No one loves “love” like the Mercury, and we prove it once again by printing YOUR valentines to the one you love—FOR FREE. Wow! Gushy reader valentines are scattered all through this week’s issue, so what are you waiting for? Dig through these valentines and find out who’s “wooing” YOU!

♥ I'm the luckiest geek boy in town. My girl likes comics & video games, does cosplay in the bedroom and can spell "cthulhu". THE STARS ARE RIGHT! xox

♥ Dowen- I see you have neglected the most amazing woman in the world- now she can be mine!!!

♥ Will G., I've never felt less judgmental of anyone I've loved so much before. But, then again, I've never loved so much before. U Rawk! - Mikey Jay

♥ with care and patience, he holds the small struggling bird. relax; it's warm here.

♥ u don't like bbq sauce, oj w/pulp or maple syrup and i might've got the uti from all of our hot sex, but i am still totally fucking in love with you.

♥ Hello lovely Lobkin. Benedicte.

♥ Dear Michelle, Corie & Martha, We love you, but only because you're hot! -Jason and Adam

♥ ...i go walkin after midnight out in the moonlight just hoping you maybe somewhere a walking after midnight searchin for me.

♥ You really are better than pasta. Thank you for selling me cute music.

♥ i like your sweater.

♥ -Jordan, i miss you being my girlfriend here. There are drinks for you when you return. -Tex, i miss you everything here. Goodnight. Tex.

♥ Goodnight Tony.

♥ Matt, i luv u!!! Luv Katie

♥ To my studdly stallion and Wallnutbrain... Will you be our valentine? Please, oh please! Luv SweetPea and Butterstick.



♥ AAS, I think it's funny how we met I like you better than a shiny Corvette Will you fix my radiator? It's getting hot -let's talk about that later! MSB

!shovel! pookie - you're the sparkle in my eye, the tiger in my panda, the meep in my, well, my meep. i heart you forever and ever, and it's only been 3 years.


"It's my time" *throws pint glass* You are my punky! I love you more then racoons & cheeseburgers. Here's to our strictly platonic, only smoke when I drink, love.



$2.99! RUouttayrmind yr a lady on the streets and a freek in tha sheets. thanks for the wild rides. -talldrinkowater

))<>(( FOREVER JC - I LOVE YOU. I look foward with all my heart to the next step in our relationship. It's you and only you forever. Happy Birthday! Love Stacey


***Laura Meares... You rock my world doll! I love ya! This V-day is gonna be awesome! Yours w/out cuts on his face...YET! Shaun

***Special K*** I'm really glad I started eating breakfast cereal. Here's to hoping I get to enjoy your crunchy supersocalfreakinlicious self for many more meals. HiC


**Cuddle Bunny** B, I've used your chest as a pillow and spent countless mornings snuggling in bed. Never sure what the future holds- I love you, you are in my heart-V

*Eric- my love. I love you with all of my heart and bit of my bit. Happy Valentine's Day sweetness, I adore you. XOXO Love Brianney (and Baxter).

*PIPPIN* How I love you: like a vision thing; like a floodland; like i'm under the gun. First, Last, and Always: I am yours and you are mine.

*Sexy Anne* miss Anne i wish i could have you for valentines day but i can't so this for you i love you too much and you make me insane pizle p says i love you

- heart - !

----- SUPER GAV----- {you make my tomatoes ripen my eggs boil my aluminum foil my tators tot cause you're so hot my crumb cake crumbled when i stumbled onto your love.}

1 isn't enough bb! The best thing that ever happened to me happened again this morning - at 6:00, 6:06 (switch), 6:12, and 6:18. Thank you for every morning. I love you.

1000% Guapo You are such an important part of my life, and I will never be able to thank you for all the support you have given me. Luke Perry loves you too!

2 lost souls... I'll buy you the island if you run away with me. There's more to say but you always leave me Speechless

2 MY GYRL Though we are about to travel the world together, I will find nothing more wondrous than what I have already found through loving you.

2 stinky from wolff even if u wet the bed puke & stink of cigarettes you've brought a new light 2 my head I love u and hope my rhyme doesn't get to ur already huge head xx

2 years of hell!!!!! you are an awful person. a thief, a frightening psycho and the worst product of americana. you can't deal with yourself. seek therapy. i hate you.

2005 Didn't Suck Thank you for absinthe & road trips & Chicago's fountains & phone calls & liking me a lot even with no gallbladder & coming to Portland. I love you.

266LindonPearl For you I am writing it. But you already know that. You should be the world's starlet.

27th and everette sometimes the sun shines/mercy on our freezing home.

2: JT xoxo, Yeni* I love being part-nerd with you, your drunk sincerity love confessions make me feel special and I can't imagine a radder person to spend my days with!

3 years and counting no one would have believed it, but these steel grey eyes love the fire they still see after all this time. I lub you my Ashke. -- D

31 Days Your breast is enough for my heart, and my wings for your freedom.

4 My Canadian Lovers Someday I will move to Canada and we can finally be together. But until then, let's just continue to have torrid love affairs. -Mary

5 years on time Despite your urge to drive, I like having you passenger side, because when I stop singing to change lanes, you pick up the chorus, and grab my hand.

5 years Strong Shon we've gone through so many rough and great times in the past 5+ years, i love you so much! let's keep climbing together...

86 Crew...Do it! We may live together, but you all are still the best damn bunch of drunks/drug addicts a guy could ask for. I love you all!

888888 Mr. MR 888888 3000+miles is a painfully long distance but any frustration has been more than worth it to know and love you. C U soon, my 1st valentine! xoxo PEACHES

95.5 Baby, I love dancing to Jammin' in the car with you. What we have is as beautiful as your blue eyes. We conquered the jungle, what next?

:: SUPER-PATTY :: hullo, where's the fondue? Now more than ever, it's the time for CHEESE...less digital, more analog, girl! Snow sports, snow sports! (happy v-day)-sh

<3 Phunk <3 My relatively un-foul creature, more fun to ride than harpies. My Trigun-bringer, my Puppy. I love you more than Gir loves tacos. ~Love, Berry Fairy

? ???????? ???? ???? ?? ??????? ??? ???, Meow Meow! ? ????????, ?????? ??? ?? - ??? ???. ??????, ??? La La

?Porque no? Mangia! To the Rat: From Tom Cruise and T.K's beach to Rocky and Warshington adventures, you fill my daily life with new fun and creativity. -La tua Cinghiale

A Chance Taken A post; words written and read. A chance taken on both our parts. How could i've been so lucky to meet a great guy like you?

a diabolical harlot Baby, as you know I absolutely fucking adore you. However, I wanted to finalize it in print - so wherever you go, you'll have a constant reminder.

a multnomah romance. i love your johnny cash voice. you put the "fun" in fun fridays. oh, trippe-let's dance like cats in the friscalating dusklight. love always, danielle

a poem for my wyatt my beloved one, my starry starry night, you are the yearning in my heart, your intoxicating, i've never known more bliss than when i awake in your arms.

a regal day i'll let you do me in the butt if you buy me chocolates and flowers! happy birthday, valentine's day, and almost 9 month anniversary. i love you, YAMS.

A tiara for you, CLQ Because you help the happy, kick it at cute factor five, princess of patience, queen of quinoa, hero of my heart, so smart: a tiara of human hair. MHH

a valentine haiku expression of love for my pal, so kind and fair i sleep in your chair love, sadie mae

A Valentine is... Better than a kick in the face! Feel special! Midori, I love you more than words can express, no matter how loud I am when I shout them. -Lou/Mim/Newt

AA boys on Stark we think you're neat and sweet looking cute on your bikes rolling up from the street making girls blush and being sweet the AA girls on stark

AAN It's the middle of the night & I'd imagine that when this is published I'll be missing you. I love you, Oh tolerant one. Aloysus

Aaragharaaroah Dearest my darling Ranger Rick of the fabulous KDS: Thanks for the hugs, kisses, words, laughter and love. You are the best roommate turned boyfriend EVER.

Aaron, I hope my love for you never goes unexpressed. And when I can't find words to tell you how much you mean to me always know I love you best!-Heather

abby be my secret special someone, on these pages once a year, and if ever you would want to, tell me all your worries and fear...

ABFAB Heidi i want to eat your scrumptious RED hair (although you taste like soot and poo) We think you are fabulous everyday and we love you! camgilli

Adam S. Taylor Your girlfriend's weird. Why don't ya drop her? Meet me on the balcony in Cinema 21. I'll bring the Turkey, you bring the Make-Out. Kimb Kadas

agapi mou - zoy mou Dance, sing, and play music.Do what ever your precious and beautiful heart desires.I will always be right behind you..checking out that ass! Be mine.

AH-SATAN I am so glad you let me pee in your can now. 4 valentines days. 4000 burritos. I love you more than the devil loves sin. Your Feet smell great!

Alex B. You may not mine your apartment or have an acetylene torch handy like Bubba, but I love you anyway. Thanks for so many good times.

alexi sugar sweet through seven years i have never stopped loving you. i love you with all my are my best friend, my partner, my lover,and my smile.thank you.

ALEXIO, MY FAVORITE! You are amazing, and not just cause of your magical freckle. Who knew that i would fall for a pervert, and be happier than I have ever been? thank you

all the boys i know you're sweet and kind you aren't mine happy day of valentine n

Allibabwa Rawks! To my sweetest, dearest Bubula: My life is blessed with your love and companionship. Happy Valentines Day, babe. For you, I have lots of love and kisses-D

Amanda Rose Happy Valentine's, sweetheart. With the desire met, it has been worth every ounce of "caution, conduct, and concern."

AMBER! No Tumor is Going to Stop Me!

AMBERJEAN There's no one in the world I'd rather be a lesbian with than you.

Amen, Stevie-Q! You're the sweetest server, teacher's assistant, spiritual cohort, and friend. Besitos y abrazos muy fuertes para ti, mi amigito.

Amore di pollo!!!!! Pollo Mio, Ti amo per sempre. Tu sei il piu bravo marito in tutto al mundo. Thank you for everything you have done and will do for our life together!

AMY LYNN you are the sexiest, toughest, most rockinist girl i know... thanks for being my favorite dance buddy!!!

Amy mothafuckin' Who Let's get shithoused on guinness and eat cheese 'til we throw up all over everything. Thanks for making Portland radder to live in. <3<3 the good nick

AMY PANTS!!! you rock my socks. you are electric and i adore you. let's run away together! i will steal you some flowers. -travis pants


Amy you crashed!! I went into sbucks on 23rd (something I despise) to finally talk to you but found out you had crashed. get better so you can visit me at music millennium

Anal explosive 4 U Allison! I would go with you into the library!

ANAM CARA You have enriched my life in so many ways, and helped me turn a very difficult time into something special. I love you Dana.

Andy loves Dina Love you babe, with all of my heart!

ANGELA BELL Another year & you still just don't get it. You are RICH with stupidity, he'll never change. Come to think of it, he's just as dumb as you! (J)

Angela my love Oh, how i long for your gentle touch, my dreams of you keep me warm when the nights are oh so cold. will you marry me, please!!!call me... love Norman

ANNA LOVES JARED! You're the absolute best baby! I am so happy about every aspect of our relationship, I feel so lucky we have found each other! I love you! I love US!

ANNI! theres nothing in this world more amazing than your slut ass. you know i love it! it makes me wet.

Annie and Dick Here's to you, cheers! You are the bestest parents ever. I love you guys! Would you get married already, no more excuses, make this the year!!!

ANXIETY=FICTION My Sweet Bitty, I just read page 127 of 20 Lines a Day by H. Mathews. Your love shows that my anxieties are fictions. Love, Jim

Ara yes, i let go. release to the flow. you. lava. burn me. liquid fire i can't resist-i persist-to try to- ignite the sun with piscean flame.

Army of Robin Your Breath Smells Like Jelly Beans. I Love You! I Love You! I Love You! You can always borrow my Red Hoody! Love - Hank

Arrr! Shiny rovin'! You too special, Katie! This salty cat will rove you shiny folevel! Rrrowr!

art through your lens passion focuses my vision of ecstasy. come, drive me wild in the mountainous precipitation of climax. k

Art for your Sweet At Vino Paradiso. Come buy your sweetheart some art. 417 NW 10th Ave. Feb 1st through Feb 26th.

As you wish my sweet In the blink of an eye we learned to love and I to cry. Together we've found life's greatest high. For you Jen, I will remain true until the day I die.

Audie, My best buddy my life hasn't been the same since you sat at my kitchen table. we will always have each other no matter what! i love you!

Audrey I miss you.

August 29, 1992 Thanks for the months before and the years since, beauty! I'm the happiest, luckiest boy in the world. I can't imagine where I'd be without you. LOVE!

Aw Shucks, LeeLuxe Area woman thinks you are really cute and is glad you think the same things are funny. Let's go get a Mac & Jacks.

B-RAD "Love and hope and sex and dreams... give me something for nothing give me too much too soon I'm so damn sick of your stupid rules" i still love you

B.D.M You know I love to love... so come get in my nest! Love, Your Little Gobble

Babaganouj! To the marvelous man I adore, respect and love with all my heart. There is nothing greater on this earth than being with you. Happy Birthday, love.

baby thank you for the lunches everyday. i love you more than anything. always, your man

Baby Joey Little Baby Joey you're my one true love. Will you be my valentine? If you're a good little kangaroo you can ride in my pouch.

BaBy KeNt, Ur MiNe! When I have u, what else really matters? U r a dream come true and I want u to know I love you always! So take my hand and lead the way... ur Sands

Baby Lady Girl Aww shit, you know i love you girl. You've had me since i looked into your pretty brown eyes and saw the ferocity of a post-pregnancy praying mantis.

Baby Vroom Vroom Cutest, sweetest and hottest wishes for you today. More halter tops please. mad at you and you have a girlfriend, but still, i miss talking, drunken laughs, and what we did to each other in that me behind the pantheon-love u

Bad Girls Forever! You be the Goth, I'll be the punk rocker! You are my ultimate bad girl, my best girlfriend, my sister in arms! You are beautiful and I love you! ~R

BAKLAVA Happy Valentines Day, Allison. I love you and I want you to have my baby and be my wife. Which is pretty sweet, cause that's what's happening. GUTS!

Barista Optimista Jason Davis, you are the cutest otter since... well Neptune's a seal, so there's no compitition. I hope you finish the definition of LOVE. Kimberlita

Bartender at Langano Lounge. YOU are HOT!

Bartender Dick nuffin 2 say 2 u today mercury lets me say fuck u 2 everyone else why is that?

Basilia!!! Thank you for being my soul mate and making me happier than I ever thought possible. Purrrrr. -Ben

Be mine Yes you Crusty Monky Tits I want to spend this valetines day and all of the others with you and only you I love you. your Trumpet Butt


BEAKER: beep, beep Thanks for making me beep. I love you and loved sharing all of our recent adventures, Mr. Jones. Let's have many more together!

Bean Bean Bean Hello hello I love you so Hello hello With you I would go Hello hello To the sto' Hello hello Or dance on the flo' Hello hello! I love you so!

bear bear city chomps and shoes, my bestest bitches. thanks for the memories (of boozy good times). GUMBO! mud's a tumor! fetus in vito!! love always, hurricane

bear heart monkey dear monkey, I love love love you! yours truly, Bear

Bearded Beloved You think you're broken but you've got it together. Your selfless patience and devotion are legendary. Look how long you've put up with me! LuLuvsU

Beary blows my mind Because the wind was hi U kidnapped me, we started anew together & my life really began. Can't wait 4 adventures ahead. Onward & upward in love bearry

Beautiful John... Damn, baby! I love you! You make me the happiest girl in the world, even when you tease me. You have my heart forever! Lovely M.

Becky- Remember: Proud Mary, ROCK USA, Our NKOTB fan club, BatDance, Three Little Pigs, and Peeing in the elevator? You= best friend, sister, maid of honor, soul mate.

Becky... I LOVE YOU! Hey. I love you. I just thought this would be rad if you got one of these. I hope that we can always look at South Carolina ass together. MEOW!!!!

Bella Bear Grrl Happy Hearts day from US to YOU! We love you TRUE! Our rotten Grrlie, who is forever SURELY the bestest Grrl EVER(Next to your sister). WE LOVE YOU!

BELLA-I LOVE YOU My beautiful bella. I hope we grow old together while never letting anything be more important then the love we share. I will love you forever. M

BELOVED BELLIGERANTE Roses are red, violets are blue, schwinn's are hot, and so are you! ROLL OUT my squishy bannana muffins........ALL MY LOVE IGNAZ

Benji, seeing lights it's easy to see what was (and is) behind all your inspired talent, as long as there's you making music, there's your mother smiling through it.

Benny Boy Baby the future is now your fro is bangin your music is hot gimme some funky lovin all yours, bee vomit

beorn, papa bear from the sleep of loss, the blend of your friendship, sensuality, understanding, and tenderness restored my heart. thank you!

BerryFaery Who would have thought, a year ago, that we would be where we are now? Answer: EWE would. You're a vision(ary), and I love you, you sexxxy beast! <3!

BERT my hot eagle scout: remember that time i thought you faked one of these for me? just like i faked all those orgasms for you? happy v day. wanna get fresh? xokt

Best WA-Mu ass ever Hey Snooglie. Silverback loves you. Nice Ass.

BEST.PERSON.EVER. KJF: Thank you for being in my life and for all you give me. I love you with all my heart, and I am yours forever. TD.

Bethy Pie! O Dear Jesus! I want you to have my abortion everyday of every year! You would have so many milkshakes and taco bell. You rock the world. Revolution -I

Betsy Brown Hang in there baby! love, Little one and Lucy

better red than dead My woman must really love me. Why else would she begrudgingly be willing, to move out of our new building, and drive that red desk to Cincinnati?

BIG DAVE We "love" your hot ASS!! Greatfully, every chick you ever met!

Big Jon T I know that we have had some really rough times lately and we're in kind of a weird place but I want you to know that I love you. Peaches

Big PaPa Slim we have returned to each other...our love is true. Slim I love you with all that I am. I will always be ur nasty girl. happy valentines love nasty girl

Big Problem! oh ariel, of all the friends i'll have in life, you are by far the greatest. i love you and thanks.

big sisters... ...ARE like little moms. but that's what makes them great friends. thanks for your love and support. it's wonderful having you in my life. kisses, G

BigBootyBethanowski Vagina, does that word make you uncomfortable? What I found in yours sure as hell did it to me. It's ok I won't go gay on my thin rug you're welcome to pee

Birthday Boy! Having Valentine's as your birthday sucks, but I hope that this cheers you a little. Plus we have the best baby ever and I do love you.

Birthday Valentine Dave, Happy 29th Birthday & Valentines Day! Every day is the 14th with you! Much Love, Frea

bitch please! cap'n, you had me at pegleg. love, morning

Blissfully Doomed "I am falling Like a stone Like a storm Being born again Into the sweet morning fog D'you know what? I love you better now." Brien + Shaunna

Blue Hair = Love Philip-Thank you for all the strawberry tea and the Love. Youre rad rad rad and I fancy you for most for lacing up your converse backwards. Crazy kid.

Blue House babes To the greatest roommates ever. Happy V-day to all of you and here's to four more months of Blue House bliss. -Calle

Bluhh! To monkeys from bears: I love you more than the moon. Let's be together forever (space babies?). If you'll be my hummingbird I'll be your smoochybear.

bone there is a picture of your face tattooed on my heart. i love you ferociously. happy valentine's day. your gay life mate and lecherous aunty, meggles

Boo My best friend, my secret love always with me in my thoughts always with me in my dances I really do love you Will you be my Valentine?

Boo-Boo Bear! Boo-Boo, You are my favorite person in the whole world! You make me happy when skies are gray. I like you AND I love you! Love, Your Little Boo

BooberBearCutiePie Seattle was a blast..and a very nice honeymoon. Here's to 100 more honeymoons! And of course foot rubs, and snuggles, and kisses, and me adoring you!

BOODABBA Made U look. U were right, we really R like Bette and Tina. U R especially like Tina, and as I'm sure u know by now...I'm like Bette...Karma sucks huh

BOSHY~hestheoneilove wugs my bosh! and i want the world to know it! i am so happy to have found you in this life...TWIN SOULS!!! wugwugwugwugwug

boy of blue. sweet pants. my mister. i give to you my heart forever and ever. i am yours always. the lady.

Boy version! Roses are red violets are blue Come to my bed and we'll TOTALLY SCREW. (I love you)

Brain Boyfriend Oh Holly, I love you so. I want you to slather me in a vat of guacamole. You're the bestest. Now let's go rollerskate and talk shit!!!

Brendan: Yes, Please Though you've likely crushed my crafted hearts, I still love your company. 1 of my favorite things: Waking up next 2 U and giggling. I heart U. Rekka.

Broadway Reel me in close, let's do it yurt style. Love, sugarlump

brody the roadie you're more crazy awesome than an armada of a kabillion space lamps. You're ridiculously hott like fried tofu. I love to smoosh yer scruffy face. rawr. Don't fuck it up, smart ass.

Bruised and Smiling Deep down, I really enjoy these love marks. Next time we wrestle I will leave you bruised and smiling. Happy V-day Marissa!-G

BuBu 18 years.... seems like yesterday i will Love always love you !!!

Buck, dear Ithaca, such a long ways away, cold in winter, but luck and you keep me speedy. happy birthday (yesterday) & love for you today. xoxo, bfx

Buggy Fulton! Here's to another great year of imaginary handjobs! Love you. -From the other buggy

Bunny Hop Thanks for being mine. I'm glad you have a dirty mind. -Yet to be nicknamed

Burning Love Whoever heard of a love doctor who mistakes emotions for gas? Even a professional like myself can learn a thing or two about love. High five, Brown.

Buscuit Hey I want you to be my valentine and I'll be yours. Love you more than I knew I could. I know that sounds chessy but its true. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Doyle

BUST A MOVE Hooray to 15 years of sassy surburban wedded bliss. I'm still hopelessly in love with my smoochie and always will be. Mooch, kish-kish, mew & squawk!

Butch like the wind A breath in my face, my Butchie close to me..What fantastic dorks we are! I am the luckiest Little Butch ever..Wanna sleep over and practice kissing?

Butter Omlet Thank you, Mac, for making me a better man. You're my beautiful, brilliant, drama-free boyfriend - I love you like a butter omelet. - Justice

C. Rizzle Dizzle You're coldblooded. Leaving me in a cage all day. I Love you anyway, love Edie.

CACA NECK YOU!!! thanks for the secret trip to the black lodge... you are the dreamiest boy i know. your lovin' is the best kind ever!!!

Cafe Delirium You: Gorgeous boy in your cute little hat and glasses. Me: daily (soy)sp. chai. i'm always too shy to really say much. let's go get tattoos at break. ha

CAILEAG in the TA I love my Cider Girl! Three years married and I still fall for you every single day. My sunshine is you.... Love Brawlad

California Cutie I want to be your #1 Fan, could you be my Jim Morrison? Your smile is the end of me, you did bring the sunshine with you. Let's go to the redwoods!

Canadia, eh??? Miss Robyn, it seems as if our paths were destined to cross that crazy NYE and i vowed to never let you go. i meant it then and still do. i love you.

Canela/Alvarez fam. I love you all! Your love and support has meant the world to me! Thank you for everything! I am truly blessed to have such a loving family! lolly

Cap'n of Me Heart Jace - In the sea of love, we sail together as soul mateys. Aye! I love ye, my darling & I forever belong to thee. Love, your little pirate wench CSB

carrie huh, huh, huh, love ya. Kelly

Carry More? Hey I dont have anything clever to say, so ill keep it simple: I love you! Thanks for the silence, thanks for the days, thank you for the ocean.. D

Catch My Seed. Yo, Girl, sorry I knocked you up. My bad. --Karl

Cherie amor You are the love of my life. I've been courting you since sophomore year. Only now are we together, and the distance is so far. I want to do you now.

Chickens we may be! B - Bich blich boch bvich bech byek boch buch! - L

Chris Martinez;) You're the most amazing man ever and since I married you my life has been like a dream. I'm glad I didn't listen to all those bitches!!! Your love,Zoe

Chuck Norris says: "Chuck Norris loves all the ladies out there. One at a time ladies, one at a time. No, two at a time. I can do this. Hieee-YAH!"

Ciabatta Z Shark I LOVE YOU. That's it. No bananna this morning=low potassium. Nothing creative... nothing. Let's get drunk and listen to Darkthrone, my dear, sleep with me

clara and cleo could i tell ya how much i love my roomie and her kitty you guys are the best in the world and i love you guys happy v-day love remi and liz

Clayton My Dearest Love is a prison. Make me your bitch.

Clinton...'s kind of ridiculous just how much I love you. And the slip and slide. That's pretty good too. *mwah* counting the days till you move back home


Cock of the block You're an egomaniac with a fine brain and a hot body. I dig that. Why are we still "just friends?" Estoy a tus piedes.

CODEWRDVelvet Brain Thanx 4 all the slumber parties, 16 yrs & I still adore you! Floating head, spotlight and Jell-O-love make my life. I luv U Boo-Bear! Always, Pnut

Coffee People Cutie Happy Valentine's day to the best lil'barista downtown. Here's hoping you get outta that hole soon, ya'heard!

collaine you truly are the allah of scrabble. whom do i thank for all we share? connection, friendhip & sureal romps in our fecund playground? more more more.

Coming up on year 7 Dysfunctional loners in love, who would have thought there would be stability in that? You're strange and I love you.

Corey Sean Roses are red, your heart is a good one. I love your big head, you fill my panties with puddin'. Love, your shell

costa rica, please! lazarus, you are hot blood in my veins, the fingers on buttons to my lustful pleasure. i love eating you alive. feast on me! forever yours, aphrodite

Cottonelle Bear You're my adorable, lovable man. I'm forever yours. Happy Valentines Day.

Crazy Voodoo Love Shiney Thing, you make my heart sing! You make everything groovy! Oh, Shiney Thing..

Crazy Man Jones! Hey baby. You're still my favorite. Love, Nicby

CREEP! Now that I have your attention. Youre sketchy. Im not too cute and dont own shell pink anything. I think those are good odds. Call me u know you want 2

Croatian Sensation Zoran, I'm so glad we met in the park this summer, one of the best impulses I've gone on. You're the best thing in my life, and I love you so much.

Crush in the 'Couve Anna with green eyes.. Movies, coffee, cuddles, thank you for everything you do. Thank you for being you! On the 14th be mine? Be my valentine? Tim

Crystal (Bissa) You are the most amazing best friend ever. I am so happy to have you in my life. Love, Crystal

Cthulhu Bunny You are my Conan, my Superman, my Usagi, and my Groo all rolled into one beautiful fantastic package-i consider myself a very lucky girl. I love you!

cupcake we've come a long way since the taco cart, fucked up a lot but there is a lot of life left to live, trust me on this one. love, cookie monster

cute elevator boi You Smiled. I Smiled. I think you live on the floor above me. I've seen you a few times in the elevator & I'd like to get to know you better <3 Jayse

CUTIE BUG i wish we could spend all of our time with shower dinosaur and my finger in your belly button. love you.

CYBORG, I LOVE YOU! B-Squared: Even with your new elelctro-pancreas, I love to touch you so! The rest of our lives holds much bliss as we always cherish each other! Toe Moss

D. Bikman You, darlin, are my goddamn sunshine. I love you.

D.R.C. + RASTA The meadow,water hole,skydiving,Von Crazies,PBR,afterworkchair,Pukas,Jack trip,The Stomp,Jose face plant, Mickeys & straws...words can't describe babe

DAAAVVE!! Hi lover!Thanks for being the GREATEST guy in the world! Hope to see you soon Happy Valentine's Day - I LOVE YOU DAVE! Much Love Always, Joann

Dahling Tom Burke You are the best "husband" a girl could have!I am one lucky half of a "perfect pear" to have such a "smoothie" as a friend! Kiss, kiss, Brooke Burke

dallas ))<>(( if you really love me, then let's make a vow. right here, together, right now. i'm gonna be free... i love you so much. yours forever, snacky

Damn I love you Tricia , Thank you for loving me through all my drama and issues thanks for having my back ! you rock! I love you I love you I love you Darren

Dan the Man Happiness is a warm gun and u make me happy I dont even notice when the weather is crappy. An MC, so I got 2 rhyme u r hot to death so will u be mine?

Danger Loving Wow, you couldn't be more perfect for me. What luck that you swooped in that fateful day. Thanks for everything. Here's to the eternal moment...

DAS LOVER! you are the cream of the crop sweet cheeks. there's no other like my lover and i wanna shout it from a mountain top. I love you!

Dave I guilted you into using my toothbrush. You looked at me perplexed, "I think I love you" I love you DHJ. I knew that on January 7th. Yours Truly, SBF

Dave Gerbil-grinder Happy Valentine's Day Dave Gerbil-grinder. Roses are red, violets are blue, you can throw this right back if you don't like it, but i want to be on you!

DD-ZP U R GLORIOUS I'd like to redeem my platonic date minus the platonic part. I adore you! Let's play journey and go watch the lil boys in the park 2gether! Love-Chel-C

Dear Assholes I miss you Artie and Olive. Wish I could be there to complain about Valentines Day with you. I love you both. bisoux, Pea


dear bear I hope you find what it is that you are looking for. until then, i will love you just as I always have: wholly. love, kitten.

Dear Caleb You are the light and love of my life and I wish for only the very best for you everyday. Hugs, kisses, and snuggles forever, Mama

Dear Everyone, Michelia Kramer and I aren't lesbians. Our love is that of a stapler for staples...A necessity for the others' existence. I love her. Love, Lizzyface

Dear Gepman, 'member? that time? 6 months ago? when we met? yeah, me too. i really love your daddy-o. bite him for me, 'kay?

Dear Joshua Barot It may have been me that peed the bed. I love and miss you. bisous, Jesse

dear kami, brooklyn misses you. love, brooklyn

Dear Mrs. Gog, Cracker meets chocolate/Just can't get off it/A horse bit in your mouth/North meets South/We'll make Zebras someday/Europe meeting Africa our way...

Dear Nurse the bruise above my heart is a bite mark you left deep in the house of blue bulbs.

Dear Poopey (Johnny) All I want to say is that I love you so much. I wish I could be with you everyday and kiss your beautiful face. I miss you. Great cover! Love, Eleanor

Dear Sacred Love I know you're out there looking for me, just as I seek you. May our paths meet in perfection and our union be the orgasmic ecstasy of the universe!

Dearest Alysse, No one loves us. Let's eat cupcakes and cry about it together? With multitudes of love and pity, Natalie

dearest emmy! happy valentine's day to mpls's most devout reader of the merc. you're a gem, em, & a dear friend. much love liz

Dearest Geahk, You are snugglicious! I love you so much and I'm glad we're getting married in October. You're the best, Bubalah!

Dearest LadyRay To the sweetest, most gorgeous & sexy badass mu'fuckah in Welches, happy v-day. Miss you like crazy! Can't wait to be in your arms again. Xoxo, Drew.

Dearest Moona You are so special. You are a strong, amazing woman, and I am lucky to have met you. You are going amazing places. Love, Audrey

Dearest Sarah, I know you hate valentines day, but I love you. I've missed you so much. Still loving you and hoping you feel the same! Brian

Dearest The reason that I'm writing you is to let you know I thought it through and after much debate in fact, I guess I'll take you back. It's been a rough few years for me, I moved back with my family, but I'll still take you back.

Dearest Tom Although we've only known each other a few weeks, I feel like our love is blossoming into a beautiful bud of commitment. yours truly, ~kyle

death by corn From Problem Child to Snackmaster: I miss you & the wagons. This day sucks but you don't. Kribbles and bits?

Death take me NOW!!! The last sappy-ass Valentine shit free publication has turned tail and got sappy and joined the commercialization. Oh well. Happy Valentines Day Mom

Desmond You make me feel crazy, like the street full of steel and explosives were we first met. I love you.

Diana at FoodFront Your Smile Brightens my whole world. I Love You. Please Be my Valentine.

Divine forest fairy Yaelle, the little vixen of herbs and colors brown in her presence, I have known not anyone to frown loving, beautiful, graceful yaelle she rocks

Dj @ New Avenues You're rad. I wanted to tell you more, but it wasn't the right time. Meet me @ the square between 6-8 pm on V-Day to know who I am.

DJ I HEART YOU Cannot wait for you to spin ME.

DO NOT TICKLE ME! Gummi Bear. I love you. Ducky.

Dokken Im sorry I snuck up and attacked you from behind, Lets never fight again. Love Willie

Don You were 23, I was 26. On 2/14 we played in the snow at Washington Park. Now we have a darling son to play with us, too. Happy 11 years! Love, E.

Donna My favorite dream and my best reality. Every day we spend together is the best day of my life. Be my Valentine today and for always. I love you!!! DD

Dooglas Another year, mi mejor amigo and it's as true as it's always been....even if it is too much...lo siento.

Dottie & Kent You are the most KICK-ASS in-laws!! I love you. -tg

down with chalkies just like a white wing dove sings a song sounds like she's singing ew baby la squidbillies! i love you lewie. xo alice

DR @ WU Everything about you makes my head spin and my heart thump. Happy Valentine's Day. kisses and so much more.

Dr. Love so far away My Ame, a doctor isn't supposed to be involved with her patients, but you know that we're different. There's no escaping our bond. Not anywhere, ever.

Dr. Quinn Med Woman Is there anything you can't do? Thank you for all the love and support you have given me. The world is our oyster. Love - Your Young David Craig

Dream Girl Sloane I Never Thought I'd Meet A Girl Like U Or Even Have A Girl Like U. I Will Never Meet Anyone Better Or Love Anyone As Much. I Love you Sloane. -Nick

Drew & Branden Happy Valentines Day to two (of the three) most handsome studs I know! Big hugs and kisses-We Love U! Luv always, Nessie, Coopey, Bella & Moxie

DRINK FIGHT FUCK I love you Greg Warner, MY sexy Valentine!!! Always thinking of you, Your baby girl Cindelicious xoxoxoxo

Dum Bitch Claire, you're the most incredible person I known. I miss you and I had so much fun this weekend. Can't wait until spring break. I love you. Hogz4Life

E - Jessica To a special girl, who I care about about so much! Happpy Valentine's Day! Your Buddy!

E... LOVE IS POWERFUL Yeeaaahhrw. It makes us cry. It makes us yell. Oh god is this heaven or hell?!! Get your hanky. No spanky for you. R

E.D.L.M.T. Waffle mornings and bad movie nights. I'll write you a note for every hour if you promise to take me for walks even when I'm tired. Love, C-Monster

Earth Woman! I am glad you are back in town and we get to convene regularly! Yea for your new abode and hopefully next time you move it won't be night or raining!

Edena Loves Patsy Mindela- You saved my life. What would Sim Card and the Micheals be without you? The boys in this town are clueless. The thing is, I love you dammit.

elemental love jewelers do it with"BLING". Meg, we love you. Thank you for everything. Happy Valentines day, scottie and sarama

ELEYSHA!!! It's been forever since Pizza and "The Duke". I feel lucky that we've been together for such a long time. I love you: You Are Fucking Awesome! -Dan

Elinor: You're cute, even in the dark. --Toes

Eliza, Eliza Eliza les autres on s'en fout, Eliza rien que toi, moi, nous Tes vingt ans, mes quarante Si tu crois que cela Me tourmente Out Eliza this

Ellen will you Be my valentine? Your roomie Nichole PS: You're the adorable one silly

Elzbietka of the 14 A week till you move to Hawai'i! Farewell, Elzbietka. A pleasure to have known you for even this short period of time. And Happy Birthday! :-b

EM ARIES LADY Sending your imaginative, fiery spark love balloons and bubblegum hearts on this St. Valentines Day!

emery's daddy... I heart you.

Emily! Since we met on the first, I can't help but rant and rave about you. Happy Valentines Day. J to the C

EMILY! EMILY! EMILY! I dream of you even while I'm awake. You are forever in my mind and heart. Thank you for being mine. Happy Valentine's Day. yours, Hayden

Eric Jordan Hey... I know I pissed you off by saying something, but hey I'm sick of you glaring at me in school... so let's call a truce ok? Happy V Day. Sam Rain

ETERNAL PAIN If I never see U again it'd B 2 soon, yet for the life of me, I can't get U out of my head to love again. I wish you'd just put me out of my misery.

EVIL DOUGHNUT MAN I have a secret crush on you. I walk past your job. When you go to lunch, I follow you. I try to follow you home. I want to kill you. Available?

EYES MISS YOU I have missed this opportunity every year so far, but I wanna tell you that "Yer the only girl fer me". Welcome to your new home -Yer Passionbully, J

Family Tree... Will you be our valentine? love, typhoon

Fat Cobra Lover Hey Sezzy - I see you at Fat Cobra Video all the time. Seeing you dressed up as a cowboy with a cocky swagger drives me wild!!!

Feemph! Let's rethink work straight out of our lives, main. All I have to say is something is growing and changing inside of me and it's not a baby. It's love.

FINNIAN PADRAIG my special adorable son, you make each day shine with your smile and unique personality!

FireStarter Lucky13 loves you! Im not mumbling now...

Fist Me Always Where does one go to learn how to work a girl into complete submission the way you do? You should know it's your eyes that penetrate me the deepest.

FLIM FLIM Your are my most handsome snoogler. So glad Mandelbrot us together. Snuggle-Ups-R-Us ROCKS!!! Here's to one more year (at least) Flam Flam

Florin Veja Thought you would like to know... you've really become a wonderful person and great friend. I'm always wishing you the best... Monkey

Fly like an eagle... Chubbers, Chubbers, Chubbers can't you see, sometimes your queezits just hypnotize me.

for BPD... love KRA happy v-day baby! thank you so much for being so wonderful and patient, and most of all, for loving me. i love you more than cliches can express.*kiss*

For Doob You bring me chocolate milk in the shower, you tell me I'm your flower. You smell my stinky feet, life without you would not be so sweet. Love Poob

FOR ELI For Eli, who is beauty for the eyes, music for the ears, soothing for the soul, blues&rock&roll, thank you for the music & friendship, Damian

For GBH from LAF I know you don't believe in this dumb holiday. I'm just using this as a free opportunity to say to the gal I still dig, "Get the fuck back over here!"

For Mike Murphy I luv ur sweet smile, Ur warm hugs. U got me into Halo & The Distillers. This is our year and we'll make it great. lu mu always/Go Chibi

For my bear S, I'm the luckiest girl in the world because of you. You are my sunshine every day in this rainy place. I love you and happy V day! love, A

FOR MY BONCHI BOY I am SO in Love with BONCHI! He is my HUSBAND (if we COULD get married) and my Bandon Baby...Thanks for EVERYTHING you do and are!

For My Penguin Pebble offers you her heart and ass in 2006. I love you tons.

For my tablespoon: Thanks for being my tablespoon, my taillight, my cuddle bunny, and the best husband anyone could ask for. I love you so much!

For Poob I can't rhyme, spelling's iffy, my feet look bad, I'm not clean & spiffy. I'll always be here 'cos I'm yer Doob, I love you forever 'cos yer my Poob.

for Shain the Brain Dear shain, You are weird. So am I. Lets dance like white girls!!! Melissa

For Sheep I love Sheep. Sheep make me so happy. I want to spend my life with Sheep. Adoring Sheep, Miss Ewe

For Sheldon Sheldon: You are so frickin hot, let's make babies. Happy Valentine's Day sugar. I love you. .valerie.

For Taylor... My nervous smile, your gorgeous eyes My racing heart will fantasize Of romance dreams and rainy nights, I'll hold your hand, the perfect life

For Thunderthighs I adore you. Adequate Stefanie Appreciation is on the horizon, never fear. You are one of the most important people in my life. Thanks for everything.

For you The hardest thing about dreaming about someone you love is to wake up but if the only place I could see you was in my dreams I would sleep forever

Forever Ever? Tlo, I vow to be possesive, jealous, irrational, insecure and hopelessly committed to you forever, forever ever. Baby boy

Forever yours Hey Crack head! Marry me? I am yours forever!

fountain & the well I'm welling up, you're bubbling over, and may we continue effervescently flowing; 'cause I honestly believe this is sustainable for the long term!

Frank, it's that time of year when a man's thoughts turn towards tying his ex-girlfriend to the bed and sodomizing her with a nightstick! Forever, your Bunny Girl

Freckled Soup-Sipper you linger and hook my eyes as you turn to toss the mini-cup. the express line is just slow enough to allow a few more glances. shall we chat soon?

French Toast 4EVR N, not a day goes by that I don't remind myself how lucky I am. U r the hottest lover and the greatest friend I could ever dream of. Love, Princess

From A to P this day is for lovers and we are for each other. you are the river for my tide, the truck in my garage, the K to my Q. keep on with that love beat.

From PDX to SD J: Come to PDX and we'll drink sloshing jugs of wine and stomp on the ruins of civilization. SD's nothing but ruin and decay; fuck it.-Adam Gnade

From Stumpy You're still my favorite..Who else would know just when to say "*BLINK..BLINK..BLINK..* 'Ey. Thass fucked up."?

From Your Mookey You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make me happy when skies are gray Do you remember when I first met you All my friends thought you were gay

Fuck V-Day Jana, you know V-Day sucks. Let's get out the plastic sheet and a tub of butter and play nekkid slip-n-slide. I wan't to be on you!

fuck yeah! you hurt me, use me, kill me inside. oh baby, and it feels so fucking good. hope you make me miserable for a long time. i will do the same for you.

FuzzyFauxLumberJack DearestLil'Ducker YouMaynotPedalMuch or sing silly songs nor write little poems and such-but you are still my one and only superman!sexybuns!I Love U!

Gary Sadler To the boy with the smallest package known to man. I can't believe you're 23 and balding. Good luck finding a woman who can stand you this year.

Geek Hotness To my Watcher A stolen kiss on New Year's has led to more fun than I can say! Keep rolling those natural 20's! Your barbarian

GeorgAnnette Happy V-day! Thanks for being the best friend and Maid of Honor a girl could ask for!!! I sure am gonna miss you when you're gone... P.S. Akira loves U

Giggles my plastic faced lover - you're emotionless glare invokes the darkest spirit inside of me. i can never rest in peace when you're too far from me.craig

Girl in Orange Cap Loved yr talent show audition. After years of growing pains, I'll find you & you'll find me & we'll be home. Can't wait. I love you. xo2gringa - ap

girl w/perfect bangs you know sometimes i still see those blinking lights that say "totally awesome." but i am also glad i can be your pal right now too... ^5

girl..... i just gotta know - why you soo nasty?! I miss your sweet voice and your dirty mouth. what are you wearing.....?

Glorious Smartypants J. Borthwick, thank you - you love me in spite of monkeypox caught from Todd Haynes. You: a glorious smartypants. Me: an enraptured jerk. -S. Vest

God Only Knows It's forever ago, but it seems like only yesterday I saw you on the porch of some dumb party. I love you sweetpea, I always will.

Good Medicine Diseased and with burning sensation, I called you back anyway to continue on 4 life. I am & was NOT desperate! Why settle 4 one night? Salutations.

Good Rev. 30 Ought Instead of some sappy candle-lit bullshit, how about some PBR and Giddy? All I want in return is a chipped molar. XXOO!

Goodnight Nurse I miss you. Why can two people love one another so much, but not make that love work? I will always love you my lil' Squirrel. The Doctor

GOOSE! My beautiful love, my light, my sky. Where you go I will go I will lead, I will follow By your side always. My love My fate My Goose Yours, Goose

Great Small Packages Sarah: You fill my heart & soul, you override my old patterns, I tingle in your presence, I melt in your eyes & arms. We create an amazing connection!

Green Eyed Angel Know that at least one person in this world still thinks of sand between your toes.

Greeno Hey Big Man!! I'm not here for Val. Day but I'll get you lots when I get back! Love 4ever juice

Greenway Your arms are still my favorite place to spend the weekend. Glad we didn't break up.

Gretchen @ 3 Friends Quiet lady with burning eyes, your rare smiles are like sunbursts on winter days. You're also, by far, one of the sexiest people in P-town. Damn...

Guess What? That is right I LOVE YOU! I could not be happier, you mean everything to me. I hope we continue to explore and travel the world together.

Habibi Curry Furbies What are you doing reading this Valentine? Why aren't you smooching me? Time is a wastin', slacker! Thanks for making me love Portland. And you.

Hairy hippy love... You have touched my life in ways I could never have imagined. You helped me create a new home and new existence. You r a beautiful friend. I love you

Hairy Vaginas Hey baby... please shave your beaver. Your crabs are partying between my teeth and it does get annoying. Happy Valenines Day. ILU.

HAPPY LOVE DAY BABY Danielle thank you for the 4 wonderful years that we have spent together! It makes life great just knowing your my valentine! I luv u! Luv 4ever Lisa

Happy 1 Yr Un-Anny JD- Been a year since the shit hit the fan and now I'm with a new man but you'll always be my best bro even if you fuck some dumb ho xo Monstah Lee

Happy 1st V-day Suz,v My beautiful wife. I am so glad that fate led me to you. That we can spend this V-day together as one soul. "For all the world to See." Love You

Happy <3 Day, Tree!! Happy 1st Valentines' Day, Pookie Bear!! I know we'll have many, many more! You make my heart smile! i <3 you! monkey pants

Happy B-Day Handsome Jordan, Today is your day & always will be. I love you; whether I know you for another 30 days or 30 years that fact will never change. Heart, Leia

Happy Bumble Day Outside you can see my shoeprints I've been dreaming in your yard. Get the car I'll get the night off. You, you look a bit like coffee. With Soy.

Happy V--Day Amie Happy Valentine's Day babydoll. I love you. Mark

Happy V-Day Cheeky! Cheeky-Feet, I Love You! I will attack anyone who speaks to you or looks in your general direction. Huh!?...What!?...Sorry!? Love, AngryPants

Happy V-Day Dollie Princess, You have made the last couple of years the best of my life. I can't wait to spend many more with you. You inspire me to be my best. -Paco

Happy V-day Ru! Ms. Ru, you're the sexiest and most inspiring artist/bodyguard alive (80's break out here). Happy V-Day; you are the loveliest woman alive! I'm lucky.

Happy Valentines JT You light up my life, and take away my strife Curling up next to you is my favorite thing to do Our love is destin to be for eternity! Camille

Happy Valentines ! Tony, God couldnt have given me a better husband.Thank you for loving me the way you do.I will always love you. Ready for the next one? Love Nicole E.

Happy Valentines Day Küsschen von deinem schatzie!!

Hari Om Shivabondo Lets have a thriftstore wedding and children with weird names. I love you eternally, the Arctic to your Antarctic. Deva Shaktikicious.

Harness Sun Power Petey, whenever i see you consume a helpless soul i can't get you out of my head. I mean... I tried using everything; a screwdriver, a can opener...

Head of Household Kourt you're the sweetest valentine to ever clean the bathroom. Heart, N

HEART OF MY CIRCLE I adore you sweetie... Your Wonder Woman (snickers and fajita meat too!)

Heartbreaker You know you slay me with your seductive glances and devilish grin. Wine grenades and espionage? Maybe i can give you a 94028. Be mine?

Hedy is such a MILF! I love you more and more each day your silky hair, the way you lay I want to tell you how I feel about your heart, your skin, your red-hot heel Love


HELLO SUNSHINE I lovity love you for serious. I'm a lucky boy to have found such a kind, intelligent, lovely girl. Oh, and you're fucking sexy. A definite plus. TCP

Hey Baby Hey Mark i just wanted to let you know you are my valentine and I LOVE YOU Love Autumn

Hey Baby!!! A-Dogg- U R such a gangsta and i love you for it U are my everything and without U i would be lost. i am so lucky to have found my soulmate. -Mido

Hey Beautiful Slayde you send me into orbit ... heart pounding, head spinning, breath catching, cheeks flushing ... happy valentine's day ... you're adorable.

HEY BEN! LOOK HERE! For your book smarts, your beautiful bikey legs, your superior navigational sense and your delicious stir fra, I cherish you with love immesurable. IV

Hey Blair! Monkey!Monkey!Monkey!Monkey!Monkey! Monkey!Monkey!Monkey!Monkey!Monkey! Monkey!Monkey!Monkey!Monkey!Monkey! Monkey!Monkey!Monkey!Monkey! No! Love, Rich

HEY BUGGY! To the best dry girlfriend, hand jobs aren't sex right? Will you be my dry valentine? If not, it's the sock monkey with a penis I guess. Love, Buggy

hey chuby... I love how you love 4 minutes?!!

Hey Doob I made sure to make it on this year. Let's make sure we pass our love back and forth, for ever, back and forth. Te amo siempre, MAMA ()<>() OSITO

Hey Emily Herring! You've been such a shit-talking jackass to so many people-here's hoping you spend valentine's alone, nurturing some sort of gangrenous flesh wound...

Hey hojo Will you be my domestic valentine? I miss you! Love, Anna

Hey Hollypant you drive me ape, I totally wanna go monkey on you all day long. I'm gonna love ya forever

Hey Hunny Bunny You *are* my hero with cape flapping. I love you. Can we make it to anniversary number 10? I'll work for it if you will. Kisses!

Hey Janine Tu m'a manqué mais pas encore. Sometimes it's better not to sleep on the floor. Je t'adore. -Knee

Hey Jedi Baby! You are my best friend. We laugh and play every night and go to sleep laughing. How did I get so lucky to have you in my life? Thanks for being my love

Hey Momo!!! I love you backward in time! I want to go on crazy adventures and discover knowledge not meant for man to know with you! Mmm... sauce...

Hey my sweetie! Just wanted to say that I love you the mostostest, you are the cool one, I am the lucky one. I love you so much! Thanks for being the best sweetie ever.

Hey Nigger Whats Up My Sweet Nigga Love? You know this is yours. It will be part of next years Wedding Anniversary Gift! Love, Nikki Parker DANG MOMMA

Hey Rock Fox! Never thought I'd find love in a clothing store but there u were. Thank god for the Red Light! U are beautiful amazing everything always.Love u! me

Hey Scott! Thank you for being my boyfriend. This has been the best year of my life and I'm so happy I have you. I love you lots! Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey Sweetie You're hotter than salsa and I'm not quite a dead fish. Ceviche?

hey whiskey priest! the longer i wait the more i long to take your priest ass to the cold marble church floor! careful, though, i won't wait forever.

HEY XTINE! !!! !! Oi lovebird, yr pretty much the coolest mofucker in all of Oregon. I MISS YOU!!! & we shall have a kickass spring break! -katy

HEY YOU (Mr. Rossi) 2 lovely ladies want to say- ¡Feliz día de amor! We love you! Having you in our lives- as Aurel would say... 'that rock.' SHENAIS and AUREL

Hey You- Nichole it's only been a short time but you've shown me happiness that I never thought possible. You'll always be my Stranger. Love you long time! Steph

HEY, PORTAL! Ms. Emily Yurek (portal), I fucking love you so goddamn much. You're my favorite person in the world, dooll face. -travis (time traveler)


hi mom and dad! i can't wait to meet you, hashbrown stevenson and donkey pants, sr. love donkey pants, jr.

Hi, Pee-Pee Head! I love how you love my small titties. Happy Valentine's Day, Honey Bunny! Can't wait 'til this summer!!! Love, Poo-Poo Brain

High probability. Lucky me: you're more than possibility now. Falling in love with you is my favorite hobby, cowboy. Thanks for being the problem I still want to have.

hippy johnny: i love you once, i love you twice, i love you more than beans and rice! always, your wifey.

His trembling hands You are so good to me. I really don't deserve it at all. But I hope that no matter what happens I will be with you. You + Me = Perfect Puzzle Pieces.

HOLD FAST FOR LOVE KKW Thank you for all you've brought to my life. The fruits of our true love will be with us forever in LCW. I love you bad Kitten! Tu y yo +1! XOX J

holgate house you are pure and wicked i wish you the finest as i venture outward. thank you for your endlessness.

Holli Happy Valentines Day! We have come a long way from the bitter bitch club!I love you with all of my heart. Love, Jessica

Hollywood 2 Portland maybe "We will be workin this out for the next 95 years" always be my lover always be my friend

HOLMES!!! You bring Serenity to my life. I would cross a River for you, dance at a Kaylee with you- heck, I'd even Wash for you! I love you sweets! J-Ho

HONEY Even though you have a boyfriend, I still love you. You are the hottest girl at the Fresh Pot and you sure do know your way around a vagina.

Honey Baby Shmig !!! UNGH !!!!!!!!

Hot Carl Is Cute That's all I had to say, Valentine. Love, Jackshit

hOt GerMan BikeR oH hOw i lovE yoU! wHy Don'T cHu biKe iN tHe rAin oN hOmE & sNugGlE w/tAcO-dRum? mE loVe You lOng-tiMe...

HOT, HOT, CCP It's only a few months before you'll be getting hitched. How bout one last fling? I'll be at Low Brow at midnight on vday. She'll never know. . .

Howl For My She-Wolf Rhythms of your heart and breath reverberate in my bones and teeth as we climb the mountain. I taste your scent and your smile. My moon is your moon.

HT is the shit Seattle loves HT. When will PDX ever learn? Never, that's when. Come up to the Emerald city.

Hullo Zeeba Neighba! Dreams do come true. I get to wake up with you don't I? Ignore the smelly talking horse, our dreams lie north. I'm there for you, love xxo

HUNNERTON! Happy VD! i am glad you finally have a place to live and with such FINE young men! (and i do mean FINE) XOXOXO, Honnerton (aka Awesome Opossum)

Hyphen Varnum! You are a schooner of rad on an ocean of awesome. Of all the Chelseas in this world, you are by far the funniest, smartest, danciest, bestest of them all.

i <3 mantooth GOOSE!!

i <3 monkey-pants! i loved you at the blue moon, s. sister, beaver football, the beach, the snow, & more... i'll love you in even more places this year! ~ pooki bear ~

I <3 Muffin!!! Roxanne, you were my first love & will be my last one. I cant wait to spend the rest of our lives together. Will you be my valentine? love you, ronald

I <3 you, democracy Me: young, energetic and in love with Democracy. I'll shout my love from the rooftops by registering voters this Saturday.

I Am So Sick of You" Teyla, I love that chickens can't fly. I love that if my teeth fell out that you would catch them. And most importantly I LOVE YOU! yours,- Leah

i bleed vibrations from the fijian drum beats resonate in my heart blood gushes into my soul as did the tide from its ebb and flow a bleeding heart i own

I CAN'T BELIEVE... It's not butter-xoxo! Dreamy days/nights(mmmmmmmmm)full of silly magical moments make me crazier about you every day. Be mine? xoxoxo a

I DID THIS FOR YOU! Derek, you were right when you said only Natalie D. can fully express how I feel about you. love, Bebe

I Dig Archaeologists Or at least I like the ones like you. Flowers and lemon tarts to you!!!

I Eat Dirt! Stella, you are the most lovely and intriguing flower, sweet and perenial. I can't imagine a life without you. Love your dirt grrl, Frank

I Heart Rydie Rydie, I wanted to send you this message to tell you I love you, and I hope to spend the rest of my life with you. Love, Your Soul Mate

I heart SW Bishops Paco, Lilly, Josie, Elisa, Sarah, Kristen and Robbie. You are so fucking cool and the bestest staff ever. I heart you all, love Crystal

I HEART TEEN 2 TEEN! Thank you for promoting safe, mutual orgasms, consensual sex, fluid-free groovin', and reducing HIV/STI stigma. You rock my world!!

I like your style Melanie, you make me very happy. There is no one I would rather watch nip/tuck or SpongeBob with. I love you so much. Let's make some sushi. Nate!

I LOVE CUPCAKE You are the best thing in my life. I will be by your side always in life. Thank you so much. Happy valentines day tuby! I love YOU!!! T-BONE

I love EvanMcDonnell My dearest love, Evan. Thanks once again for being the best hubbie ever. Love you with all my heart. Here's to many more years of laughter and fun!

I Love Javad! Can you play these boots are made for walking? I miss you. Love, Kaiza

I Love Me Some Noah Happy Valentine's Day to the hottest tamale in my life. Here's to another five crazy years, and probably more. I love you so much, Emma

i love my burger jesus burger you've always been there for me through the thick and thin. i can't imagine psychosis without your fine textures. love, pigface

I love my dustbunny! hey babe.. i just wanted you to know... that i love you.. more than anyone that i have ever met.. i hope you like your valentine surprize..

I love my LittlePony T-money, You still make me laugh like crazy and your kisses still make me tingle down there in my girly parts!! Keep bein' a Flint-Town thug! J-dog

i love u you are the best husband a wife could ask for. i love you with all of my heart. i look forward to many more memories with you. happy valentines day.

I love ya cheesecake Sara you are so sweet it makes my teeth hurt. I told you Valentine's Day would be special this year, this is just a small part.I love ya sweetheart!

I LOVE YOU Petra, you have the most beautiful face I have ever seen in my life, I LOVE YOU have an awesome fucking valentines day!! love sammy bannanie:)

I LOVE YOU Ryan M I love you so much! You gave me your heart once and I gave you mine, keep it safe. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Lisa G

I love you Dru! You are so cute, but I hate everything about you. You look so cute selling food at the W.O.W. Hall every night. I just want you to know that. :(

i love you forever jimmy i love you and i figured maybe if i write it you will believe that i love you, i'm truly sorry and it won't happen again love you forever jenny

I LOVE YOU HANK!!! and so does puppet!

I Love You Jamie D! Jamie Davis, my angel of joy. Your heart is so generous. 2yrs now and our union is deep, strong. You are my Love. Happy sweethearts day! Love you, HR

I LOVE YOU KRYSTINA! Happy Valentines Day!!! You are an amazing vibrant woman and I'm honoured to be your friend!!! Let's go on a date :) Love ya, Kitty Kat

I Love You Markymark Thank you for coming back to me and to the ones who love you. What a wondrous life we will have together! Kisses, Peter

I love you Mia Star! You are the love of my life, my friend, my lover, it's you and me versus the world. I love you sweetness. -Big Daddy

I love you Mikey! happy valentines day i'm a big nerd and this is your surprise. -your fucking lady friend

I Love you Mr. Miles Dear Mr. Miles: You are the smartest, cutest, most talented, funniest and nicest man I know. Love, Mrs. Miles

I LOVE YOU PIE-PANTS Happy V-Day. you are the best little thing i ever knew. love your pooh-pie

I LOVE YOU POOPY Please be my valentine forever, baby. B/C hardcore will never die. hugs and kisses, neetz

i love you records oh my sweet sweet wax. i have searched for you in dusty bins in old record stores. i love the way you smell out of your shrink wrap. let's get it on. eb

i love you ron. i never want to let you go. you mean everything to me. i love you with all of my heart. -roxanne

I love you Teri! It's been an amazing, wonderful 6 years that I wouldn't trade for anything. Thank you so much for being the lovely person you are. Here's to 6 more!


I LOVE YOU UKIE! You mean everything to me and I couldn't do this journey without your David Carradine-like advice. I will always love you. Love, Your Lou Lou

I Love You William G You have brought such a wonderful dynamic to my life. I look forward to all we will share and learn together. You truely are my HAPPY PLACE. Eddie

I Love You, Alexis In the good kind of way - Rebecca

I LOVE YOU, CHEWIE! I know that at least for now this is the best thing, even if I miss you like crazy. I hope you are doing better than I am. Che sara sara...Agent J

I love you, Curtis! My world changed when I met you, and I cannot imagine my life without you. You are everything to me! Love, Veronica

I LOVE YOU, NELL! I'm so glad we live together! You're the love of my life and I want to do everything I can to make you happy. Happy Valentines day. Let's make out.

I LOVES YOU BOO!!! I loves you sooo, much and I always will.

I miss my NEP girls! Lauren, Lauren, McCailin, Makenna, Maddie, Maggie, and the honorary girls David and Joe, and everyone else who I miss having at my house! -Ali

i miss you so much dearest blur, mi corazon, i think about you everyday. be strong, be happy, be safe. be good to yourself. I LOVE YOU. always yours, Angel

I pine for you Pudgy Darling, you're the butter on my crab, my juggernaut of joy. You are delectable, hilarious. Let's not call the whole thing off, even when we're 64.

I SAW YOU ...on the steps at UW in 1994, dancing bears on your green backpack. You: vast brown eyes and airy dress. Me: still thankful you needed a ride home.

I still love Sappho Through kitty ass wipes, missing german shoes, and a stolen pontiac, I still think you are the cutest and best at cuddling, kissing & making me dance.

I wanna do you... You heard me...

I WANT YOUR BOD! Happy Valentines Day Dan! I love you soo much, like totally more than space and anything you say plus one, or even two. Love, Stevie

i [heart] Howie Every day with you, me, and ms. fuzzy star is like a cupcake walk, a dance in the park, an RV retirement dream come decades too soon. xo camille

I'LL BE WITH YOU SOON your beauty strikes at me like a thousand knives your intellegence drowns me in the sea of love, and you jamie are amazing!! I LOVE YOU JAMIE!!!

i'll be your baby. bobby dylan, i want to marry you circa 1967. if you marry me, i will give you lots of wine! also: i am a better woman than joan baez could ever be.

I'll be your forever Ticklish mornings in bed, dancing in the kitchen @ night, missed freeway exits. You're my favorite, mikey cormack. I love you. Please be my forever.

I'm a Frickin' Robot Jesscepticon- I love you more than root beer! Hope I make you as happy as you make me. And yeah, I guess your O.K. > Joebot

I'm Digging You Baby Digger, Will you be my Valentine? Love, Slugger

I'm in Portland! Holy crap! I'm in Portland, in a House with YOU. Love you bunches Baybuh.

I'M lucky! I'm lucky because you love me. I'm lucky because I found you. I'm lucky because we're perfect together. I'm lucky because we have forever together.

I'm not gonna lie... Red stuff is red, Sometimes the sky is blue, your idiosyncrasies are cute, and very much so are you. P.S. Is this bad?

I'm your zombie You are absolutely the best bad decision I ever made. I love you dearly and I love our life together even more. I will marry you. And I'll like it.

I. Hunter! despite my efforts, you'll always be my 'honey pot'-like it or not. crepes? stuffing? soon?! here's to searchin' for a heart of gold.-l

Im Forever Your Girl Paula Abdul really said it best. No matter where we're at now, no matter where we were and no matter where we're going..I promise you the world. xoxo

Inhumentor Thank you for delivering such a huge pizza of love (with extra cheese) to my starving heart. You make me smile everyday! From yer Sassy Lassy

INSUFFICIENT DICK To all of my lady friends; a sincere thank you for real friendship. I could NOT have done this reality things without you. MEE-OOW. Loves, MaryRea

Iowegian Hottie. Iowa may have Gregg Brown, but it no longer has you... and your funny dog. This is good for me, bad for Iowa. You make me smile.

irish lover whiskey and songs a specialty... i can't wait for another date with you. bring a bottle and a guitar, and i'll work on my harmonies. sleepy p

ISAAC KOACH Whether you know it or not, I miss you every day. Haven't found anyone better, on the mountain or off. Be good to yourself and I'll do the same.

Ishtar to JoéBob Water! My lips are on fire with my desire for you. Let me drink some water, Let me drink some wine If you're not my daughter, Will you still be mine?

Isn't it Lucky? When we began our endeavor, I knew right away you were clever. My heart took a dash, right after The Crash: Now it's Kenny & Barbie 4ever! I LOVE YOU

it's me..."Bay-bee" i can't wait to gaze over at you as my cheeks turn red from fear you'll find love somewhere else, perhaps it's him. approaching. our rizoto is here.

It's Mine!!! And You are My Boy!!! Don't forget who owns it...Me!!! It's mine, All of them! You know you love it. I love it too. And I love You.

IT'S NOTHING SERIOUS ...just run away with me," I said, and you did. Will you still be mine this Valentine's Day/2 Year Anniversery, Matt? I love yr goldfish heart - AMY

It's shaving time! Kitty - you're the hottest pussy I've ever petted. I love you so much - we balance each other so well. You're the feng shui to my clutter. Sir

I'm lucky;DKPDX isnt What an idiot to give up such a fantastic Valentine? Sucks to be them; rocks to be me.-G

J i kind of gave up trying to think of something cute, and nice, that would work. Your eyes are green, thats nice, but all i have right now. -m

J Thai tea? Notes in trees? Fruit? Paper airplanes? Pigeon watching? Hot chocolate? Mix tapes? Say yes? Please.

J'adore Adam You make me happier than I ever thought I could be, and if you let me, I'll spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way. Iloveyou.

J+C When I fall asleep next to you, I'm the happiest girl alive. For two years I've been living in a dream and I don't ever want to wake up. mexico awaits

Jacob @ Oddball You make my heart beat faster. Be my valentine? Shy Owl


James D. I'm glad we decided on an adventure like this for 2006. Thanks for your part in it. Here's wishing you an outstanding V-Day. Love always, Sandra

James, James, James You may only keep me around for my ever expanding itunes & pirated movie libraries but I love you so much, thanks for sticking with me for so long. J

Jamie I Heart You "... Even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with ya' honey." Jamie, my princess & my best friend. I'll love you forever. -Jon

Jamie Sexy Girl Roses R red, violets R blue I love U & Jonah 2. No matter what we'll never part. I'll stay by your side always because U have the keys to my heart D

Jang-Mi You are the best "yeoja-chingu" I could hope for--even when I'm "pyonte." You're better than dolsot bibimbap. I love you lots! xoxo--your petey

Jani - yes you I've only met you a few times, but you're so very hot and I have a serious crush on you. I wish I could rip your clothes off and make out all night.

Jasey You're the bestest bunny-bear in the whole wide world! Your hunny-bunny loves you!Suz

Jason @ the Fez 2/26 I saw U! You have suprised me and amazed me, leaving an indelible mark on my heart. I love you. Kara

Jason huck:) To the sweetest hottest guy on the whole earth..thank you for making me feel so special..i dont know how you do it silly:)

JAYSON You're So Rad Hey my love I just wanted to wish you an awesome Vday and you'll love your present!

JB Forever!! Wow, have we had a long crazy road? I'm still in love with you just as much if not more than the day we met! I will love you forever.Your Best friend.

Jeff--- You twirl my monkey panties. -g

Jefferson Ru ble xzm ivzw gsrh, gszm ble pmld R olev ble. Tllw ofxp, Szkkb Ezovmgrmvh Wzb!

Jeffrey C You were my cutest customer. If I hadn't moved to Chicago, I would've asked you out for an horchata. Que cabron!

JENGA + JEFF = JOY 36 stories of love and laughter, sometimes rocking from the forces within, sometimes from the outside. Falling down on occasion, & rebuilt w/ a smile.

Jenna, my husband Here's to four more years of you carrying the heavy stuff. Amy Kay

Jennifer To the woman who gave me the Fever, continues to love and support me, and has agreed to be my wife, best friend, and lover.....I love you...Daddy

Jenny Living could be fun at Wimbledon. We've had tea and conversation. There is much more to explore, so"lose" your phone again & knock upon my door.-Barry

Jenny G Happiness is your love, your touch, your kiss, and the special bond we share. Happiness is you! May our souls walk hand-in-hand, now and forever.-Paul

Jeret le samuri two flowers have grown together. we have overcome a great many things and roots are deep and cannot be pulled from another. Soushi-souai liz

Jessa Ann! You're my bestest, sexiest, sweetest everything! Can you believe we're gonna be hitched soon? I can't wait to spend forever with you. I Love U. Casey

jimbo Our love is like rain. Let's get boozy and make out this Valentine's Day.

Jimmy 3 I Adore You! Baby, you took the leap with me across the country, and you know there's no one I'd rather be homeless with than you! I love you! -Smushbottom :-)

jj >>>>I Fucked up I love you so very much---but I fucked up BIG TIME. I thank you for 5 1/2 wonderful and eye-opening years. I will never stop loving you. xo HI KIMO ee

JLB!!! Jenna I love you very much, thanks for putting up with me! You make me a better person and I have no doubt what we have is strong and forever!

JMmmm. I miss you. d.

Jo, Teya loves you You've brought so much joy and happiness to my life. In return I hope to give you everything you've ever wanted and make all of your dreams come true.

Joel, my hunnybunny! To the most handsome man in my universe.Thanks for being mine. Guna and I love you so much. Will you pleeeaase let me marry you already? -Kim oxox

johnny & June FOREVER Wendell, Valentines isn't just for love, it's for nasty sex too. Cum follow my scent and claim your prize. Peggy Sue loves Crybaby. Venus

Jolene and Candy Jo-Jo will you be my secret agent? We don't have to eat cilantro or hang out with gents, we can just drink a lot and smoke a lot and have low morals!!

Jon Eliot Ford I will spend my lifetime loving you. Sepal


Joy Luck Mama! I love to crawl into be with you for some morning heavy petting. Let me lick your fingers and I'll let you rub this soft hairy pussy! Tammy Fay Bay

Julianna and Abigail Julianna, Thanks for having my baby. Sorry I didn't pay the child support. I had to make bail. You taste like teriyaki sauce.

Julie - Chaka! I love you mucho mucho!! Happy Valentine's Day! Chaka! Chaka!

JungleJosh!!! Darling baby, as Whitman said, "I have loved many women and men, but I love none more than you." I'd give up candy for you, my sweet. Yours forever, Sara

K T B-I-R-D ! Pretty sure I luv the tickles that giggle your facepart, the shine that slides off your toenails, and the everything tremulescent thatiswhatis you!-dB

K.Elyse "one day i see a strange little girl look at you. one day i see a strange little girl walking through" you make my heart flutter and my mind flicker

KAMI KAMI KAMI you are the cutest girl from brooklyn i know... will you be mine? i would lasso MORRISSEY for you!

Kaola Mating Season That's it my little kaola. I don't care how cute and cuddly you are, tonight you're getting pounded like one'a them critters on the Discovery Channel.

Karl at Kelly's My new year was shitty until I met you. I find myself smiling when I think about the hikes, the soup and the kisses. You're awesome. XO

Katamari LUNACY Oh Aspen, the elusive. Thankyou for popping in to inquire when i drop off the earth's face. Someday you'll be big in Japan, I promise. Roll,roll roll.

Kathie LEE I love ya Thanks for the new baby and for whatever birthday present you got me (unless you forgot, tsk tsk) Just don't forget to schedule your vasectomy!

Katy311 Luv and PBRs to you my dear friend and adopted sis! Your love and loyalty mean the world to me! Keep it real, & call em D*#khead. Luv ya, Jane (VH)

Keebler Oh how i miss my elf of the summer. You R the most beautiful women i've ever had. thankU for making me forget all about Abbi. Come to Phoenix again.

Keepin it Real Crew College is less fun without a counter to sit on and people to bitch about. Love you, can't wait until summer.

Keira Squeaky!!!!!! You are the best wife + take good care of me and our babies, Michael Finnegan and Eric Crespo. Let's smoke weed, draw pictures + watch American Idol!

kelda my kelda iwillloveyouforever.

KELRAH LUV the word love is only 4 letters long, but the love I share with you will last a lifetime and beyond. Tonight we dance... k-dawg

Kemper and Claire Im so lucky to have awesome people like you in my life. I love your families too. lub, Dayfid

KENITO I'm missing you, my love. The white vinyl, death grips, covert missions...It's all for us. I love this life we lead. Motoko Major Kusanagi (MSG)

keyd I can't stop thinking about you. I will be back in portland soon. Get ready. love bizo

KILLER Vs Happy Valentines! Julie + Alexis I LOVE YOU Caroline

Kim my Love I've always loved you and I always will. Be my Valentine and beautiful lover.

Kim on baby! Hey lover lass, U know I love the ways, and today of all days, I must be grateful in so many ways. Anh ye^u em!

King of Cups You know you're out there - you know the stars are in our favor, we share the moon in our dreams. May the new universe of tides carry me to your arms.

Kisses... the rain... the snow... kisses...on your melon, and ALL the way down to your big toe. kisses as I LOVE YOU LONG TIME, YO!!!

Kommander Kaos ILuvU We've come a long long way together through the hard times and the good I have to celebrate you baby I have to Praise you Like I should. -Boy Toy

Kookaburra How did you get to be so cute? I've got 100% love for you. d.b.

KOREA TO SPONGES wanted to send you a little reminder that you are special! great memories of pdx will always make us think of you. love, your new korean pals, A & J

Krista, Halo & Sex So Krista... it's about time we stopped playing halo so much and boning more. You smell like soup.

Kristine with a K: I'm glad my days aren't numbered. On Valentine's Day we should do something unique, like go out to eat. Love . . . Your little shopper.

KT McG I'm thinking of you when I should be writing an essay that's due tomorrow, I must like you.

L is For: ? "That time was like never, and like always. So we go there, where nothing is waiting; we find everything waiting there."

L.A. LISA Happy Heart Day. Welcome to Portland! -leah

La-Le-Lu-Le-Lauren You're the fanciest-pants girl, no matter what color you are, color of car or drink at bar. A girl who loses things; please don't lose interest in me

Ladies To good N rich and miss swiss miss happy valentines forever your not so secret valentine

Lady Wastings A duck on the pool table and Loch Ness when loaded; a fox by any other name. Oh Lady Wastings, why must we play this waiting game? - xoxo, W

LadyBug Your stinky and your butt stinks and the rest of you smells just like your butt. stinky stink. your a beautifull and loving person but still stinky

LAMBIE PIE I'm so glad i found you. Waking up next to you makes this life complete! be mine forever!!!!!

LANI I'm not brainy, and I know my shorts are stainy, but I can't complainy, because I have Lani. I love you. Todd

Lass I want to make love to you on mountaintops, to share with you all the things that make me whole. My partner and soulmate, I miss you dearly. Bill

Latin America, Treat them all nicely, they are everything to me.

LB, i love your letters, photos, kindness, perfect ass, Dr. Mario prowess, your music, bad impersonations, your encouragement, your smiling kisses and your curly hair


Leann . . .PCC. . . Your oh so cute smirks and lovely Lemonade like curtsies are twisting my heart into desire. But you probably don't like girls + you've got a boyfriend.

LEEANNE :- ) Dear mom, Happy Valentines Day!!! I love you sooooooo much! Thanks for everything. with love always, BooBoo(Raven)

let them eat cupcake dream girl, thanks for helping me discover why people create art. the best gift i can give you is giving you as much happiness as you've brought me.

Let's Get It On Yeah, it's time baby. Time for sweet love making in the moonlight. Time for dirty talk, necking and handjobs. PMUGYG + PM = 2006 is Hottest Year Ever.

Libby Rocks! Newsprint, construction paper, is there really a difference? I'd walk ten miles, barefoot, buck-naked, over broken glass for you! Love you, baby!

Libby Rocks: My socks off; makes fine coffee (every morning!); my world in bed; she brings me peace when stresses come; she just does, she rocks my world! Love_T.

Life Partner- I may be a deadbeat dad, but Punxsutawney Phil, I LOVE YOU! I'm wasted again, and my body is a temple. sorry about the VD. UHHUHHH! -Dream Seller

like a favorite book Rediscovered, you bring me laughter, beauty, challenges, comforts and passion. best when read aloud, I find inspiration in your pages. -sarah

Lindsay Making up for the last time! I loved you just as much last year also. Please forgive me! Eric

Lindsay Beth Baltus! I was afraid you would miss out on getting a Valentine this year and since this doesn't take time or effort it's fitting for me. SlamHogz4Life, Jay

Lisa, Lisa, Bo Bisa! Happy Valentines Day! I hope that you and the wife or RyRy have a great time! If all else fails, Joe's working, you could come watch a movie with me.

Little Cinghiale I'm thos k. & i'm a thief. But the only thing I want to steal nowdays is your heart. You and your little hands are Beautiful..... MANGIA

Little lisa Hey sweetheart you think I would forget? Babe I love you so much, we're going to have lots of adventures very soon xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo Stinkerdoodle

Little Marshmallow Let's be sweet. I'll suck on your chubby arms.Then-you kinky goddess-tied up, locked up in my closet, chubby thighs black and blue. Love BioDieselDyke

Little String The Future finally arrived.Thanks for calling me. You're the best girlfriend ever! The new future will be even better. I know it. Love, D. String xoxo

Little Yellow Dog The Faint, David Bowie, Sonic the Hedgehog and a little Punk Rawk. I'm glad you liked my shoe laces... I'll always save the sunday comics for you. <3

LizzyFace Sleeping with you every night means there is always a sleepover in the works. A silly fight shows our undying love. Nah yee nah my love. Nah nah nah.

LKTRH Honey-Last year many a Kamikaze,this year-VS,heels,my lips covered in bright red lipstick painting your dick red over & over again. p.s. no asparagus!

Lolita gone wrong! Mr. Gunn- Thank you for making me buy that Lolita dress- I know we both enjoyed it! Want me to wear it next time?- The Cuckoo

Long Trail Lover To Arturo Lumpkin, III, Won't you be my Valentine? Let's do it like we've never done it before. I'll bring the cream, you bring the steam! Yours, Brad

Loopy since 77,777 Little Guiness zombies make my days so much sweeter. Find me a 3 legged creature that will drink roofie coladas please. Be mine? xo

Loren Tu me manques Loren Hoskins.

Lorenzo, amore mio! Signore Lorenzo, ti amo molto! You are such a smooth fuckin' operator! Love 4 sale? This is no ordinary love! I fuckin' love you, lover! Do me soon!XO

LORI Fall in Love with Me

Lotsa Lips Sweetlips, You are my one and only poopologist. This coupon is good for a complimentary backscratch. Love you, Blubberlips

Lotus Dumpling I wanna put you on a hamburger and sleep with it in my bed. yer the sweetest kun in all the lands (Lemuria Included). I Love You, A.S.chan

love dumpster dive I love you so much and love how you love me! I even love all the garbage we have to wade through to get you to love yourself^^

Love From Down Under My Darling Paul- While we may be apart physically and technically, my heart is with you today, tomorrow, forever. I love you more than ever. Carley

Love Fuckin' Shit Up A wild pack of Lemurs couldn't hold back the crazed prancing death of my love. Here's to many more nights of karaoke, pot roast, and huggles.

Love Love Love? I'm a demon. Yes sir, I'm AX. And I'm looking for love. Are you looking for love? I'm looking for love! Try to find axthedemon. He's looking for you.

LOVE MUFFIN! I wish I could morph us together in one person or surgically attach myself to you. I LOVE you that much! Happy Day of Love, lets celebrate later!

love of my life stephen, m'love: still falling as always. my heart opens and expands. your patience, our love and friendship, i am forever grateful. divine. xoxxox

Love to my Boy. To, Johnny, the love of my life: Thank you for filling my life with so much genuine love. I am by your side now and forever. Can't wait 2 be with you!


love you baaaaabe William, I love you more than a hundred little kitties with sandpaper tongues and rainboots on . Chicky is just us, babe. XO, Your Sugar Jane.

Love you much, Han! My sweet pizza princess, I find you more lovely every day. Hugs and kisses for you and Hanna, for your two special days!! Love ya, Chris

lovely Ms. Jones Your style, wit and charm have me composing accordion love songs night and day. Wish you were in the plaid pantry with me right now. Operaman

Lover it's me Chevre I'm not sick of you , but you are being too loud. Where is Benji? Love-Man Body

Lovey Bone Dear Davey, I love you more than a bag full of monkeys in valentine's day party hats! I love, love, love you! -Rosey

lovey mcloverson schmitte you're the beast. i heart you. love your dearest friend eb.

Lumpy Stump Love Even with all my imperfections, you still love me, your little Lumpy Stump. I can't wait to marry you! The kitties send their love, too!

lushious oh how i appreciate our nights and days of booze! i am honored to live with two of the most beautiful people on earth. Thank you both. heart ya!

LUST FOR COFFEE! cute stumptown boy who works on belmont, arm in sling. you're my dreamboat, i melt at the thought of dressing your wounds. can i play nurse?!

Luv 4 Dynamite Kev It's a hot americano-couchy lovin'-mr. hooha obsessin'-can't keep my peepers off yer lips-urbangrind-rip my panties-i want u always kind of love. Brak

luv u like jr high TO MY PRINCESS, thanks for another amazing year. i'm so lucky to know you. you never cease to amaze me. happy valentines day! xoxoxo, Snoopy

Lynx of Love Oh lynx of love you are the one: I knew by the storms in the skies. I fell for your heart and I fell for your soul. But mostly your smouldering eyes.

ma bébé de sucre... nous sommes un emsemble bijou bijou je t'aime

Madame Cassandra You have shot an arrow through my heart! You are, as it must be known, the ultimate crush.

Magneticock! You're still the best. I miss you! Happy V-day from your little snuggle bunny.

Mah Mah Mah Mah Karin, expect me to roll you like some nice, hand formed nigiri, press you against the floor like oshi-zushi and leave you with "mah mah mah" xoxo

Maiziedromiceiomimus You're cute. You're bright. You're a shining joy in my life. If I were you, I'd look in the top drawer of your bedroom.

MALONE!!!!!! You are still my favorite girl.

Mark C. Johnson To my hot, fucktastic, wonderful husband and soul mate. You still rock my world after 17 years. Let's keep on makin love! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Marriage time? I love our house! So . . . is it time to get married? I'd say so. I couldn't love you more. You are my favorite.

Matt, my Sweets You are the love of my life. I hold your heart in one hand and your ass in the other. I'm melting like butter over popcorn for you, still. Sarah

Matthew Parnell I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you (more) from Puffed Pickles to Girl Gurgle. Sarah

Matthias from Saturn We've collided our bikes on this planet, Portland. Now that You are in my orbit, this Velo Venus can't wait for the next intergalatic bike adventure.

MATTY I want to rub your hot bukakke all over my face! Make me scream baby! Yeah! *smooches* JAS

Matty My Baby Boo You are the love of my life and I can't thank you enough for being my best friend, my Dr. Phil, my cuddle monster, and my knight in shining armor!

MAVERICK looka here! Surprised I hope? Cheers to 3 years, you're my best friend and I love you. Will you be my valentines date for another year? Your girl, Yvonne

MAYA!!! What can I say? I've liked you since I first met you! Every minute I spend with you is wonderful... be my valentine!! -Ethan

Me corazon, Je t'aime I lust over you so much. I also adore our relationship full of laughter, love, and well, a lot of fantastic sex. Bonne Saint Valentin!

Meatwad Buttcrabs won't stop me from luvin' you! Master Shake

Medium Built Goddess You stole my heart and sent it skyrocketing high. I look forward to seeing my valentine to you, dripping down your thigh. I love you Baby! -Punky

MeiNfLinGen iCh Liebe diSh, MeiN sChatZ!! Du biSt Heiss Via VolcAn!! liBst Du Mein Heiss sChlanga???!!! -DaVisiTO

MEL "Beauty is only the first touch of terror we can still bear.." I'm willing to be brave. Castle Duino in Spring? We'll write awesome, terrible poetry.

MELISSA B. NoPo You are a killer queen and I worship you. No seriously you are the ultimate leo bombshell, so sexy and tall. I just wish I could tell you/ hump you. m4w

Melsers- You're always a woman to me. -nj

Melt with You! A year and still mad about you, baby! You'll always be my "Julie" and I hope I'll always be your "Randy"!thanks for being my Valley Girl!

melty for chif he misses you. yum. oh yes, and i need a new toothbrush. i have your heart. oooo love, you is my valentine. i speak da truf.

Meow Bunny B-Bunny to Dirty Milk Man: Happy Valentines day, do you read me over. I love you Bunny forever and ever. You're the best thing to ever happen to me. MEOW

msimpleton A man in uniform has never looked sweeter. lovelovelove khoney

Message from theSeal Even though Jack Thompson and I are on one side of the fence and you're on the other it has still been an amazing ride. Here's to your patience!

messenger boy the things I would like to do to you would really grind your gears; I hope next time you run into me I end up on my back.

Met at Church Barbara: I saw you across a crowded dance floor. I couldn't believe you were smiling at me! You're a joy in my life & I hope it's forever. Love, Randy

Metcat Love you. Miss you. xo^infinity

METHOS, I LOVE THEE I'd like to sniff and rub your chest forever, but not your shoes...thank you for making me feel complete, and for all that you do for me! I LOVE YOU!

Mi Amor, Mi Vida Steggy, Life with U in it is a sweeter place filled with joy & laughter My love for U is infinite Your love gives me strength I'm yours body & soul.

Mi Amore Heather-I love you to moon & back. xxxoo-Elisa

Mi Pinche Panchito Te amo con todo mi corizon. No soy nada sin ti. xoxo Tu Pinche Guerita

MICHAEL STOUT Happy Valentine's Day!! I know that you don't believe in the "Spirit of the Day", but still wishing you a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!

Michael Bolton. Please return my calls.I am desperate and your voice makes me weak in the knees. I love fornicating to the sweet rhythm of your voice. Ya Mo B There.

Michael Roman I friggin love you, bravo squad leader! Your crazy lady, JB

Michael: A thousand hugs, a thousand kisses /J

Michael jackson Stop hissing at me and start snuggling with me. Ok? Love, Olive.

mikey This was been the best 3 months in my lifetime. Your the BEST husband ever. I love you lots and lots.

Mikey from Maine i love u & keller t so much! u guys r my life, & i don't know what i would do withoutchya. even when it's rough, u make it smooth. i love you. -jess

Millie Oh, I can't wait to taste your sweet love. How I love that ba-donka donk. You mean the world to me and I would never have it any other way. -Cubby XO

MINE ! amor I love each new time our skin discovers one another, each new entrance our hearts and our bodies exploration together brings us. Chris

Miss Raven I love you. You're all I want or need, I'm so lucky to have found you amidst the chaos of this f-ed up world. I can't wait to marry you this summer!

MISS shell E Punkin, thanx for the best 8 yrs of my life, so far, and the do-over. Sorry it took 3 yrs to send this valentine. You really are my flavor-ice! Love, Linus

Mister S. Krenholm my heart is the reddest room of all. go to our second home and look behind your hero. the path to joy is unique for all; today yours is a tightrope. -lb

MJ's OWNER Although it sounds totally Hallmark™ when I say it: I totally adore you. See you in Thailand.

Mmmmm...........Sean for you who has completely won my heart over. though i bitch and give you grief yer always there to put me in check. yer my Mr. T. love ya lots...

Moist Vagina Nico, my love. You are like a ray of sunshine that burns and peels my skin. If I were a man and I liked it in my poo-hole I would pick you. Love, Liz

Mole McHenry In Love Sweetest Liz Renay I thank God daily for the huge balls it took to approach you about eating lemons. I pray that I may awaken to your smile on Feb 15.

Mon Petit Chou I like the way you hold me close during our all-too-often movie nights. You're so snuggly and warm. I love you Bowen! P.S. You're awesome in bed!!!

mooger dear puppy. i love you fuzzy head and the big stuff downstairs. love from the weasel xoxoxo

Moore rock! I love you baby. I love what you got. Let's get together, we can get hot. No place for hidin. No place to run. I'll pull the trigger of your love gun!

morning i love complete me. cap'n

morning waters Thanks for being the best girl a guy could ever have. I'll always love you no matter what. Will you be my valentine? so what do you wanna do?

MOSHI MOSHI Where are we headed next???!!! AU REVOIR y Ich liebe Dich your BFF


moshi!moshi! the last years have been a blast! you're one of the coolest, sexiest punk rock drummers a boy could ever meet!

MOthEr'S MiLk Lioness', Hippie Goddess', single mom super heroes, Mother CREATION, women......U R beautiful inside and out. Your love makes the world go round 1LUV

MPFC's Know how desperately I want and need to feel your hands on me and have you deep inside me in every possible way-- I fucking adore you. xoxo

Mr. Rivera I appreciate you. I always wish you a wonderful day.

Mr. T, Anyone? Peter There's no one sweeter Than Peter So treat him right (Treat him right). I love you, Laura

Ms. Brynna Thank you so much for coming into my life. You have made me so happy these past couple months. Happy Valentines Day snow angel. <3 @

Ms. Kyja King You're famous now, and you're gonna be my wife. So I'm sorta famous too. I'll totally autograph your boobs. I'm not all cocky just cuz I'm famous now. -\m/

MS. SU'AD Hey sweet thang. You make me feel so damn good. I've been diggin you from the start, and been enjoying finding your heart. You Are My Valentine.

Muah! Dear Nadia, I miss you bad. Infinitiest, Jim

Much Love To Brian, Matt, Joy, Charlotte, -- I miss you guys. <3 J

Muncheronius Nuggini Jaramello Jezebel J Boobie - I love you, that's all. Andibel Mangela


My #1 Panty Dude To the only boyfriend I ever had who cared as much about women's shoes and panties as I do, I love you stupid. xoxoxo —M

My Annabelle Brown A breath with smooth skin; a warm breeze with wet lips. Letting time wash by, leaving its foam to crackle and kiss. Your Harold

my baby love... you mean the world to me, my sweet sexy piece of man meat! you're my favorite person in the whole wide world and i can't pic a better hubby o' mine!

My Baby. You're so hot, let's do something way too kinky and wrong. I can't wait to make you get off. No need to hold back, it's Valentines day. I love you. - Jed.

my beautiful bella how you make my thighs quiver, my heart ache and my mouth wet. you are stunningly beautiful, brilliant, crafty and sexy...thank you for the love!

My beautiful Lindsay You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. you make me so happy. I hope I can do the same for the rest of our lives. let's go get feugo.

My beautiful Tammi I love you more today than I did yesterday,and I'll love you more tomorrow than I do today.Everything you do makes me love you more. Je t'aime

My Berkana Kara:we both got Berkana! That was the answer to my question. Nothing has happened between us yet, but I want to change that this Valentine's Day.

my boss is hot you rock my cock in a way i would have never thought. and your love handles are hot. for the hottest guy at roadshop. from your hairy little midgett.

My Brown Eyed Girl Tia, you make my heart explode with joy just thinking of you. I haven't always been the best but i love you more than ever. I can't wait to be a daddy

My Bug! Oh By! Bryce! I have wanted you forever. "Boundaries" prevented us from... shall we have a Ewan marathon together? Beer? Gin? Vodka? Let me know. -I

My Buster Brown No matter how short your hair is, you'll always be my grizzled mountain man. I'll love you till the maple leaf turns to marijuana! Always, Betsy Brown

My Craig. I'm glad we met too. Let's run away together. I love you baby. heart, Sugar Cube

MY DIRTY GUY I love you. No, I mean it. Five years is nothing. I will never leave you. I know I'm a lot to handle. Also,the two guy thing still creeps me out a bit!

My Dulcinea I am overwhelmed whenever thou art near, my lady. You inspire me to higher thoughts and deeds, and I love you. ~~not quite Don Quixote

My Eagle Scout I love you even more this valentines day than last. I hope we have many more to come. I am yours, for as long as our love shall last. ;-)

My Favorite Jerkboy I love chickens and you're pretty cool too! XoXo Mistilicious

My Favorite Mistake JT: You'll allways be my favorite, no matter where we are in life. Cuz nobdy does me better than you! If only there ever was a someday. XOXOXO

My girl happy valentines day. I promise i won't take you to busters! i am so happy that you are mine. love your one and only bambi legs!

My Gregorio Hoitsma Even though we were never meant to be, I love you, and always will. I'm glad you're my good friend, even if you drive me crazy.


My Homer Simpson's I love you SO MUCH! Happy Valentine's Day, to you, my cute boy who gives me 2 of the 3 pillows that we share.

My Homey Sweet baby blues twinkle across our pillows in the pale morning light put joy in my heart daily. I adore you Homey, ur the atom in my heart. XOXOXO

my hunny bunny <3 these cold dark nights get colder my memories keep me warm and that sparkle in your eye gives me light i can see when i should be blinded i am warm

My Lady Fair Roren you rule sweetness. "When things get too hard for you, look back and I'll be there." -M

My Life Has Porpoise I normally hate Reedies, but you're not dirty nor are you dependently wealthy. Thanks for not having stank-ass dreads. Let's open that Kamasutra book?

my little Ris face You are my Ris face and I will call Ris face and even if you have to read this 2 late I still love you very much and want you to be my valentine, pepe

My Little Shopper! You May Know Everything, but the real gossip is: Enough of Ebay, forget Goodwill...All I want is on TEDSLIST at MyPlace! I Love You! -I'm Always Right

My little wife Daddy, you are the best daddy in the whole world. I am terrified by the thought of my life without you (and that lovely cock of yours) ur soldier girl

My Lovely Orangutang I met you red hair and tattoos. Here's to Mondays and late night snacks. I love you Mookey, more than "Television" Tonight I'll be your Colubus Monkey

My Lovely Showgirls Your the best ever dirty girls in the world and I love you all!!!!!

My Lovely Wookie My Hunk-a, Hunk-a Burning Love- The last four years have been fabulous. You melt my heart. I can't wait to get home and ravish you. SNARF

my lucky schmuck you came into my life and changed me forever. i love you to no end and want to make you happy, tickled, loved, and mineminemine.

My man Jeff If some will love roses red And some will love violets blue Then for the rest of my life I will love you

My Mattheu I think I'm falling for you. Is this OK? I am totally in love with you. Stop laughing, we need to go to sleep! I love you more. October 15th. Sarah

My Mere* I love you Meredycat. My heart is glass, fragile and hides nothing. your Jerebear


my one and only to adam, i bring kisses to my one and only valentine who tucks smiles in my pockets :-)

My Only Valentine My baby is like no other, My love could never wait for her, my Kitten makes me purr. I have the love of a lifetime. I Love you baby Lewis

My paction hero Our love is like a salad bar. I can get a lot of the good stuff and avoid the weird gross stuff

My Perfect Valentine Fate brought us improbably together, and I count as a blessing that its insistence brought us together a second time. Thee I happily wed.

My Pokey Blanket Can't sleep with you, can't sleep without you. Lovingly, Lorraine.

My Produce Fella Starfruit to Oak ST, Weddings to Funerals, West Coast to East Coast, Amanda to Bill, Murray, Ned and ManEater, From Rum to Whiskey. It's you, beast.

my rice-o-roni you make me the happiest! i love you. thank you for guiding me to this wonderful place.

My Scuzzlebutt a mind shrinks away if the echoes of its own thoughts are the only sound. you keep my love and my mind sharp. I luv u

My Struggle Boy Never doubt how deep it is, Or how much I'll always want you. And it grows, how sweet it is, Even though it's fun to taunt you.

MY SUNFLOWERGIRL I remember walking down Lovers Lane hand in hand. I will always remember how the moonlight lit your face. I Love you Rita. Your Husband, Lorenzo xxxxx

MY SWEET A-GIRL You're the best!!!! Thanks for putting up with me. I love you !! (the pig)

My Sweet Apollonia, This last year's been wild, marriage, baby conrad on the way, fuckin' roomates! I want you to always know that i love you more today than yesterday. E

My Sweet Cowgirl You know I adore you, even when you have been bad and need to be spanked... hard. Love, Your Sweet Cowboy

My Sweet Dark Moon Ingrid Taryl, I love you endlessly! There has been no greater fortune than my eyes being filled with you. My heart is and always will be yours.

My Sweet Frenchy You're sexy, sweet, smart, a stupendous lover and YOU ARE MINE! I LOVE YOU BABY! - Your dirty girl

My Sweet Michael! Thanks for the 2++ years of love & cuddles. Damn Baby! Keep it coming & I'll be all yours forever! You make me so happy, Your Hotpants.

My sweet Wifey My beautiful wife. I love you so much thanks for loving me no matter what life throws at us. Hope your valentines day is perfect. Love Mr. Butterman

My tomatopooks: It's almost two years now. Before I met you, I never saw marriage and munchkins in my future, but now I can't wait to call you my wife. I love you.

My Unicorn Princess You have unicorn magic and you're all mine! Thanks for saying yes. I can't wait. I love you! - yer pirate monkey

My veganoboeprincess You are special beyond belief. 16 happy months down, a whole marvelous lifetime to go . . . "To the undiscovered country - the future!"

My Wonderful Dippy I never thought I could be so happy. I lubba lubba you. Lindz

My Yummy Tart You truly are cute and beautiful and sexy and adorable. And you do have a smokin' hot bod! I am super duper happy being with you. Love fafa, Caveman

mybasementlover Brian, thanksforputtingupwithacrazybitch! you r 4 evs my baby. love your boo

Nadyne, Nadyne What am I going to do with you? I only know for sure that I can't do without you. You are the only star in the dull, boring sky Love you E dog

Naomi Camille roses are red, violets are blue, i could never ask for a cooler mama than you. happy valentines day! love lots, jess & keller (& mikey too)

Narf! To my narfing pupperdoll, i adore you and will happily spend the rest of my life in your loving arms! You are my precious crusty angel twitch! PSST

NATERAGEOUS (kitten) I'm so lucky! I like the way you use science & make me throw-up hearts & sparkles. I'm crazy in love with you! Please be my LoveWalrus. kisses Melanie

Nathanael Cameron! You are the sunshine, and I need a tan real bad! your secret admirer

nicby... i love your guts.

Nico my octopus arms want to wrap u up, tie u down, and suckle ur flesh. from the depths of my soul, i taste the salty flavor of intimacy and connectedness

Nicole i knew you were special when you said that all our double KOs on marvel vs capcom was the video game equivalent of cumming at the same time. luv ya.

NICOLE PETERSON! I hope you have a wonderful Valentines day without me...I'd be there, but drowning my sorrows over Kate is taking up all of my time.-Pete Doherty

Nikole Klinkhamer You're pretty and nice and so much fun, and any guy who isn't totally gaga over you isn't fit to hold your purse. If I had one, you could walk MY dog!

Ninja Of My Heart I love you to the moon and back Happy Valentine's -N

Nissa's New Twins! You finally had breast enhancement And God, they look great! They look so damn good in fact, I darned near went straight! Love, Rob

No Good Punk Rocker No riches from his scanty store My lover could impart; He gave me a boon I valued more, He gave me all his heart. -C

No more fighting... To my "weirdo, reclusive" boyfriend-Looking forward to many more weekends spooning on the couch listening to records and watching 90210. Love you!!

Noah*Daddy*Moonfire* Who loves their Daddy? Mama & Narissa do, that's who!! Happy Valentines Day-You're the best, we love you bushels & bushels full-let's go to the coast!!

Nobody Poops, Ernie Ernie is cool. He's fun to hang out with... and neat. Very Neat-o. Thanks for chilling with me all these nights & keeping me company. You're still lame

Noodle Your my special bottom boy and I love you. Big Kiss, Nuglet

noodle-boy beef jerky is red, ponies are white, snacky loves noodle, she thinks he's all right. you are the courtney to my love! yours always, snacky spunpony xoxo

noses gushing blood. marathon dates entrenched with vocabulary. adorably arrogant ass & bright-eyed black sheep: running amok is always more fun holding someone's hand.

Not your choice. Sorry I made you get the abortion. My bad.

Obedient Servant My dearest Peter Barna III of Manchester, I think it's your turn to do the stalking. Miss Hannah of Wellingsborough.

October 29th, 2005 The day I realized that every beautiful thing I'd ever dreamt was standing there in the sand, right before my waking eyes. Yours, Always, JRJ

Ode to Hot-Knives Oh, Howie and the Hotknives, how you make my panties wet, although we have not seen an album yet. We'll wait forever FOR YOU, Hot-Knives...for you.

Ode To Jen Jen I miss the old days, When we had so much fun! And especially I miss Our drunken Fed-Ex runs! (Remember the bus? And "S.A.B!") Love, Your Wob

Oh Chel-C... Blonde, purple, black, and back? Glasses of water. Making out in bushes. Waltzing @ Solid State. 2 person dance parties. 4 track shenanigans. We rule.

Oh Crashenstein.... will you be my valentine? When life gets you down remember the unrequited love of your favorite ex-highschooler. Lots of love and nerd glasses!

Oh Jedi! Hey baby, Even though you are gas propelled--I still love you. I haven't seen your light saber in awhile so get your hot ass to tatooine and f**k me!

oh love hey babe, I love you. *glomp* let's go for pizza. -love, your level 82 hero

oh magic muffin you are the hashish in my milkshake, the tuna in my tuna mac, the gas in the tank of my sweet sweet minivan

Oh my darlin Aron, so glad to have you in my life. From yr girl.

Oh my Sammy! You may be liary, cheatery, and a total grump-a-lump, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Happy Lovin' Day, let's drink some vino and mash! -Meggy

Oh Olio I wuv Olive the pug forevarrrrrr

Oh Patty! before patty: there was no hair ratting. before patty: canadians didn't dance. before & after patty: nothing. oh baby! Just give me one more chance!

Oh, my saucy vixen.. from Ether on 23rd. Your tall frame and dark hair excite me. I smile at you but you shun me. Is it because I'm undressing you? The boy who stares.

Ohhh, Gator... How I wish you had a little gay boyfriend...oh, wait...that would be ME !!

old friend, new life Jason- now that we have reconnected i don't know how we spent 6 years apart. i would say more, but there's no need. remember, we shook on it. xo- liz

OLIVE! Sorry I got fat. Love, Marshall

One Good Reason I spent days stupid, nailed to your floor and I spent nights pushed against you trying to keep warm, but you don't know me at all. <3 Doorknob Steak.

ooohhhh it's not over.

Orange Marmalade, I sweat you hardcore. You make a nigga's dick hard. Love Strawberry Jam.

our time down here Closets are for lovers, i thank god for the snores that drove us in there, and what i see everyday when my mole-eyes readjust to daylight. Always.

OVER ACTING JEZEBEL! Taurra, you're lucky you're a good actress. Otherwise everyone would know you're secretly still in love with me and craving my babies. CHA CHA CHA!

P-Town, My Love I've fallen hard for this town. Coincidental, coffee-guzzling, lush and tatooed Portland. You have the best bands, best art and the cutest hipsters.

Pa-Pa-Pa-Papageno! Bist du mir nun ganz gegeben? Nun bin ich dir ganz gegeben. Nun so sey mein liebes Weibchen! Nun so sey mein Herzenstäubchen! xo, Pa-Pa-Papagena

Pac Man and Tattoos For months, even in your absence, you captivated me. Then, you suddenly reappeared, to become the best boyfriend ever. I am so lucky to have you.

Painted Photograph Guess what, you like me.

pamtheanalqueen with one in the pink an two in the stink will you be my slutty little valentine?love you bitch...shannel

PANCHO BABY! My dearest lordess, Your tilt stash and shimmies give me chills. Your bike riding booty is such a catch, be mine 4ril on this number one planet BATCH!

Pandas and Penguins Muller, Here's to "lovers without a home" here's to whiney music and slippery sheets and here's to whiskey nights with the city lights!! Crazy J

Pantalones Picantes! Devine Ms. C, you make my heart and my mind glow with your sweet, sweet love. I love you more than beer! ~Son of Lep

Pants Sweets, snugs

Pants Machine Singer You can take my pants off anytime, you hot four-eyed sex machine!!! rawr!

PANTS! Pow pow! -not very challenging

Patron saint of pink Zobeyda, Your love is warm ink, and I soak it in close like well-worn scratch paper. Between my dawns and your dusks, these days and nights are ours.

PB and Jelliot cupid used his machine gun, pink bullits w/your name on it. I love you more than mochi or lace. run away w/me to tokyo, tummy action love spooky pants

PB-J 7 months down! I love you like Smokey Robinson loves frozen food merchandising and hitting high-pitched notes. Kisses - A

PDX's SEXIEST LAWYER My heart is being charged with criminal mischief...Can you get my case dismissed? I'll make it worth your time. ~C

Pea I adore you and am so proud you are my valentine. -J.

Peaches, my Love! You make me smile everyday, even if I dont tell you so. I have and will always love you. Happy Valentines Day.. Love Bubba

Pebble to my Penguin You complete my cold Antarctic life. I love you.

Pecos B. Beat it up, dude! xxoo jackpot

PenguinE I covet you like the kitty did the seagull, like the bear and the Twinkie. Like me and that coupon for Depends in twenty years. I heart you!

Pepherly Stee! I love you at least as much as Fred loves Toody. Lets make babies, I'll teach you bass, we'll start a band. Happy V.D. -Shnooker P. Washington

Pewpy Gray I love you, mewse-wool!

PFC 9 lil smoker! I rarely see you anymore, that's a shame. We should have lunch some time. The only reason I don't ask is, you've told me your name, and I forgot. :(

Pierre Munsinger You are the coolest cat in town! I love you and miss snuggling with you in our kitty bed. I can't believe you dumped me cuz I got fat. luv, jolene

PIGGA, I loves thee you make the best tofu chili, and you fix all of my broken things; I am so lucky to have you. Thanks for being my sweet pig, and rubbing my belly!

Pinch of Salt Dearest baker, you are the pinch of salt that's made the new year into a beautiful loaf of bread for me. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Pinkerton Kent Bowen. Sigh. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see you...after two years.I'm glad we get to live our lives together. I love you. Kelly

Pioneering Spirit Although it's difficult to watch Paco hump you with ardor and not feel occasional pangs of jealousy, I could gaze into your SpaghettiOjos all night.

Pirate/Mermaid Love! To my sweet mermaid: I must be huntin' treasure, 'cause I'm diggin' yer chest! You're crazy pineapple rokks! Can I lick it? & would you be mine?

poison grasshopper sleepovers in the pink womb. electrical tape hitler moustaches. ninja. rattlesnake. dairy guy assasinations. a world covered in static. i am yours.

Pokey Here is your massage coupon. I love you.....Not Frankie

Pompoonette From your squidged-up little mug to your piglettish spiral tail, you wiggled your way into my heart. Bring your mom over sometime. Love, your uncle

Pony I miss you so much it hurts. You'll always be my valentine. Hope you are doing well. Skunk

Pookums!!! I loves you SO much, I know your thesis will be awesome. Spending the last few years with you has been a treat, I hope we have many more adventures.

Pooper and JoJo I love us! We can be perfectly happy being mommies without daddies because we have each other.

POOPIN ON BOOBS My girlfriend is pretty fucking sweet. I love you a lot. I am cooler than ballet, and zelda is our bread and butter.

POOTER NATION! You bring such joy to my soul everyday! You are my greatest companion, lover and my favorite person in any room. I am proud to call you my husband.

Portland Lumber Jill I don't have he skills to write as a poet. If a poet could see all that you are, all that you give and all that share. A beautiful epic it would be. p

Portland, my love, i will always pick you first.

Precious Ralph Happy Valentines Day, My Love! You are all my dreams come true! I LOVE YOU!!!

pretty catherine i'd be better at pool if i wasn't so distracted by your hot dresses. the great white north in feb? may i make fun of canadians and cause trouble?

pretty mommie baby bear and hedy bear love you so much please be our yummy valentine

princess bunnyfoot bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny watching you rub your precious bunny feet together when you are falling asleep, you are the most adorable.

PsychoBilly Muffin Shaun, My sweet psychobilly love muffin. I love you more than cheese and shoes combined. -Laura AKA your loving chubby dingbat.

Pull my hair, and know that when you're finished eating, I want to be there always to bite your ear and nibble your neck. Even when you pick comics over me.

Pumpkin Kibby!!!!!!! You are hotter than slug sex. The most perfect of all the perfect children. Thank god for Dunkin' Donuts and I'm not talking about the apple fritters.

Punch In The Head! Eeew, Eric. We're gross. But I still like you, you're nice to look at. Now let's go do it. I heart you (that's right...) :erin

Purple Pixie Grrl Heya, Kiddo! Happy Hearts day from your two moms and sister. we LOVE you!!! XOXOXOX


Quinoa love Ethan A. - How I long to spread soft quinoa all over your supple, yet athletic body. I dream of you with passion, delight, and feverish anticipation.

R.C.A. thunderstorms aren't the same without you. ~

Rachael I love you and im glad to have you back in my life. Ooh, da poor worms.

Rachel and Will I love you guys! I miss u and wish you were here. I don't have a bad girl to smoke with anymore or a guy to talk guns with. Hurry up and move back here!

Raevyn Four times you lied.It doesn't matter how I know-the evidence was concrete.You clearly just couldn't be honest with yourself.Stop saying I led you on.

rain u inspire wetness & playfulness in puddles i've wanted 2 tread, but was 2 frightened now my tongue is xtended 2 catch other droplets thanx 2 ur luv

Ralph Gabrielli! My darling husband. You're the best guy anyone straight woman could hope for. Thank you for being my pal. Love, tg.

Ray Charles I loved you more than myself. Now let's enjoy loving ourselves more than each other. Hope you heal, find your way to right livelihood & happiness. Rribbit

Ray Ray Thanks for making me the luckiest guy in the world. I love you, baby!

Rebecca- Here's to our first married V Day! Ezra is better off not being a bastard child any longer and our time together has never been sweeter! Much Love! M

Redlance You still amaze me, after all this time. Let's den together this year. Gods, but you're beautiful when you're sleeping. ~~Nightfall

Reid Darling Valentine's Day was always sweet, but empty. You give what's missing, and I am hooked. Come be with me, I'll make you perfect lattes forever.

Requiem For A Drunk Judith, my Judith, They tell me you died! But you're still just a Lump, Wheather dead or alive! We miss you and your teeth, Rob, Bobby & Gang

RHAMPHORHYNCUS!! i love your leathery wings and waking up to your sleepy eyes every morning. and i really do like it when you bite my knees. te amo...cgimo.

Ri Ruve Rou Too You are handsomer, braver, and better in bed than the imaginary boyfriend I had when I was 5. (He was a prince) Let's get married tomorrow. Tigerlily

Ri-Ri Sni-Sni We both know you can be a bit cheesy sometimes. But that's okay, because I like cheese =) Be my Valentine? Love, Your Girl and Her Cat

RICHARD! You are so fun to be with! I love you very much! XOXOX Beth

Roar, Roar, Roar !!! And a big ear growl !!!! Gros bisous

Rob Even thought I don't say it anymore, you are still my cozy Wonderbread. XOXO

Robert, hear this I love you in the butt

ROO-DEE BAYBEE U make hearts come outta my eyes! I'm so happy 2 have U in my life, i am totally IN LOVE with U! Not just cuz of your huge penis but cuz U are the one! S

Rose I love You U R the one for me. I will continue to wait. Your friend and Ex Bubba.

ROWAN ASHER Your moms think I might date you when you grow up to be a hottie. I pretty much just want to eat your chubby widdle cheeks. Love, Aunt Pretty

Ruthie Pirate Queen 2 hands to rock us & 2 wheels to roll, there is none other so shining in this town of clouds. What you think is a pit is a tunnel to Wonderland. Sarah

S - Honey What more can I say, I love you so much! Happy V-Day! Love ya! BABE

S.T. + S.Z. 4ever Love-a-poo, Happy V-Day. I love you very much even if getting hitched is so difficult. love, Scott and the Kitties

Sad roundtable boy!! Alanor...have a crazy, hookah smoking, pizza delivering, jager drinking, girl-doing, starbucks hooliganisming valentine's day!! -Ali

Saelens Don't forget your real last name. Love, Erica

Sake me blue... Boo, let me be your heated blanket,them curves look so fine when you crank it, you, me & Umi, sushi and tushi ? Heck yes for A.S and J.S ...i heart u!

Sam my Sam I love you. Nothing silly or funny or witty. I love you.

samantha j. hummel happy valentines day to my bestest friend ever.... let's celebrate (joan can come too!) love woopie

Samwise You're my best friend and I love you. HUGGIES! I just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentines!

SANTA CRUZ! dearest Katia, me amor. you make my knees buckle and my heart a'suckle. here's to the dream, fleeing from home, and geeking out in the computer lab. l

Sarah Our love for each other doesn't need a holiday as a reminder, but a free Valentine couldn't hurt. Happy Valentine's Day and Birthday. I love you.

Sarah Cody I'm sorry we lost touch... come join me one night after I get off of work from Red Lobster... college degrees really DO pay off!-Roger

Savannah Meow You're the coolest girlfriend ever. I love and adore you. -Jesse

Saving up 4 a Bently cant afford 112-114, so been Tulling myself 2 moof out b4 falling in parsley or hugging your hacking. but 4 V.D., lets picnic in an I-5 meridian ;}

Scary Gary, you ROCK Happy Valentines Day Gary! You're the weirdest person I know and I love you for that!! Don't get crushed by a falling piano. Love Melissa

Schmookies! I love you and happy that we are together here's to 2 years! and a lifetime to come! love, your blushy tomato

Schmoopy! You are brainy & I have red hair & when you say Phew! I don't care; & at the end of your rope U still let me breast grope; dear snugaboo: I wuv U

schnook i love you so much i want to drop a rock on your head and smash you. xoxo bean

scoundrel and all a rooftop in the moonlight... make out city... silent dancing in the kitchen... recollections you will forever slay me.....

Sean-a-licious To my luscious sweet lover - this Valentine's Day I'm going to XOXO you until our SDDs are cured. Every day I think about you and smile. I love you.


senor 'birthday cat' mr. birdwell, as always i devote my love to you!viva la vino, se industrial corners, and wild gypsy runaways. never look back, we'll run to argentina!

Senor FLOWERS!!! butch, you are son ultimo romantico!!!(and a dreamboat!!)don't let tim touch your no-no this valentines. love, always. l

Senor Pantalones! Why has it been so long since we tequila'd the night away? You have a new car. Get yer ass over here with a bottle asap! kiss~kiss

SexGod Von DeerHoofe How I adore thee, my sweet & beloved Hubbins! It makes my heart aflutter to think of our growing love! John Gotti's millions can't ever compare to you

SEXOSAURUS! You're the best tiny cute girlfriend ever and I want to eat your face off in the good way. All my various smoochers and various lovin's belong to you.

sexy seamster Rip my clothes off me & sew them right back together again. Now that's man-tastic. Travis, I love you!!

sexy seamster Rip my clothes off me & sew them right back together again. Now that's man-tastic. Travis, I love you!!

sexy seamster Rip my clothes off me & sew them right back together again. Now that's man-tastic. Travis, I love you!!

Sexy Stephen I want to rip off your clothes every time I see you. You make me so hard thinking about your naked body. Will you lay naked in my bed forever? Love me

sexy vitamin whore Your lips are so sweet, when I kiss them I feel utterly complete. My sexy vitamin whore, you're the one I adore!

SEXY, SEXY Margie, i love you sooo much. let's cuddle forever. well, we can stop so i can give you good head and breakfast in bed. xoxo travis

Shakti da oddy Your supernova created a blackhole in my heart that only U can collapse. My love reaches to the end of the universe 4U. U R my destroyer. ILVU. Shiva

SHANA ELIZABETH how do you do it? with work and kids and all my foibles, you still make everything so very special! you are one in a zillion! love love love YOU!

SHASELLETTE IS IDLE Well it sucks that V-day is here so soon. I was hoping this could move from virtual reality by then. Your pictures on myspace are hot like fire. word.

Shaun E. I miss You! You made me the happiest.

She came to him, To give him her nest, though there were eggs in it. I rather wonder at the Bird, for though he had been nice to her, he also sometimes tormented her.

SHELLY I love you Shelly thank you for being my mistress! Love Lis

shmancakes oh my silly girl. i love you. you have made the last year of my life so wonderful. i will forever be "thinking good good things about you!"


showin' love Erin, Sandmasta, Jonathan, Lili, Kevin, Adan, Carmen, Crissy, Teresa, Ana, Jasmine, Pam, Devin + many more. Love you and miss you! stay fly! Lolly

Sicilian Sweetness! Sweet like mango, hot like habañero, smooth like kisses, wet like December, love like Pacific breeze: i promise you 3 orgasms per day, love. -tu mar

Simone Simone Simone Happy Valenties day mamasita!!! Thanks for being one of my bridesmaids and a friend I can always turn to! Don't forget that: LOVE IS... you know ~Grace

Sinister Minister Hey, it's my birthday! So how's about we land fireside for some sweet lovin? Or... grab an elephant ear@the zoo? Love you more than ever, Mister<3

Skrove! Ah sweetie, you make my heart skip a beat everytime I see you! I am so glad we found each other and I know we will be together forever! I love you!

SMASHTELA! you are my best friend ever. i heart you forever. find me when this note finds you so we can celebrate our love over many beers. lovealways, your lover

SMOOBIE SMOOBIE SMOOBIE, is that a RING on your finger? Oh my! Did I forget to tell you how WONDERFUL you are today? Hey Portland he REALLY is! I'm the lucky one!

Snacks You're a sweet treat who won me over with more than just your conversion cookies.

Snow Monkey No, YOU'RE the cutest! Welcome back from the ice planet! Love, Mr. Bub, Miss Kitty, and your very own Truffle Pig (I heart zombies) La la la...

SNUGGABOO (and Capy) It all started here. I love you more than ice cream and harry potter and the oc. Let's get coffee and do crosswords everyday for the rest of our lives.

Snuggle Monkey Love! Blind Onion. You light your cigarettte, I light mine. You place the order, I setup Connect Four. Rock, Paper, Scissors. You win! I love you forever McKimberly!

sofa king & queen the universe already knows but i wanted to tell the world - that you're the one, the only, my other; & i love you like ~this~ always. your girl

Sofa King Judy you are lusty and lovely, you set my heart to a twitterin' and my brain to a reelin', your haikus are sublime, I'll love you till the end of time...

someone likes you... i like your smile, your eyes, your sense of humor, your smarts, your hips, your mind, your lip ring, your crafts, your conviction, and your yoga pants

soooo many snugs! you are my everything, precious boy. my beautiful, hotter-than-fuck baby, my dr. bf! endless love and the happiest valentine's day teebs <3 tlf, daddy

Soul meets body... From our corner nook to our basement booth to our bed-moving nights of passion and love. I want to be with you tomorrow and always. I love you, girl!

Spammy Livertoes Don't worry, this isn't an overture. Just that I never Valentined you proper, so here's a nice wink to remember. I'm glad I still know you, Keep Well.

SPANK THE BOOTY! Baby baby baby, I feel so lucky to have such a smart, gorgeous, funny, sweet man in my life. You're the best guy I could have hoped for. I love you!

Spanks Man your blaze drives me wild! How I want to run my fingers through your white locks. Let's give that nickname a purpose.

spankyville pow-pows on your spanky little butt from mister 2. xoxo+other naughty stuff

special lady friend luva. baby. what was she for valentine's? an old forgotten concubine. someday she will die for no one.


spinach & mushrooms Also: coffee, eggs, pie, arugula, beets, cactus, greens, noodles, broccoli, ice cream, beer, cookies, and of course, shaved pussy and veiny cock.

Spookyshoes Things I love you more than: Booze, cheese, Battlestar, my fish, sleeping, art... pretty much everything... even tetris... love, your wife

Squid Loves Prawn! A giant squid was recently discovered in an underwater love nest with the Queen of the Prawns. They are reported to be living happily ever after.

ST P.O. Box 40710 THANKS, JACE

Starshine, be mine! You're truly my dream girl, not to mention we huck well together. Whatever magnifies you, my heart won't let it go. C'mon, lets go for a swim!

stephanie luvs ian!! i love you. you are the perfect man. you clean up after yourself, you cook and you have a huge cock. god i love you!!! so... when we gettin hitched?

steve happy v'day! I know we will remain friends through hell AND high water! love-angie

Steven, not steve-o Dude, you are my brother. We have been friends for so long, let's keep it going! <3 Mikee

Stevie McRyder...... Damn baby. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you drink a whole bottle of Jager...well, before that even.. :) I love you too much.. xoxo -K

Sticky? or Prickly? Redgreen. Wish we met at a different time. Thanks for taking me out of my trance. The cesspool under the bridge no longer reflects only our image. S

Still in luvst!!!!!! Happy Valentine's Day to the best pinche fuckin' lady I ever set myself on fire for!! Thank you for becoming my wife and remaining my best friend, bb!

Still My Fav! my Lover, my Priestess, my Best Friend: i love you more than ever, and am still in awe of the power of our magic together--& you're the sexiest too!

STILL SMOKIN' BRIAN! Happy Valentine's Day! I love you...Okay now hey where do you want to go for Valentine's Day dinner?? I love you, AnneMarie

Stinko-pants! You stink so good, you're the only boy I could ever love. Trust me. And just think, homemade bread and clean socks forever. Marry me, sweet!


Stripper Love Tucker- Screw the rain, thunder happened when we fell in love! Union Jacks is best when we dance around in matching underwear and cowboy boots. -Piper

STUFUS I want U to know that I love U with all my heart. You make me happier than U realize. I hope this is the first of many happy Vag..Valentines 2 come.

Suedehead Glad you hung around through "Life in Hell" in cardboard rentals & Bushland to enjoy many manxes, Oregon and Bioluminescent Boy! I Love You! Curt

Sugar Bear I want you and everyone reading this to know how much I love you. I never thought that I would find someone as special as you. I'll always love you.

Sugarnose, Sugartoes A Valentine Haiku for my sweetest pea: i adore you so tender kisses, sweetest love all my heart to you. celebrating love with you everyday, j

SUNFLOWER SUTRA A perfect beauty of a sunflower! a perfect excellent lovely sunflower existence! I love you. I look forward to everyday with you Shanako.

SUPAFRESH I said Don't Fuck Up Ruden and you didn't. Then we moved in together. Got a dog. A mortgage. And you know? I continue to fall more in love with you!

Super Michael Suprise! Happy Valentine's Baby. You are the best! Wishing you all the love in the world. Your Wifey Read "DEATH'S INSEPARABLE LOVER"

SuperGoose! She fought a bear, she has big hair and she doesn't care. She likes chartreuse, she ate cous-cous with a moose. She is a supergoose! SUPERGOOSE!

Sweet Amanda Thank you for our moments together these past two years. It's fun when we can act stupid and laugh together. I love having you be my awesome wife.

sweet babydoll ooh ooh ooh, babydoll, it's still as hot as that very first night in the bathroom ... overjoyed to still be snuggling behind you in bed, yer sugarlips

Sweet Katie I love you with all my heart. You're the best girlfriend I've ever had, plus you're Big, Bad, and super Hot. Please wear those fiery boots for me? ~T

Sweet Lu, I love you, Darling. It keeps getting better. -T.

sweet Willow I wouldn't trade you for the world. Though, you are a part of the world, so maybe I'm kinda dumb for turning that offer down. I love you. Always, M.

Sweet, sweet man Thanks (ever so) for continuing to visit my odd little hovel and sharing your hot self with a wretch like me. You make me feel truly alive, dear one.

Sweet, sweet Sammy You are my beautiful long-haired Sweetheart. You are stronger than a spine wall and sweeter than FunDip. Your smell, your voice, your huggins I love-you

SWEETEST GRETA darkest cup of joe, analog, a wobbly tire on a long hill, organic, fresh and growing, you remind me that even in darkness there is hope and love. hen

SWEETPEA ON 1 KNEE I can't imagine life without U Baby. Spreading my wings broke your heart, I know, but U are the woman I want to call HOME. You're my family. I love you.

sweets & chomp chomp i love you more each year. now we have the little one. can't wait to roll in the sheets again. you are always my one. love, pink sweets

T&R Your kid loves you so very much! I will be forever greatful for the love you give me! You truly are my family!!! Lv B

T'n'L To my favorite weather phenomenon, AKA the most dynamic duo in Eugene. I miss you guys like some sort of valentine. Smootches, Emily

T-Bone from Rawhide Lucky to know you, but not lucky enough. My 4-leaf clover, rabbit's foot and horseshoe and are working overtime at another run to be the luckiest guy.

T-Dawg from Jon Thanks for putting up with my bullshit the past year. I love you more than anything. Lets get married. AND you should totally have sex with me tonight

T-Horse Charla Haven't seen the Horse recently, but I've seen you. Behind that coy smile of yours is one damn sexy lady. When do I get a sip of that hot chai?

TAB I like you a lot, but I dont know what you think. So Lets crack open a bottle of wine! J

TACOS Tacos you are the heath bar of my eye you hold the chow for our screaming meows the needle to my vein,and the skeleton key to my heart. Love papas

TAISAU, YOU STEALTH sensualist! you chose deer, dear :: bergamot, sylvian, auto-lights, your hand in mine...if it's a party why was there so much blood? if it's a lark...

Tall Dark and Lovely we exchange Whole glances as you choose what Foods to eat, i w(h)ine that i'm too cheesy, but let's start a dialogue, a year is too long to waste...

Tango Con Migo Some know her as Rachel, others as the Blonde Bomber. She's the hottest thing in Stumptown, but not for long. Be my Valentine in Buenos Aires, baby.

TART LOVES CAVEMAN!! Forever and for always we'll be better together. You are my best friend and humpbuddy and I never want to get rid of you. You're so snugglywuggly!

Te quiero, amorcito! Mi amor, te quiero con todo mi alma. So let's play LOTS! (and lots, and lots, and lots more!) Besos y un Happy Valentine's Day de tu love bear.

Te quiero, Pablo! Your wife loves you 100 percent pounds! Happy Heart Day, baby!

TG Yes You I LOVE You Daddy thanks for making all my wildest dreams come true! Happy Valentines Day ~Yer loarcpsssqfm babycakes

Tha gaol agam ort ANDREW, my favorite husband, I love you immensely. Waking up beside you every morning makes me think, "bonus!" Happy Anniversary, K.

thanks friend sometimes it seems like nothing but sleep work school and the drink. i'm the luckiest girl in the world to have you and the chatons on my side.

That's MR. CMA 2 me! Chris, I love you more than all the trees on the earth. You and I have made so many strides forward. There's no telling where were gunna land! XO KSR

thatlovingfeline You are so amazing, smart, scrumptious and oh so delicious! You make me tingly all over. Oh, and you are "da bomb"! -Love Michael

The best by far!!! Jan Maxon - The best wife a man could ask for. I love you so much honey! I spend my days dreaming of being with you. You're my world. My beautiful wife.

The Boy Next Door Who knew that location really could be everything? I've never been so happy. Really. Truly. For Keeps. Love the Girl next door.

The love below Love falls from the sky and brings you high, one look from her eyes can make you cry, that's love true from her blue eyes. Love, junior

The McDonald Sisters Happy Valentine's day you hot little vixens! Your smart ass attitudes & dance moves make me dream of you two taking a ride on my banana seat bike. DL

The Pony's Pullover You are the panda's poached eggs, the cephalopod's satin pillowcase, and dare I say it, the monkey's unmentionables. I love you.

The sexy gay man! Yo my suga loving veil man! Keep up the satyr lovin'

The sweetest boy! Oh Qdog you light up my life! Keep your eye on the prize!

THE SWEETEST THING Everyday I look at you in awe. You are the sweetest thing and I am one lucky lady. Cheers to years of blender drinks and mate tea. I ruv you.

Thomas My Love I love you madly, holding our more than two years close to my heart and wish nothing but more time with you and a construction paper valentine.


Tinsel cunt you with a winner, so baby can't lose...

tintinabulation i've always known that you're so cool and now i LOVE rock 'n' joel! joel! me! double damn, mindude! bfgf


To Andrew To my special guy andrew, thanks for putting up with me and for being as sweet as apple jelly toast. I love you more than anything. -Diane Weiner

TO BRIANNA MY LOVER Brianna- I LOVE YOU. You know I do. I love those days we spend in Costello's and Moonstruck. We will be together forever and you know it!!! <3Angela

to Bunny:Otter Queen Pumkin knows he can be an ass, Ogre & Monkey are trying to keep him in line, Pontif says he's above this, and VB's jazzed to be online. We love you.

To Busty Leroux I am a slackin'-ass boyfriend that has never placed a Merc. valentine for my girl, here's proof that even the worst of men can get the hint.Luv ya Triz

To Carrie B. You're my favorite Modern Girl.

to cole. valentines are hard. you, my love, are soft and cuddly. heres to our second v day together. smooches.

to dan, my cupcake you're solid gold. i love you forever and ever. xoxox dingdong

to dan, my cupcake ok, you're solid platnum! i love you 4-ever xoxox dingdong

To Disco Joe I love you! You are the man of my dreams and I'm so lucky to be your wife! You are also the most wonderful daddy to C.J.! Happy Valentines Day, Honey!

to emerys mommy i hope that you have a great v-day. i hope that i will be spending it with you. i am glad that we are together. yay. rockito.

To Emily from Daniel It has been an amazing 23 months! Thanks for opening your heart to me and sharing life together. Love snuggles

To Gizmo my adorable little are the best thing in my life. I love you like crazy! Love, bunky.

To Jeremy...From Ali ...Happy Valentine's day skippy-pie-honey-bear-babydoll! Of all the hick-ey rednecks in Corvallis, you are the most liberal and my favorite!

to JJY from LRW JOE! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me over these past few years. And also for teaching me how to defrost chicken. LOVE -your Elaine.

To John T Mealy III For the first hold, the step back, leaps forward, summer, everyday after, the roses, love notes, holding me all night, every night- I lurve you. -Girl

To Marisa, From Nick I love living with you (even in Keizer), I love seeing you (even though I'm awake when you're asleep), I love you (even though I don't say so enough).

To Miss Bran-D sorry i had to be away for v-day. stupid work trips! anyhoo, you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happyyy when skies are gray. i love u!

To Mr. Handsome: Dear Love pumpkin, you can be my Middle East dictator any day. You are even more handsome than the kitty.

To my baby Just a note to let you know, how each day, for you my love grows. I promise to give you all I have to give, I'll do anything for you as long as I live.

To my baby Cheree' I love and miss you always. I need to have you closer to me. Make it happen. You know what I miss most? The way her eyes light up when she sees me...

to my Baka i love you dearling and i hope the rest of the year is better than the first month. your Luvie, D

to my beautiful 337 Remembering:the Japanese Garden in spring, watching newts in a pond, the sparkle of your eyes, frost in the desert, your smile warming my heart <3 Jen

TO MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE MELISA, thanks for sticking with me. we left for portland with nothing, and arrived four years later with everything. love you more than ever. -JOHN

To My Casanova: I know things between us are...complicated, but I wouldn't trade your friendship for anything in this world. I will wait for you, my Casanova. Love, K

To my Coach: Hi Coach-You are the most exquisite lover a 13 year old could ever have. would eat you if I could to crawl inside and kiss you sweet. I am yours forever

To My Dark Angel To my dark angel Raven. With the one i love the most. for this Valentines day i give you a toast. for my love so pure. your my Luna Every year. Shadow

To My Dearest Love My love for you is like a truck! BERSERKER Would you like some making fuck? BERSERKER Happy Valentine's day Elizabeth

to my dearheart! Darbie, just thought you should know that you are my valentine! <3 Mikee

to my Foolio Sanchez Bobbinator, you make me feel like a real woman. I love you, Hogapiggy! You get me so hot!!! I can't wait to be your wifey and make you grits everyday!

To my glow-worm To my hammock fiasco scarred glow-worm: touch me. what? You are my ineffable rapture. teach me more......

To My Golden Boy. You are fantastically awe inspiring. I love you tremendously. I am so excited to get married this October. Xoxo, your Cuddle Bunny.

To My Great Love This is the hardest year ever but our love will get us through it. It's that transition point in our lives where we will succeed. Love you always-Soup

To My Hambone I knew you were something special when I first saw you. I've said it before and I will say it again. PERSISTENCE PAYS OFF!! I love you baby! Love, SaraJo

To my hoigga Travis. You are the most awesomest friend I have ever had. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me and being there when I needed you the most.

To my HONEYPOT: Every morning I wake up thinkin of you and every night I fall asleep thinkin the same. I can't wait till we're in the same bed. It's only just begun.

To my hot man-lover BK: You made moving worthwhile. I can't stop thinking about you & get hot at work because of you, which isn't entirely productive, but I'm happy. -AM

to my joy.. i LLLLLLLub you

To My Juliet.... Parted from me, but never parted. Never and always, touching and touched. I await you...... I Love You Princess Puppet

To My Lobster: We are now three drifters instead of two; there is still such a lot of world to see. The best is yet to come- and won't it be fine. Love, your only D

TO MY LOVA I see all your light and I love your dark. Kitten

TO MY MAITI ROIS my precious little angel, you bring me such joy and happiness thank you for choosing me as your father!

To My Mister: You are devastatingly handsome and sweet - sweeter than sugar. Get ready to Jime, Valentine. Love, the Missus.

To My Most Amazing *growl* I love the way we fit together, Sweets. You are incredible and gorgeous. I feel so lucky to have you in my life. *love and kisses*

To My Nathan Roy: Being with you makes me happier than anything. I hope we'll be together for eternity. I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! Love always, Samantha Lee <3

To my new bride, i love you so so much. i always will. happy almost 5-month anniversary. love, your babers.

to my one and only you mean the world to me. thanks for all your love, support, and strength. you are my inspiration and my superhero. plus you are deadly hott. deadly. i<3you!

to my puppy isis To the best and most perfect dog in the world, even though your mom won't let me steal you I am still planning on taking you, lone wolf and cub style.

To my Schmoo Dear Schmoo, through good times and bad our schmooness has stood strong. I love you and will be your schmoo forever. Be mine? -Schmooprincessninja

To My Secret Heart Thank you for the best year of my life. We will watch our dreams come true together in the years to come. I am grateful for you every day. <3

To My Sexy Pizza Boy Happy V-Day sexy ass! You're the bestest. You always make me :) and laugh. Luv ya bioch! Eww! Your bad ass bitch!

To my Sigie! Will you be my Valentine??! I love the way you squish my boobs together. And you always remind me to hit the crack pipe. Thank you dear Squidy!

To my Snuggle Bug You are the awesome. I love loving you, and being loved by you. Oh - and the hot sex doesn't hurt, either. Here's to us! *Smooch*

To my snugglybear This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.

To my Stephen I love you so much. The past 4 months have been great. You make me so happy. You are the love of my life. Stay with me forver. ps you smell great!

TO MY SWEET DAVID If your love is a dream, I don't ever want to wake up. Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart!!!

To my Sweet Puff Hello my Sugar Plum of Love, I just wanted to write you a little Valentine to let you know how nice it's been to have you as my girl, Love, Josh :)

To My Wife Casey.... In our past valentines celebrations (7 now) I try to do something different... this year it's this message... damn i good... luv your hubby. james l.

To my wifey!! My Carmen, you are so wonderful! I love and cherish our time together. You are an amazing woman and I love you with everything I am. Te amo - Lolly

To Orange Marmalade: Pfyt, n xbjfy dtz qnpj st tymjw. Gj rd afqjsynsj? Qtat dtzw snlljw gtt Fsiwjb.

To Papa Valentine's Day make me think of how lucky I am to have you. It's been a wonderful five years and I look forward to many more. Happy V-Day From Mama

To Rach No matter the troubles that face us, I always know that you have me in your heart. I could not picture a universe without you.

To Samuel Your love shines through me It tingles my fingertips Everything I touch bares the warmth of it. Love Always, Kristina Happy Valentine's Day 2006

To Scottie V Though our "nyms" are pseudo, our love ain't. Jimmy B

To the Clarinet Girl Oh Reina, how the days go by and my thoughts always turn to you. Te amo. Will you? Can you? Please be my Valentine! -Your Dearest William. meow...

To the most beautife I love you with all my heart and I look forward to a long and happy life with you at my side and in my arms.

TO THE RED DEVIL. . Thank you for seeing my days pink. You've made me the happiest cupcake there is. Why Lord Dudely, I'm charmed. Always thankfully yours, Lady Iris ;)

To The World I love you for your: warm drinks, silly jokes, perfect moments, dogs, damn good music and everything else that makes this place amazing. ~ Julia E.

To Theo from Vanessa Thank you for being a friend, Don Juan de Astoria. I'd make love to you if I wasn't so busy douching your mom.

To Tonya G GIMME !

To toz-xyu Roses are red, violets are blue, I love you, despite your stinky poo. Thanks for being my rock this year. I can't wait 2B your wife. Love you, Scooter

To UTA's #1 Groupie "My bounty is as deep as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite." William Shakespeare

To You Babe- Who knew that love came in a package of rabbit foot key chains, airbrushed t-shirts, days off work at the beach, and 1st kisses @ the airport. X0Z

To: My Buddy Holly You are a velvet hammer that nailed me the moment I saw you. Let's ride bicycles together, forever. You complete me. Shinu hodo ai shite masu!

to: jereme what did one light bulb say to the other? i love you a whole watt! hehe..i love you watts and watts... love, sarah

To: Lorie B. My love... I miss you so much. I still think of you every day, cherish the memories, and re-read our letters. I hope we can try again someday... Andy

TODD SWEATS YOU! Juliedoll my partnerincrime! i love you for your complete beauty, gettn julie satus and letn me represent the killerV clique! forever your boy Toddy T


ton T & E, snuggles and kisses, i love ya. C

tonto, jump on this thank you for welcoming me to your jungle. i haven't seen you eat oranges in a long time, could we please change that soon? xoxo

TONY T YOU SO FINE eugene sucks, but oh how boredom & drear has brought us together I love you so & know that if we can survive this -we can thrive anywhere. always liz

TRAVIS PANTS I love you. This year let's have crazy adventures. Thanks for always being a blast. your charming and fun. I love you. love Amy Pants

Trombones do it in 7 Hey lover damn lover you have me caught you call me Jezebel you taste me everywhere I think you emptied your soul in me last night Hey love lover damn

Troy W. We might not be together anymore, but you will always be my friend. Thank you for all your support and help. I am proud of all your hard work.

true love monkey the prtlnd mist is here, but it doesnt blur my eyes for u! u still make my <3 skip beats. i <3 u! thank u for being the monkey of my dreams. s.potatah

Trumpet Butt, lovey! Your magical ass flute sings sweet but smelly music carrying me to dreamland nightly. Through all the rough times we've had, I still love you. -M.Tits

Try it again? Know that I love you and that you are the most beautiful woman to me. I'm sorry for all the mistakes I've made, I was stupid, immature. I love you.

Tuck-chan! is! Supa! Kimi wa subarashii to atsui ne! Gomen nasai, boku wa baka desune. Zannen..Motto ii ya Motto tanoshii ni atai suru. Ganbatte ne. Ai shite imasuyo...

TUFF ENUF 2 DUBLSTUF Thanks son for taking care of both of us, especially when it's simultaneous. We love you - your two Bear Dads. Keep on multi-tasking.

Turduckenstan awaits Oh, Buddy... Even though you pass an extraordinary amount of gas and constantly fuck shit up, I love you so goddamn much. Sometimes it hurts. Ouch.

two of us youre the only one for me, i tell you 3 or 4 times a day, if my hearts gonna get broken anyway, i'd rather have it get broken by you.youre the only 1.

Tyler W. i'm your huckleberry, cause you're THE ONE.Let's watch movies together for the rest of our lives, love stoop.

U PUT A SPELL ON ME Damn CS! How did you get to be so COOL and so HOT at the same time? My southern can is yours. MW

Ultra Pirate Booty! You make the world a happier place! You are the best! ARR! We are pirates! ULTRA PIRATE BOOTY YAY! Rum is good! I love you Jesse! ARR!

Uncle Dougy Poo-Poo Hi roomie, I love you! You have a big heart and a big smile and I love living with you. Even though you're incredibly messy.

Uncle Steve I love you Uncle Steve! So does my mom. Happy Valentines Day. xoxoxo Nigel Danger Dog

UNDER A FULL MOON Dearest Dana - I wish I could propose to you every night on the beach of Mazatlan... your Brian

Unicorn 2 a Rainbow Golden sunrise & silver moonlight, each day is a blessing to be with you! May our love grow like the magic beanstalk in childhood fairytale. LOVE!

V. Lee Wrapped up like a douche since 1983 -spanks

Valentine Three Michael, this last year, what a joy. Thank you for being my darling boy. I'm excited for this year. With more caressing of my dear. Burma Shave. David

vampire bike girl Nighttime is right I wish that you would suck me, till your broken bike gets rusty I would bleed indeed its true, for all eternity it's only you,

VJ Miss KittyRox! Things you kick ass at: Pinball, Jammie Time!, Chocolate Chip Cookies, 80's Video Dance Attack and being my lovely. Always yours, Mink Staccato

W Y-L, Hyvää Ystävänpäivä! Grattis alla hjärtans dag! Happy Valentine's Day! When you told me I was special It was the happiest moment for a longlong time

WALKER You are an amazing friend and I would go crazy up here without you. I will always be your valentine! Here's to drinking lunch for many years to come <3J

warning bunnys and daffodils my explode from my heart towards you but i'm sure that they will not impare your vision or colloquialisms- your blue bunny

Wavely Davely sweetie-bunny you make me wanna wanna do ya.

We Are Poppypants! You bring the pop, I'll bring the pants and we'll have a party. Don't forget those freckles, Mr. Cooter, or that ass to shake. I love you, cutie.

WE LOVE MAISIE BLUE! Happy Valentine's day, Pooka! love, Mom and Dad

We'Moon The calendar is beautiful and so is the land. Too bad it's as dysfunctional as the day is long, privately owned, & not at all what it pretends to be.

Wee Bonnie Heather, I am very proud of who you are and want you to know that my heart sings when I see your beautiful, smiling face. Less than four months to go!

WEISST DU SCHATZ... ich liebe dich! es gibt immer neue sachen, die ich mit dir entdecken will. du fehlst mir. also komm doch einfach mal rueber! kuesse bist du hier bist!

Well hot piss! Dear Al, You're one hot asshole, except minus the hot part. It's okay though, go on 82nd and get yourself a cheap hooker. Happy Valentines Day. <3 -S

WENDY D. (LIL MAMA) Happy Valentine's Day Baby! I love u so much words can't even describe. I want u to know that u are in my heart today as u know u are every day....

What have I to say? Austin, I am in love. You know perfectly well I can be poetic if it weren't for the fact that "all" shows it so clearly. Restate the obvious?

What is juice? If I could choose between a lifetime with Philip Seymour Hoffman or a day with you, I would, without hesitation, choose the day with you.

what is there to do? ...He said come on baby and I'll show you a good time. So they went on down to one of those cheap motels, and they got all gushy and wet and I say...

What the hell? I don't know where this came from but I hope it never ends. It's been an amazing new year. Let's keep it up. I'm still Soox.

what the pho? sweet carpenter angel: thanks for all the mix tapes. let's keep on rockin' together forever, just like fred and toody. love, greasy cook angel

What your facehole?! Senator Joel-Face and E-lizzabreath warmly invited to spit moonshine on the cold dead earth. Ah, Depressionly! Come work for the WPA and put on plays.

WHAT'S GOIN' ON? To all my girls...Tay, Rach, Stazzie, Bekki, Chloe and Biscuit! I wuv you guys!!

Where'd you learn... kiss that way? Beaches and parks, the shade of a tree Hot days and hot nights I've held your hand and I've watched you sleep When your arms are half cried There never is much time between Hello and goodbye xoxo Kristina

whimperSNORTpaw wave to the LIL EFFING FATTIES: pip hump chels n chels does whine, chels sees pip and her loins pine. nemeses4eva, the min pinz

whiskey priest You torture me with your unavailable ways while I quiver in bed alone. I can only wait so my naughty priest fantasy!

Why are we twinstars Let me count the ways: a Queen, a tard cat, a doggy dog and a Sally. I'm wearing my fluffy robe e nient'altro, bello, oh le notte di Firenze.

Wien/Wine Valentine CP- our Valentines always suck. Let's turn this train around with a box of wine and some wrestling. Bring the wiener dogs too.


WISA? Wisa it's sue, who? sue. your beautifulness continues to inspire me everyday. i'm SO blessed to have you in my life (: te quiero

Work up Your yoga is no match for my fried tofu. Submit now or lose everything you own! I love your hair, leave it alone.

WNZR~ yer my precious little thing, and it's so nice to have you here with me. we make spoons

XXXX You rock my world.

yaya, rita & yumyum: there are no wimmin i'd rather group nap & pee in the basement w/. don't worry, it's normal. xo, v p.s. i'm going to atlantic city w/myself. coming?

yes you yes you, that girl who doesn't think you're gorgeous-you are. yes you, the girl who can't believe you'd get one of these-you just did.

Yes, N. I want to tell someone, so I'm telling all of Portland. I want you naked. I want soft kisses and hard spanks. I want long emails and short glances.

Yo, Cuddlebumpkins Thank you for always working to be a superb husband: cooking, cleaning, loving me. I am so happy with our life together ~Your Naughty Mattress Monkey

Yo, Rega! i really, really, really want to take you to a bad movie. we'll smuggle in our own snacks and contraband liquor. swak!

Yobes! I'm glad we're not pals any longer. You make the cat of my heart roll on command! I only have emoticons for U. -pc

YOJIMBO Hey sugartits. Will you be my Valentine? Love you. xxoo. K

You + Me = ScEnt BRENT: You who were born with the sun above your shoulders, You turn me on, you turn me on, You have to know... LOVE, SCOTT

You are a writer bound by pen & paper. I am your vexed vixen. Let us never forget who we are while traveling on this hysteria of light and laughter. U R My Sunshine

You are the babiest! Tiny, I want to roll around in your arms like a baby panda. I've caught a case of rollin' from you and it hurts so good. xxxx, Ch.

You are the bestest! this stupid little message cannot possibly convey how much I love you. You are my best friend and more than I ever imagined to dream for. -Aubrey

You broke my heart But I still love you

You left me a rap... ...on my phone. I don't know if you realize how much such things mean to me. They mean a lot. Months now, and I'm crazier about you than ever.

You make me squishy Travissimo I love your hallucnifuct mind, your uber sexy sounds, your morningwood, your BO, your cute butt, your fantasies, your soft skin, and your spooge

you so nice!!!!!!!!! bobo loves mimo. happy valentines day #2

You're adorable His Countenance, I love you. Boo-Boo

you're all I need ! Kami, I love you. I know I don't say it often, but i mean it. You and me forever, baby. Love, Malebolgia

You're MY Dork! It really is always better when we're together! Thank you for sticking around to see what we can be. I promise I will always choose us. Forever-spaz

You're My Favorite MARK - My whole world is brighter with you in it. I'm more in love with you than I thought would ever be possible. You have a great ass, too! Love, HB

you're so 'deep' chloe, cat power is ours! here's to the night, road trips, and never looking back. you make me crazy. let's drink wine and buy some 'cha cha' shoes!-l

you'resodamnloveable dear alex, thanks for being you. thanks for liking me. thank me for wanting your phone #. thank you for giving it up...your number and your lovin'atn

Your Eternal Spirit May we ALWAYS be free, together, in love, IN THE FOREST! You are wonderful, sexy, a master in bed, my hero!I really love you, thank you 4 loving me. Torria

Your last name Wandering in the rain, no umbrella, calling you to me in the morning. Bball & running. I love being your fiance, & I'll love marrying you even more.

Your Wang Is Way Rad I truly thought I'd never talk to you again after that night at Hotel, but here it is almost 4 months later. Misery loves company, indeed. Kevin=Gold

Yr My Bleeding Heart Living Art Tattoo In Gresham Or. wants to wish all of PDX an awesome Valentines day. We hope to see you in here soon. 100 W Powell Blvd.

yummy dance domina! chaotica: you are a world rocker and a mind blower! sexy, smashing! thank you for seeing me, being my friend. fiery love and beatings! xoox, oracle

zachary mi amor living with you is divine, your smile, your big beautiful brain...thank you for making me happy :) lots of love from amber

Zakarina!!! You are simply lovely. Your soft girlish whimper and adorable spanish commentary make me melt. Please cover my eyes and put me to sleep.

Zazarela! You are the hottie mchottipants of my dreams, and I love you. Let's eat stir-fra and bike off into the sunset! -Beninator

zebra Come back to me, the fields are so empty without you.

zebo quad you are really gonna "get it" when you come home! you better turn that ship around because it's going to take 60,000 years just to get to uranus.

zing! Get your damn hands off my remote!

~My Little Robyn~ You're the highlight of my day the only goddess to whom I'd pray your beautiful grey eyes calm me and your milky white skin soothes me I'm yours, always