THANK YOU for your enchanting list of "The 15 Best Dog Parks in Lake Oswego" (July 2012, pg. 44)! We're now three-quarters of the way through paying visits to all of them (yes, all of them!). Unfortunately, Garrison, our purebred Pekingese (named after our favorite radio personality, of course), has been "intimately approached" by several "rowdy" dogs. Perhaps in future lists of this sort, you might include a "propriety" rating for each park?

Gloria and Samuel D'Argnet, Lake Oswego


I WAS ASTONISHED to learn that your list of "23 Best Monocle Shoppes" in your September 2012 issue (pg. 34) neglected to mention Pennyworth's Merry Monocle Emporium. I appreciate your correction of this grievous oversight. I remain, yours truly,

A.Q. Pennyworth, West Linn


WHILST I have attempted to refrain from doing so, I simply must comment on your inclusion of "Voodoo Doughnut" in your "17 Best Stops for a Day Trip into Portland" (August 2012, pg. 43). On a recent day trip into Portland, my family and I visited this business you so enthusiastically recommended—only to be accosted for "spare change" by not one but three individuals of questionable moral fiber, all of whom appeared not to have bathed in several days. In addition, next door to the establishment, not 20 feet away, was a film theatre catering to lascivious crowds, and shortly thereafter, my wife nearly stepped upon what very much appeared to be a used contraceptive device, carelessly left about on the public sidewalk. Your inclusion of such a locale in what I had assumed to be a reliable guide to Portland was, to say the least, troubling.

Thomas deWitt, Tualatin


We sincerely apologize for the error. The bakery we intended to recommend was, of course, Mademoiselle Pientôt's Boulangerie on NW 23rd Avenue, an establishment representing the quintessentially authentic Portland experience.

The Editors