Jason Myers wasn't born nude, but now at age 24, he just can't seem to keep his clothes on. Mr. Myers was crowned Mr. Nude Portland at Darcelle XV a few weeks ago, and will soon be starring (sans clothing) in Naked Boys Singing at Theater Theatre, starting June 14th. I caught up with Jason at a curbside café in NW Portland. He was dressed unassumingly in flip flops, cut-off shorts and a black velvet sash which read "Mr. Nude PDX" handsomely draped over his shirtless torso. I dove right in, wanting to find out what was under all that skin.

Me: When was the last time you cried?

Jason Myers: Ummm probably when I was crowned Mr. Nude Portland. Yeah, I really cried my eyes out I guess I was just so overwhelmed by the experience and was filled with intense feelings of hope and optimism, and those feelings always make me weep, because I start to think about all the little children who don't have any.

What do you do when you're alone?

I write stage plays and read autobiographies of famous people like Tim Miller and Dean Cain. I also love to cook and sew.

Do you usually do these things in the nude?

Well, I always sew in the nude, but cooking in the raw can get a bit precarious, especially if I'm using the Fry Daddy.

Do you have any advice for our readers?

Yes! Even if you think your body isn't that great, just have fun in life and you will look and feel sexy.

Tell me about your dreams.

I want to make it big, I mean really big, like Styx. You know, leave a mark, erect a monument.

Actually, I meant like sleepy-time dreams.

Oh I'm naked on a stage and I'm being crowned Mr. Nude Portland and people are cheering and I'm crying and I'm holding a big plate of beef and there's a sense of hope and optimism all around me.

That sounds a lot like what happened at Darcelle a few weeks ago.

I know it's funny, isn't it, how dreams come true.

Any last remarks?

Yes I'm single.