I don't think there has ever been a better week for live music than the next seven days. Blame Sasquatch! or the warm spring air, but this week is the pinnacle of quality music. Here is a day-by-day breakdown on how you should spend the next seven days.

Thursday: Patrick Wolf at Lola's Room is tonight's winner. While Priestbird at Dante's might woo you over with some smart-guy stoner riffs, Wolf is a real showman, a performer who doesn't pass this way too often. In fact, he is supposedly hanging up his majestic pop songs for good come November—that is, unless he pulls a Jay-Z and decides to never go away.

Friday: Okay, here is where things get tricky. Tonight is the first of two Spoon shows at Doug Fir, but I'd go with Saturday's show, based upon superior openers the Shaky Hands. It's also the first of two Bad Brains performances at Berbati's—but much like Spoon will soon be, tonight's show is sold out. That being the case, hit up Aceyalone at Roseland, or you can't lose by choosing something more bizarre—the weird space punk of Zolar X (Dante's), the goth-tastic Convergence 13 Festival (with headliner Skinny Puppy at the Crystal Ballroom), or Incredibly Strange Wrestling (Outlaws) where bands, masked wrestlers, and flying tortillas become one.

Saturday: If you can score tickets, I'd recommend Bad Brains or Spoon, but if not, don't miss Dead Prez at the Wonder Ballroom. This "fuck-a-cop hiphop" duo is as militant, and important, as rap music comes. If fighting The Man ain't your bag, catch Plants' CD release at the Someday Lounge, where doses of dreamy experimental pop will be raining down.

Sunday: If you don't have Arcade Fire (with Electrelane) tickets you are so bummed right now, as the show has been sold out forever. Dry your eyes and catch Clientele at Doug Fir, or even better, see the clever twee of Swedes Loney, Dear play at Holocene. Their Sub Pop debut Loney, Noir contains one of the year's best singles, the bouncy "I Am John."

Monday: Since Manu Chao is sold out, your evening has two paths. You can choose the wise path and witness the iconic Marianne Faithfull captivate a crowd at Wonder Ballroom. Or you can be seduced by a night of liver-damaging fun with the Hold Steady at the Crystal Ballroom, as they are the only band on the planet that can make Andrew W.K. seem like a party-hating wet blanket.

Tuesday: If God took a day off, you should too.

Wednesday: End this insane week with the enigmatic Brother Ali, who is sure to mesmerize the all-ages crowd at the Hawthorne Theatre. One of hiphop's most clever emcees, Ali is one of the few gifted lyricists who can drop both knowledge and party jams upon the crowd at any given moment.