RE: "The Incomplete Charlie Hales" [Feature, April 3], reviewing the mayor's first 100 days in office.

A pox on the mayor and the entire city council (except for Steve Novick). Why the fuck are we pissing away over $5 million on installing equipment with which to poison our drinking water with fluoridation chemicals while at the same time laying off city employees due to this horrendous budget deficit? This is the same mindset we see on display in DC, where the corrupt scum who "represent" us cozy up to the rich, fattening the wastrels at the Pentagon while destroying what remains of our social insurance programs.

Posted by Bub

For the most part, I applaud the work Hales has done. It'll be interesting to see how he deals with the streetcar fiasco in the future. I think he should have dropped free TriMet passes for all kids though, and [was] surprised he didn't. Rich kids and kids living a block from school certainly don't need them.

Posted by frankieb



RE: "Safety Dance" [News, April 3], on the city's experiments with having a designated car free "entertainment district" on weekends.

This program should be done on a smaller geographic scale, but permanently. Close off a few streets to automobiles completely. Create pedestrian corridors (like those around the Harrison Towers, near PSU) and fill those with benches, artwork, food carts, green plantings, etc. That would create a welcoming daytime atmosphere as well as a safe party environment.

Posted by Mike C



RE: "Dalliances" [Portland As Fuck, April 3], regarding the annual springtime dance with mercurial Portland weather.

You're way off base telling people not to mess with dandelions. Dandelions are Satan's shiny yellow eyeballs. Don't spray poison on them, but if someone wants to pick ’em before they spray their hellish seed through the air, more power.

Posted by Todd Mecklem

You're wrong, Ian. This is the year we get a nice spring. Understand? THIS IS THE YEAR WE GET A NICE SPRING. And the Cubs are going to win the World Series.

Posted by albert

Fuck nice weather. Me being sweaty isn't good for anyone either. I just end up crying a lot and passing out.

Posted by Nicolette Kennedy



RE: "Fit Issues" [I, Anonymous, April 3], in which an anonymous writer complains that being tall and un-waiflike makes shopping for pants near-impossible and defends her use of leggings as pants.

Here is a suggestion if you want to lose weight: 1) Walk instead of drive. 2) Don't eat within three hours of going to bed. 3) Lay off the soda and the sugar. 4) Don't eat at McDonalds. 5) Go to 24 Hour Fitness or another gym that doesn't cater to angry fatsos. 6) Do something about it instead of bitching at folks who are doing something.

Posted by funguyportland

Anyone with a body that doesn't fit clothes on the rack is made to feel like there is something wrong with them, rather than the clothes. Seriously, clothes in the mall are made to fit a certain average physique. They are mass-produced to fit the most people in order to maximize profits. If you are a statistical outlier, too fat/thin/tall/short, people tell you to lose or gain weight. Luckily, most are not silly enough to tell you to grow or shrink in height, just to fit some stupid clothes. My advice is, screw the jeans at the mall. Jeans are boring anyway. Learn how to sew, get a nice sewing machine, and make yourself some rocking clothes that were designed to fit your unique body. You could even sew some jeans if you want. Get a Bedazzler, and you have Forever 21 beat! Or you could find a nice seamstress. Clothes should be made to fit you... you should not have to torture yourself to fit clothes. How backward is that?

Posted by bootness

CONGRATULATIONS TO BOOTNESS for the stirring argument in praise of custom pants. Please put down the Bedazzler. Instead, take two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater—where, if the movie doesn't dazzle you, the beer probably will.