oh so homo...

Starting out working with legendary schlock masters Roger Corman and Charles Band, David DeCoteau's filmography spans 20 years and nearly every genre, with most of his films falling somewhere between horror and soft-core porn. But lately, his films have taken a decidedly homo turn--replacing the usual screaming young women in underwear with screaming young men in underwear.

- Voodoo Academy (2000)--Nothing is hotter than firm young men attending Bible college. But this is no ordinary school of Jesus--this one has a sinister secret. Mrs. Bouvier, the evil headmistress, aims to transform the young men into human voodoo dolls so she can have her very own army of the dead. In the meantime, all the main characters parade around in white boxer briefs. If that ain't religion, then call me an atheist.

- Leeches! (2003)--DeCoteau fashions the perfect setup for showing hot guys in their underwear (or, in this case, Speedos). When a humpy college swim team starts taking steroids to pump up their performance in the pool, they don't consider the repercussions of swimming in a lake filled with leeches. All hell breaks loose when the leeches get big and mean after sucking the steroid-laced blood--one by one, the swim team and their "girlfriends" succumb to the jaws of the bloodthirsty nasties, which "suck them dry," if you will.

- The Brotherhood (2000)--A vampire fraternity sets out to recruit hot new members. After setting their sights on the hunky Chris, they get him drunk at a frat party and coerce him into joining. Their initiation ritual, of course, consists of every male character strutting around in his underwear, showing off his built, hairless body. (Note that on the director's commentary, DeCoteau insists the homoerotic overtones weren't intentional. Ha! Good one, David!) MICHAEL SVOBODA