DEAR MERCURY—Thank you for the article on sterilization ["We Have Enough Humans, Thanks," Feature, Nov 10, regarding young adults who opt for sterilization]. I could write pages and pages about this topic, but it basically comes down to the fact that we should be encouraging people to be sterilized and incentivizing them to do so. There would be less abortion, less child abuse, less spouse abuse, reduced expenses for WIC [Women, Infants, and Children], government subsidized school lunches, juvenile courts, adult courts, the police, prisons, probation officers, and everyone that goes along with them. Payments for sterilization would also boost the economy. It's a win for everyone involved—individuals, government, and society.



DEAR MERCURY—RE: The Big Snip ["We Have Enough Humans, Thanks," Feature, Nov 10]. Given the current frustration with and furor over corporate ownership and overall dictatorship, the Big Snip may be the answer. The less there are of us to sweat for corporations, the less they have to greed over.



DEAR MERCURY—I just read this week's print edition of the Portland Mercury, which includes the anti-fat diatribe in I, Anonymous ["Blood Sugar," Nov 17, in which the author complains about a fellow customer buying up all the Twix candy bars]. This is hate speech. The language is extremist and bullying, and the description of the man at the cash register is dehumanizing. Hate speech that is unchecked undermines democratic society. It's bad enough that someone wrote this ugly diatribe against someone they clearly viewed as subhuman. But then you promoted it by publishing it in this week's print edition. I think the Merc's editorial staff owes its readers an apology.

-Athen O'Shea


DEAR MERCURY—Apparently some people have forgotten the purpose of the entire Occupy movement [Occupy coverage, ongoing, see for the latest updates]. I can say it in one word: Socialism. Just because the Soviets failed at their model doesn't mean the idea of socialism is bad. In its purest form it is indeed the sharing of the wealth to the point that no one ever has to be hungry or homeless again. However, with Christianity and archaic religious ideas still prevalent in our country, there are way too many who believe that humans are somehow evil and undeserving and desperately in need of salvation. Well, wake up, imbeciles. We can only save ourselves from ourselves and that's the truth, but we all need to work together to make that happen.

-Keith Cantrell


DEAR MERC—I think under Oregon's Death with Dignity law, bartenders should be allowed to serve lethal doses of alcohol.

-Brian A. Cobb


DEAR MERCURY—I'm writing you today because I love coal, and it tastes delicious! Imagine coal dust glistening in the air, hugging us with its sweet, sweet flavor, while mercury, arsenic, and lead settles into our lungs, orchards, and rivers! With new plans for a few thousand uncapped train containers to head through the [Columbia] Gorge, we are sure to get a taste of the good life. So thank you, Mr. Coal Industry. Whether I'm wind surfing or just walking around, I'll be breathing in all the coal dust I could ask for. Let's occupy next to the train tracks with our mouths open! 

-Matthew R. Long

CONGRATULATIONS, HIPPIE! Your sarcasm has garnered you the Mercury's Letter of the Week, including bragging rights and two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where the film projectors are all run on coal. KIDDING.