Ole! Ole!
2137 E Burnside, 230-1132

Dear Luis and Magdalena,

Where do I start? Let me begin by saying thank you for bringing Ole! Ole! into my life. Are you psychic? Did you know how desperately the poor orphans to the north and south of East Burnside needed a taqueria? We weren't asking for anything too fancy: just some tables and chairs, a welcoming smile, a cheap burrito.

But in fact, you have gone beyond merely catering to my needs, you have created a reality I was, at times, too afraid to dream. Your menu is comprehensive, with traditional favorites like the smoky and piquant Tinga Tostata and pastor spiced with clove and cinnamon. That Ole Burrito? Carne Asada and Chile Relleno and guacamole all in one beautiful mouthful?! Your burritos are everything to me. Soft and plump like a baby's arm, constructed so perfectly so that there is never a dreaded "Oh, there's all the sour cream" bite.

I shall never tire of your Chicken Fajitas, and Spicy Red Chile Burritos. When I want a taco, it's got to be the Carnitas. God I love pork! But so do you, that's why you have the Torta Exquisita, with bacon, ham, and pastor. Oh, and how could I forget the nachos, which seemed to disappear from our lives for a while there. I remained more faithful than anyone else, never ceasing my love for the expertly fried corn chips smothered in refried beans, fresh tomatoes, and saucy guacamole, with enough cheese and sour cream to satisfy my dairy quotient for a year. Yesterday I saw someone eating a chimichanga; I was almost afraid... Have you ever loved something too much?

All of these factors contribute to the inevitable creation of an Ole! Ole! theme song which not only runs through my body, but infects my soul as well. It is a call-and-response sort of theme, sung to the opening of Miami Sound Machine's "Rhythm is Gonna Get You": "Ole Ole! Ole Ole!, Ole Owa! Ole Owa!" I know it won't be long before the rest of the world sings back.

Yours Faithfully, Robin Rosenberg