Art by Marco Zamora Art by Marco Zamora

Painter and designer Marco Zamora's solo show Give & Take uses the bicycle as its subject matter, along with other wheeled objects like shopping carts, skateboards, and mopeds. "For the past two years I have been riding [a bike], says Zamora, "so I decided it was time to incorporate my daily habits [in my art]." The wheel isn't the only commonality among Zamora's illustrations—many include cities rendered portable, accented with neon on otherwise black-and-white compositions. In one image Zamora depicts the back of a man riding a road bike, buildings painted on and around him, as if his city is carried with him as he pedals.

Zamora works from photographs, maintaining their fine details while rearranging objects from the landscape. For his Fifty24PDX show, Zamora assembled images from scenes encountered in his hometown of LA, though he also made a point of creating an assemblage unique to Portland. Zamora put out a call-for-trades, inviting locals to bring him their old junk in return for a limited-edition print. Using said junk, Zamora created a scrap-pile installation that works to illustrate how the accumulation of daily living is carried with us, be it through physical things or the remembered cities we find riding on our backs.