Bands: Drums for KY and Glass Candy and the Shattered Theatre. Drums and vocals for Blood Operators.

Rent: $795 ($265 each)

Description of Crib: Upstairs is intricate yet comfortable. Thrifted air hockey table. Most furniture purchased at Goodwill Bins. Melanie describes décor as "Like a mutt. All different styles in one. Kind of pastiche, but there's a word for it in architecture. I don't know, I guess it's just fuckin' Goldberg land." In the basement, the walls are painted glittery red, and there is a tiki-themed sitting area complete with grass hut. Melanie sometimes has bands play shows in her basement. As a result, there are instructional signs for showgoers all over, such as "CIGARETTES HERE! Please Not on Lawn," "NOT A BATHROOM! No One Upstairs, Please! Keep Door Closed!!" and "CARDBOARD (Cereal Boxes, Hot Pocket Boxes, etc.) & PLASTIC BOTTLES IN RECYCLING, NOT TRASH! Thanx."

Description of projects on living room floor: "KY is going on tour on Monday. We're just about to silkscreen the T-shirts; we just got these inks and we're just going to check out the colors. We have two days to decide. We're also making two cassette singles for tour."

Type of records in Crib: "There's a lot of new wave and punk from the late '70s and early '80s. Also a lot of psychedelics, '60s garage rock stuff. Prag Veck, this amazing No Wave band from 1979 England. Cheap Trick--I loooove this record."

What's in the fridge: "This is an entire thing of cabbage. I really like cabbage on salad. Here's a peach, mustard, butter. We're not really vegan around here."

Name of mannequin in living room: Darla. "I sell some clothes at Seaplane, and we do fashion shows twice a year. I did an underwear line in the last fashion show, and this was a nightgown I started making for Ida No [of Glass Candy]. I never finished it, so the mannequin's been wearing it because the colors match this room. When she's in the other room, she likes to wear black, white, and red."

She's got a great wig. "That was one of my favorite wigs, but I left it near this light bulb and it fried the hair inadvertently, so I don't wear it anymore."

Future of Crib: "They're going to tear it down. They have plans to 'acquire' this whole block and turn it into condos. They said they'd do it in three years and it's been one, but I don't have a lease right now, so they could do it anytime."