Let's keep this simple since you people have no fucking clue. You do not have the right to touch my hair, approach me, demand I tell you my heritage, stop me in the store, tell me about your other black friend, yell at me from the sidewalk as I converse with the few decent people I have found in town, or otherwise indulge your obsession with my voluminous, bouncy, glossy, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, naturally curly, black-tastic hair. I abhor you people. You make me want to shave my head. If another one of you clueless racist fucks so much as reaches toward me, I will fucking attack you. I will come away with handfuls of your hair. Do not ask to touch my hair. Do not tell me you love it. Do not ask if it's real. Do not even fucking look at me. FUCK YOU. All my life I have had you disrespectful, nasty, grubby, racists fucktards fondling, fluffing, and generally "'fro-ing" my hair. If it happens again, you will get beat. RESPECT my fucking personal space, or die.—Anonymous