You're obviously familiar with HUMP!—the homegrown dirty movie festival that challenges people of all sizes and sexual persuasions to make hilariously fun and filthy five-minute porn movies. It's the highlight of the fall season! But for those who can't wait, or missed some of the HUMP!s of the past, we're here to offer some relief...

It's the "BEST OF HUMP!" Tour!

Curated by Dan Savage, the Best of HUMP! takes the mightiest films of HUMP!, puts them together for one night of sexy, sexy fun, and tours it around the country. And next weekend (May 14-16) the Best of HUMP! will be in Portland at Cinema 21!

Here are just a few of the 18 hot and horny shorts you'll see:

Cyclust (2009)—A lesbian love-and-lust story told in still images. "Best lesbian sex scene in HUMP! ever," said one jury member. "Totally sweet and really hot—proves that you don't need a dude, a strap-on, or a traffic cone to make hot lesbian porn."

Humparaoke (2014)—Attractive people sing karaoke and somehow end up in a big, naked shower orgy lip-syncing into a Hitachi Magic Wand!

Art Primo (2013)—This beautifully shot film features a group of stunning women, nudity, sweat, and some playful slapping—an amazing slice of all-women erotica, and a favorite with HUMP! audiences!

Beethoven's Stiff (2013)—While a penis conducts Beethoven's Fifth, a vagina plays a French horn. This is precisely what would happen if your genitals dedicated themselves to classical music.

Twincest (2010)—Nothing like a toe-tappin' song 'n' dance number about twin sibling incest.

The Glory Hole (2014)—Winner of the 2014 Best in Show Award. This heartwarming new porno classic—based on a true "met-not-so-cute" story—dazzled HUMP! audiences more than any other film, and earned its makers a glamorous $5,000 cash prize!

And much, much more! Get your tickets now for the 2015 HUMP! TOUR (at—before they all get snatched up!



CINEMA 21 (616 NW 21ST)