RE: "Don't Do It" [I, Anonymous, March 27], in which an anonymous writer wonders what to do after a failed suicide attempt.

TO THE MERCURY VIA VOICEMAIL—I just read your I, Anonymous about the guy who tried to kill himself and didn't die, and he's depressed, and I just feel so sad for him. I want to get a message to him to hang in there and to believe in God or go to a support group or an AA meeting, find someone to help. It's not hopeless, it does get better, and this too shall pass, and all that good stuff. It just breaks my heart. Please let him know that there are people praying for him and that care about him.



RE: "The Joyous, Lonely Soul of Bob Seger" [Feature, March 27], by Scott Sparling, founder of, which was shared on the official Bob Seger Facebook page, unleashing a torrent of adoration.

This is a brilliantly written appreciation of one of the most substantial talents of our time. Thank you Mr. Sparling for, much like Seger, finding a way to articulate the words that are in the hearts of so many of us.

posted by Ken Settle Photos

Where I worked a group of guys would gather and play guitars in a conference room at lunch. I told them one day that if they played a Bob Seger song for me, I would dance on the table and sing it for them. I gave them my Bob Seger piano songbook and they practiced. Three weeks later, I danced on the table! One of the guys told me when they were done that he never realized the depth of Bob's lyrics and, yep, another new Bob Seger fan was born! Love that man BOB!!!! He ROCKS IT!

posted by Lorrie Marzulla



RE: One Day at a Time [March 27], regarding musician Michelle Shocked's infamous onstage anti-gay rant, "Ask Paddy O'Shamrock: The White Supremacist Leprechaun" [New Column!, March 13], and a bunch of other gibberish. Look, sometimes people just need to talk.

Boy, oh boy, that gossip goddess Ann Romano sure is quippy and snarky, isn't she? Of course God hates fags. God hates us ALL!! Slayer so adroitly and poignantly stated that fact on 9/11/2001, when their album of the same name was released. You're not as brash and bold as you want to believe you are. At the end of the day, you're just a print version of a eunuch. And, God hate me for this, but I did indeed enjoy that racist leprechaun thing. Well, I'm glad I can get your paper for free, because if I were a paid subscriber, something tells me that you would cancel my subscription for being an archaic un-PC asshole.




RE: "Wait, Never Mind" [News, March 27], regarding the city's handling of an in-progress development amid a swirl of development debate about residential buildings and parking spaces.

Whether it's by means of a plutonium-powered DeLorean, a London police box, or a traversable wormhole, my hope is that the 36-year-old Charlie Hales will somehow jump into the present, walk into city hall, and bitch slap some sense into his current self. The fact that Portland's mayor is promoting increased urban access for more cars is disappointing; the fact that he wants to overturn a progressive zoning law he helped champion as city commissioner is mind-blowing. Is Charlie in charge here, or a group of disgruntled homeowners who inexplicably just realized the property they bought happens to be in the middle of a major American city? It's time to page Doc Brown and stop giving empty lip service about how fucking sustainable this town is.

Brian Horay

CONGRATULATIONS to this week's letter of the week winner-by-default Brian, for not being a confusingly motivated Slayer fan, or living inconveniently elsewhere within Bob Seger's America, and for choking out a mostly coherent point of view on a concrete issue while making multiple sci-fi references in the process. Pat yourself on the back and take two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where we usually default to a pitcher of beer with our movie.