Ever thought about having sex with a family member? Sure you have, you've just repressed it so much, you don't know it. Freud identified the incest taboo as the basis of all other prohibitions in society. So when you're pissed about not being able to buy liquor after 6 p.m., you can blame those who acted on their incestual instincts. Like these filmmakers. Ewwww.

• Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972)--Herzog's movie is a film geek's wet dream. Spaniards in search of the lost city of gold are stuck in the jungles of Peru. Aguirre, played by Klaus Kinski, aspires to something bigger, overthrowing the order, and electing himself leader. He brings his daughter along, so when he reaches El Dorado he can repopulate the city... If you know what I mean.

• Six Ways to Sunday (1998)--In the workforce, your ability to perform tasks that others cannot is considered "marketability." Harry, a short order fry cook who lives with his overprotective mother (Debbie Harry) has a unique marketability: He can beat the fuck out of people. This skill leads to a lucrative job with the Mafia. Things go awry, however, when he's forced to make tough choices, like confronting his alter ego and screwing his mother.

• The Celebration (1998) Every family has a dark little secret--especially really rich ones. Prodigal son Christian comes home for his father's 60th birthday party and to mourn the death of his suicidal sister. As the family kisses pop's ass in order to inch their way up the will, Christian has a few questions... Like finding out why, when he and his sister would reach into Dad's pants pocket to get some candy, there was a hole in it.

• Star Wars (1977)--Maybe a future galaxy is allowed to rewrite society's laws on incest--but that shit don't fly here, George Lucas. This movie is so sick, I can't believe it was ever released. DAVID MORGAN