Am I funny?

I've always been fascinated by those colossal disasters manned by well known comics. They seem to be saying... "Look, I'm funny!" But the three films below may have you shouting back, "No! You're not!" Regardless, all these flicks bear the mark of some sort of bizarre artistry, and that's probably why these stinkers are considered by many to be cult classics. So you decide: Art or poop?

• Freddie Got Fingered (2001)--Tom Green wrote, directed and starred in this movie, and while it is horribly unfunny and utterly disgusting, I laughed all the way through. Of course--I was stoned. But still, I laughed. Was it funny? No. Then why did I laugh? I have no idea. I was stoned. Tom Green plays Gord, a man-boy with some major problems who, through the course of this film, jacks off a horse, chews through an umbilical cord, licks a grisly leg wound, and creates the world's first fully functional meat organ. This is not funny, and yet... IT IS!

• Cabin Boy (1994)--Funniest movie ever made, or big pile of poo? I lean towards poo, but know of many who exalt this as THE definitive comedy of the '90s. Chris Elliot, of Late Night With David Letterman and Get a Life fame, makes his feature-film debut as a young rich "fancy lad" who stumbles upon the wrong ship and sets sail for adventure and laughs... well, sort of. Chris Elliot is self-consciously hilarious as a manchild always teetering on the edge of annoyance.

• Leonard: Part 6 (1987)--Cos... Cos... what is this... this thing you created? Is it a kid's movie? Is it for morons? Is it a long, tedious pudding commercial? Ex-spy Leonard Parker (Bill Cosby) comes out of retirement to save the world from a bad guy operating out of a tuna factory. There are killer bunnies, an ostrich-riding scene, and besides that... a colossal mess. But of course, it's still a stunning curiosity, which could be viewed as an object lesson in how the mighty can fall... and how. BRIAN BRAIT