the fat fuck that is single-handedly jacking up the average BMI in Portland" was about bigotry ["Blood Sugar," Nov 17], and your decision to promote and profit from it.

-Athen O'Shea


What an idiotic statement by [Occupy Portland media volunteer Jordan] LeDoux. "This country has greater protection for property rights than it does for speech rights. And that's probably not the way it should be," says LeDoux ["This Is What Bureaucracy Looks Like!" News, Nov 24, regarding the continued existence of downtown homeless encampment Right 2 Dream Too compared to the evicted Occupy Portland movement]. I'd suggest you learn a bit more about the foundations of property rights and how it plays a role in a healthy and free democracy.

-posted by Portlander66


Why is this story not "Oregon wines under $10" ["Vino on the Cheapo," Lush Life, Nov 17, profiling Oregon wines under $30]? Let's be reasonable, there's a double-dip recession happening.

-posted by Graham

So what, there are no really good Oregon wines for less than $20? ["Vino on the Cheapo," Lush Life, Nov 17] Disagree. And $24 to $30 is not "cheapo" for most of us.

-posted by geyser

I work at a winery in Oregon ["Vino on the Cheapo," Lush Life, Nov 17]. It takes about two weeks to make beer—even a fancy microbrew. Wine takes months, sometimes years, to make. And you only get to make one batch a year. Factor in the cost of barrels, equipment, etc., and it gets even worse. I drink beer when I get home tired, or when I go out to the bar. But if I'm having a nice dinner, or if I want to drink something really spectacular, wine is just better.

-posted by ebag

WE'RE JUST GLAD the finer representatives of wine and beer are finally talking, and ebag wins this week's Mercury letter of the week, with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where ample wines and beers are both available.