DEAR MERCURY—The assertion by Dan Savage that the Catholic Church is homophobic is puzzling ["The Church Militant," Blogtown, Dec 2]. Saint Paul was gay. Saint Augustine was bisexual (and black). Between them they laid an impregnable foundation for the most powerful, influential, durable gay entity ever: the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

-James Lee


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN—I have been much more than a casual observer over the last 19 years, and it does seem quite ironic and a "sign o' the times" that two iconic symbols of Portland are in the process of being altered or downright destroyed directly across the street from one another. The first to go is our loveable, popular, and still very much alive elephant, Packy, on the new Mercy Corps building. Next is the dull uproar over the University of Oregon's plan to change the "Made in Oregon" sign to better suit their needs. I was told that there were meetings and such where I could have voiced my concern, but really? Would I have been able to overturn the entire Mercy Corps' plans for their brand-new headquarters? Packy has done much more for Portland over the years than, say, Greg Oden.

Anyway, on to the "Made in Oregon" sign. I was told two to three years ago that there were no plans at the time for the sign, but [the U of O] would be interested in doing something with it down the line. I have watched numerous television shows about my hometown and almost every single one of them has a shot of the "Made in Oregon" sign. I am well aware of how it has changed over the years from White Satin/Stag to the Naito-owned "Made in Oregon" that it is now. I just feel that the words "Made in Oregon," regardless if it is an existing business or not, capture and encompass what is happening in PORTLAND right now. Do we really need to advertise for a college that is based in Eugene? DON'T TOUCH IT. It wasn't very neighborly to welcome themselves to Old Town by significantly altering the skyline of Portland.

-Tres Shannon, co-owner of Voodoo Doughnut, in the crotch of Portland (just a reach around from the Pearl District)


HEY MERCURY!—I just got done reading your new column, "High Horse: Opinions from the World's Most Pompous Horse" [New Column!, Dec 4]. Guess what? You guys aren't fooling anybody. Anyone with a history of reading the Mercury has to know who this alleged highfalutin filly really is. Are you ready, Portland? Frank Cassano is back! Don't try to deny it, Mercury. We all know the guy can't get enough when it comes to crushing people's spirits. Perhaps he's concerned that his return under his real name will create a backlash, so he's hiding behind this horsey moniker. Come on, Frank! We all know it's you! You're a bad dog who can't be crated. Cast off this equestrian alias and reclaim your throne that is built from the broken bodies of imbeciles.

-Chris Hardwicke

CONGRATULATIONS TO CHRIS for his imbecilic yet amusing contention that Frank Cassano has taken on an equine guise—imbecile! Nonetheless, Chris wins the letter of the week, and gets two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where imbeciles are welcome, so long as they can calculate a decent tip.