On their debut full-length recording, Aperture for Departure, Strangers Die Every Day concoct an ambitious instrumental blend of moody post-rock with roots firmly embedded in delicate classical arrangements. Much like the swelling atmospheric haunt of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, this band of Colorado transplants feel like tourists in the genre of rock music; thus they're able to possess an outsider's perspective as they deconstruct and reassemble their towering songs. But now they are no more. The band recently announced it was about to enter the dreaded phase of "indefinite hiatus," so bassist Stirling Myles spoke with us about the end of Strangers Die Every Day, and what the future holds for the band members.

MERCURY: Oftentimes when bands split, it's hard to get a consensus from all the members. Was it difficult to come to this decision?

SIRLING MYLES: It was an easy decision for all of us in the respect of supporting each other in exploring other creative areas, as well as moving on to different phases of our lives. It was a difficult decision in the way that the completion of the project was becoming finite and tangible. The consensus and choice to end the project came more sudden than expected, so I think that it was a little easier to rally and not dwell on all of the possibilities and "what ifs." I think we all needed to have a clear break in order to fully focus on other things for the time being. Over the past couple of years, we were going to (through probably a subconscious plan) try to accomplish everything we wanted to with this project with a subtle timeline. I think we accomplished most of them. We've had a lot of great experiences, meeting incredible people and collaborating with different artists that we love and respect.

Also, you mentioned the ever-popular "indefinite hiatus." Is there a chance of new SDED music sometime in the future?

Maybe. I'm imagining a reunion tour that states "Strangers Still Die Every Day!" We did record some new songs and have some radio performances that we might just release ourselves to whoever is interested.

Can you talk a little about the future musical plans of the members?

As of right now, Jessie [Dettwiler] is collaborating with Sam Cooper and Providence Plantations. She has also been composing her own music for a ballet performance. Nate [Crockett] has been playing violin/saw/singin' for Horse Feathers, and has become quite the jetsetter! I have been playing with Autopilot Is for Lovers. I have been composing string quartet music for a couple of different projects as well. But I also believe that we'll all be collaborating musically in some form or another. Maybe we'll all become DJs.

Strangers Die Every Day will have their final performance at Holocene on Wednesday, December 17.