GREG GLOVER AND TERRY CURRIER On the roof of Music Millennium.

• On Saturday, March 22, a local hiphop show at Kelly's Olympian was disrupted by a request from the Portland Fire and Rescue fire marshal that capacity be capped at 49 people. The event, headlined by the Resistance, expected more than 100 attendees according to the promoter, and attendance was severely curtailed by the enforcement of the occupancy limit. As reported on End Hits, Fire Marshal Nate Takara sent a clarifying email to the Mercury indicating that the performance room at Kelly's Olympian has always had an occupancy rate of 49, which had not always been enforced in the past. A special permit for Saturday's show, requesting a double occupancy load, was denied. Takara writes, "We tried to work with the venue and educate them about their occupancy limits in a way that was not connected to any scheduled performances at the venue."

Music Millennium reached its Kickstarter goal on Tuesday, March 25, ensuring that the $60,000 pledged to fix the landmark Portland record store's roof would indeed go to fund the repairs. Additionally, Music Millennium will install a new coffee, beer, and wine bar in the store, bringing the 45-year-old business into the 21st century. Music Millennium owner Terry Currier and 94/7 DJ Greg Glover pledged to camp on the store's roof until the goal was made, although the campaign reached its goal the morning they set up camp.