WHEN NEIL PEART TALKS, you shut up and listen. Right? He's the motherfucking drummer for Rush. He played on "Tom Sawyer," motherfucker. He wrote the lyrics for "Closer to the Heart," asswipe. So when Neil Peart opens his yap to say that Adventures of Power is "the best rock movie in many a year!" your first inclination is to get the fuck down to the cineplex as fast as possible.

But here's the problem: There's a tiny conflict of interest. The music of Rush is all over the soundtrack—which is only fitting, as Power's main character is a Rush fanatic and air drummer extraordinaire. That's not all: Neil Peart himself actually has a cameo in the movie.

Yet here he is, giving rave blurbs about a movie that he appears in. This is the equivalent of being able to grade your own homework.

Here's the other problem: Adventures of Power is fucking terrible. Ari Gold—whose name was pilfered by Power's co-star Adrian Grenier for the Jeremy Piven character in Entourage—wrote and directed the movie to be a quirky, awkward comedy, à la Napoleon Dynamite... at least, that's what I can only assume, since the movie revels in uncomfortable weirdness and contains no discernable jokes. Gold also stars as Power, a copper miner who seeks fame and fortune, or something? Anyway, he's also an air drummer. Which means that throughout the entire movie, he flails his arms and wrists around as he bashes an imaginary drum kit. Is it hilarious? No, it is not.

The movie also stars the normally reliable Michael McKean and Jane Lynch as Power's father and aunt; here, they're lousy. But worst of all is something I will never forgive the film for: The movie makes extensive use of Mr. Mister's "Kyrie" in its soundtrack, and ever since I saw Adventures of Power two days ago, I have been unable to get that song out of my head.