A new handsome face is in Troutdale—fireman Thomas "Tommy" Phelps, who joins the Troutdale Fire Department, after serving four years in neighboring Woodville.

Phelps, a robust, muscled man of 32, is recently divorced and looks forward to serving the community of Troutdale.

"People have made me feel so welcome," Phelps says with a devilish, intoxicating twinkle in his eye. "On my first day, I was given four pecan pies, two casseroles, and a beef stroganoff. And there was even a small accident when I took off my shirt to wash the fire engine, and three local women collided while trying to serve me lemonade."

One would obviously assume that such a brave, heroic single man faces extreme danger on a nearly daily basis.

"Not so much," Phelps dreamily replies. "Though since I've been here I've been specifically asked to put out several fires that turned out to be false alarms. In one case, the resident in question was lying in bed, begging to be extinguished—even though there was no fire in sight. I dunno... that's pretty weird."

Phelps is 6" 2', with sandy blond hair, a chiseled jaw, and he's heterosexual.