Joe Newton


RE: "Poly-Clamorous" [Savage Love, Dec 5], in which readers discuss the legitimacy of polyamorous as a sexual orientation.

DEAR MERCURY—Thanks to this article every swingin' dick and clam in Portland is gonna be going around claiming they're poly. Fuck it, I'm poly, too.

Nathaniel Sherwood



RE: "A Temporary Armistice" [News, Dec 5], regarding the mayor's negotiation of parking problems in Northwest Portland with neighbors and business owners.

Transportation is the reason that I avoid this neighborhood like the plague. If I'm lucky enough to find parking at all, it's several blocks from where I want to go. I don't mind paying a couple bucks to park, but I do mind driving around for 10 minutes looking for a spot.

posted by Torgo

I'm with Torgo. This also might be unpopular with bicyclists, of which I am one, but it's time we also start collecting user fees for bicyclists. People are going to start asking questions [like] why we allow free bike parking on street right of ways while cracking down on free car parking. Nothing too onerous, but it's only fair and will only strengthen the bike community in Portland. More money into PBOT means more bike lanes.

posted by ws



RE: "Keeping the Vigil" [News, Dec 5], on the observance of the one-year anniversary of the city hall camping vigil.

Don't encourage them.

posted by frankieb

Getting the right to sleeping bags, basic needs, and tarps is not only constitutional and moral, but it also prevents genocide. Have a heart. Come light a candle. Let's win what should never be taken away from any human being, that people have a right to life—which includes safe sleep. For the person who said, "Don't encourage them," I hope to god you are not believing in some ethical, religious, or moral creed that you would deny people a right to protest by sleeping in front of city hall, where they can be seen and there's not even any businesses, where cops and security make it safe, and where people take care of each other. Come by. But don't support genocide. People don't just end up okay after becoming homeless through some horrible circumstance and not being able to recover from a simple cough, or perhaps being mugged, raped, or turning to alcohol to be warm and sleep.

posted by Marynichols1

Marynichols1—I think the work you do is very important. However, while we do have the right to life, how we live that life is our own responsibility. This city offers some of the best social services for the homeless on the West Coast. Portland gives and gives, yet more and more we are told we are not doing enough. Surely you have seen what the situation in Seattle is like, where it is damn near a felony to sleep on the street. Also, as citizens, we enjoy many constitutional rights and protections, but I'm pretty sure that camping equipment is not one of them.

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TO NOVAROCK—I saw you four years ago on the Mercury's Lovelab... We chatted online for a while, all the while studying that picture of your face, and from the first time I saw it I felt I recognized you. One impulsive Friday after a long week I asked, "Are you free?" And you were. The rest is history, baby. I've loved you since Bailey's, up and down the highways of California twice, all the way to the Yucatan and back. Thank you for the pints, paws, and laughter. For being almost as weird as me, and a "terrible person" to boot. For showing me the edges of reason and the depths of myself. You are my rock and my partner, home is whenever I'm with you. Happy four years my love, and here's hoping to at least 44 more.

<3 JRabbit

OH JRABBIT, dreams really do come true. For cute-ing us out you win the Mercury letter of the week and two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater—hello, date night.