DEAR MERCURY—I am concerned because the police now have the right to use deadly "force" under any circumstance ["Off the Hook," News, Oct 19, wherein the Mercury news team reports on the Grand Jury decision not to bring criminal charges against the police officers who caused James Chasse Jr.'s death in custody]. If I went out and beat the shit out of someone and they died as a result, and my defense was, "I was just trying to kick his ass into submission," would they have ruled accidental death? Each of the so-called officers involved should go to prison for what they have done.

Kasey R


DEAR MERCURY—I'm not very astute, so I need you to clarify something for me in regards to the James Chasse incident ["Off the Hook," News, Oct 19]. It appears that if I wear a badge in this city I am free to commit murder, is this correct? If I wear a badge and I see a man who looks suspicious and turns and walks away from me I have a free pass to administer a beat down, is this also correct? Lastly, if I administer said beat down and my victim is screaming in pain and terror, does that mean he might possibly need medical attention or should I just hog-tie him and take him directly to jail?

 Chris Adams


YO, MERCURY—I sold that house to Phil Busse, who morphs descriptions of the actual neighbors into easy bite-sized caricatures in a transparent attempt to establish his cred ["Lock & Load," News, Oct 12, in which Busse is making a much-needed point about racial profiling—but hey, thanks for making this all about YOU.] Mr. I'm-so-down-wit-da-hood says the rock thrown through my window was an "accident." Hey, Phil, if some of us didn't live there through the rough spots it wouldn't be so safe and cozy for your candy-ass today. 

Debbie DeRose


HEY MERCURY—As a recent transplant to Portland, last week was the first time I picked up your paper. I really take offense at the blurb concerning NY Yankees pitcher Corey Lidle's death [One Day at a Time, Oct 19]. One of the basic rules of humor, known by even the cheapest Catskills hack is tragedy PLUS time equals comedy.

Thom Marchionna


HELLO MERCURY—I was happy to see the Lew Frederick endorsement ["Fight the Right," Feature, Oct 19]. He'd be the only African American in a local elected office! And thanks for the story on Potter and racial profiling ["Pottering Around," News, Oct 19]. I used to actually believe his hippie la-la shit about listening to the people, but if he tries to assemble one more task force instead of actually doing something about institutional racism and police brutality, then I think we should recall his namby-pamby ass.



Dear Mercury—I feel it's necessary that someone stand up for tweakers against the pious rant in last week's I, Anonymous ["Cold Medicine," Oct 19]. I love tweakers and squirrels both. Their nervous, freaked-out antics provide hours of entertainment. Sure, they both scare me a little, but I always have to wonder what it would be like to tame one.

#1 Tweaker Fan

CONGRATULATIONS TO #1 TWEAKER FAN for being the only known sober human specimen to express a desire for the company of tweakers! Amazed at #1 Tweaker Fan's tolerance, we are going to help facilitate a squirrel/tweaker date night, with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and $30 to No Fish! Go Fish!, who'd probably prefer you to just bring the squirrel.


In last week's news story, "Pottering About," we wrote that "latest communications from the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center are now floating January 2007 possibility [for a start date]" for a commission on racial profiling. This was in fact the deadline for a written police plan to tackle the issue, and the NWCRC stresses that its December 2006 deadline is inflexible.