RE: "Advice from a Freelance Wedding Planner" [Feature, June 14], a compilation of suggestions for a successfully fun same-sex wedding.

Thank you for including a suggestion for a bouncy castle. I got married two years ago and by damn I wanted a bouncy castle. Everyone else thought I was crazy, but all the children loved it. The kids gave us strange looks when the groom and I kicked them out so we could have our bounce time. GET OUT OF THERE, YOU LITTLE BASTARDS, I FUCKING PAID FOR IT!!! It was a very lovely day and a great idea.

-posted by Scarlet Pirate


RE: "Girl-on-Girl Action" [I Love Television, June 14], in which author Wm.™ Steven Humphrey criticizes the pope.

DEAR MERCURY—Just read your comments about the holy father. You should stick to pop culture. You can't handle anything more complex than TV shows.



RE: "Lesser Evils" [Letters, June 14] in which the upcoming presidential race and Obama's performance are debated.

As a centrist Democrat and Obama supporter, I think one must deal with the political realities of our system of government, as well as the political tide of the time. As much as you can call the Nader voters of the past "idealistic," the plain simple truth is that had Gore not had to spend the time and money courting the far left, we wouldn't have had a Bush presidency to begin with. The left will likely lose Obama if we continue to hear the constant harping of some "well-meaning" folks from the far left. Obama is still the man.

-posted by frankieb

I have noticed much fewer Obama stickers and yard signs. In 2008 you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting one or the other. No one seems to want to debate that.

-posted by Jackassville


RE: "The $400 Million Lane," regarding plans for a widening of Interstate 5 through Portland's Rose Quarter.

Almost any imaginable cost-cutting measures on this project will be worse for the neighborhood than what is proposed. The proposal has pluses and minuses, the biggest cons being the price—$100 for every man, woman, and child in the state (for what return?)—and the disruption this will cause due to delayed redevelopment and construction.

-posted by Allan


RE: "Brown in Town" [I, Anonymous, June 14], in which the anonymous author complains of racially motivated harassment.

Some people out there just want to spew their hate on you. I am white. I dyed my hair black. Idiots in pickup trucks screaming, "Fuck you, you fucking Spic bitch! Fucking Spic!" followed me several times. I was refused seating in a restaurant on two occasions. Racists can be too stupid to distinguish between races. So, they don't care about you or your behavior or whatever. They just want to hate a color. They don't represent most people, I think, but they are everywhere, scattered in with everyone else, so it FEELS like they are everyone. I am lucky, I can choose to make my hair be red again and suddenly I'm white and my white privilege comes back and everyone mostly treats me better.

-posted by bootness


RE: "Glee—with More Hair!" [Film, June 14], in which Rock of Ages is unfavorably reviewed in general, but Tom Cruise's performance is praised.

I'm not forgiving you for calling Tom Cruise a great actor. Wait, don't tell me: He played a pompous, egotistical, into-himself white guy. Have you noticed that's his only role? He's playing Tom Cruise. Nope, not forgiving you for this. Ever.

-posted by blech

THAT'S OKAY BLECH, we don't need your forgiveness. (Besides, how awkward would it be if Cruise were cast as a character of color rather than an actor of color?) However, we respect that this is a sensitive issue for you, and would therefore like to extend two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where you can enjoy a plethora of films about pompous white guys every day.