THEATER--Imago, Portland's darling pomo theater, is at it again, this time producing No Can Do, an engaging, intellectual mash of two characters performing maniacal, introspective monologues on performing and its effect on one's psyche. KD

Imago Theatre, 17 SE 8th Ave, Thurs 7:30 pm, 231-9581, Fri & Sat 8 pm, $14-$18


MUSIC--Yet another testament to how awesome our city is: Outward Music Company (OMCO), an incredible label that releases innovative electronic music, is based here. Tonight, get a yummy taste of them at their showcase/release party, featuring the crisp and carbonated Solenoid, the minimally complex beats of Decapod Claw, and Chicago's crashing Pal:ndröm. JS

Medicine Hat, 1834 NE Alberta, 778-7700, 9:30 pm, $5

BALDNESS--Wanna help out some needy kids while showing off the pristine reflective glory of your chrome-dome? Attend the first meeting of the Bald Guy Brigade. A group of follicly-challenged brewmasters and beer drinkers, they have fun and raise money for Locks of Love, which provides hairpieces for kids through chemo, or other long-term medical hair loss.WSH

New Old Lompoc, 1616 NW 23rd Ave, 225-1855, 5-8 pm


MUSIC--Oh yeah, and we've got Jackie-O Motherfucker--a group of roving, improv/experimentalists that can not be described, only experienced. Just know that structurally, they're talented musicians, so they pull this off with enough panache to fixate you (like when Dali learned to paint normal shit really well before he went crazy). JS

w/ Beds, Disjecta, 116 NE Russell, 493-7353, 9 pm, $6, 9:30 pm

MUSIC--This show has the potential to be one of those shows, you know the one that you remember forever and talk about for weeks afterwards. It's the debut of B Complex, Portland's new, electro-happy club (finally, thank god) and features Kid Koala, the brilliant, superstar DJ who's recreating hip hop electronically with his new experimental band, Bullfrog. KD

B Complex, 320 SE 2nd Ave, 224-TIXX, 9 pm, $10, all ages


BURLESQUE--The queen of Portland burlesque, Kitty Diggins, is back with a brand new tribute to our favorite holiday, April Fools. This masked ball will explore the origins of the holiday via dance, cabaret sketches, power rock ballads, and of course, nekkidness. Guests in costume or mask get two bucks off the cover price, and did I happen to mention that your shoe's untied? WSH

Berbati's Pan, 231 SW Ankeny, 248-4579, 10:30 pm, $7

CHARM BRACELET--Has it been a month already? This installment adds a few new perspectives to spice up the melting pot. Their old friend from Germany, Thorsten Fleisch, unveils his latest video project and Jason Livingston shows "two boys," a reel of found film footage. Also showing, Reed Harkness with a live score from Urban Legends. PB

Meow Meow, 527 SE Pine, 230-2111, 9 pm, $5


MUSIC--Sorry, but Jad Fair is fucked in the head--in a good way! As the self-proclaimed "king of rock 'n' roll" (eat his ass, Elvis), Jad helped create punk with his band, Half Japanese. And though it truly sounds like he's never taken a guitar lesson in his life, he plays his manic percussive whacked-out songs with such vigor, it's hard to imagine anyone else ascending to his throne. WSH

w/ Adult Rodeo and Old Time Relijun, Meow Meow, 527 SE Pine, 230-2111, 9 pm, $7, all ages


FILM--I know, I know, if you hear another word about Survivor, you're gonna vomit. But that also means you're the perfect candidate for Series 7, a hilarious black comedy about an immensely popular reality show where the contestants actually kill each other. The champion is a pregnant woman who is forced to hunt down her high school sweetheart, and blow his freaking head off. Woo-hoo! That's entertainment! WSH

Cinema 21, 616 NW 21st Ave, 223-4515, 7 & 8:55 pm, $6


ART--Fashion is interesting and all on its own, but imagine it as a skeleton, stripped of its raw materials and left to be examined for its true form. Suzy Root's latest show, Waistline, features dresses made from material other than fabric--like wax! KD

L and B Viewing Room, 1714 NW Overton, 2nd Floor, 241-4144, Wed 6:30 pm, Tues-Fri 1-6 pm, Sat 10-4 pm, through Apr 27