The purview of romantic comedy being fantasy, Made of Honor makes short order of a few pesky items off the bat: Protagonist Tom (the charmingly broken-nosed Patrick Dempsey, from Grey's Anatomy) is super-duper rich and doesn't even have to work (he invented coffee cup sleeves!). Tom gets laid constantly, with beautiful women circling him like horny sharks—it's kind of annoying, really.

Meanwhile, Tom's platonic best friend, Hannah (Michelle Monaghan), goes on a business trip to Scotland, and in her absence Tom realizes he's in love with her—a realization that's a bit dampened when she returns with a Scottish fiancé, Colin (Kevin McKidd), who is even wealthier, bigger, stronger, etc. What follows is a competent enough romcom goose chase in which Tom, who's been emasculated in his gender-defying role as the wedding's "maid of honor," attempts to steal the bride for himself.

About half of the film takes place in New York, and the other half in the gorgeous Scottish countryside, where the traditions of Colin's aristocratic whiskey-distilling family are both mocked and glorified. This backdrop is one of the only distinguishing things about this cute but disposable movie—but when you're dealing in candy pap like this, a single spin on the formula is all you really need to earn a pass.