A few months ago, on the second floor of the Ethos Music Center, a business-casual dressed Alan Singley—Portland's most wonderfully weird neo-Bacharachian songwriter and one of the nonprofit music school's most popular pedagogues—was using a conductor's baton to direct the attention of six mini-guitar-wielding elementary schoolers toward a music staff he had scrawled on the chalkboard. I can't guarantee that every moment at Ethos is this amazingly cute, but you have the opportunity to see for yourself from 3-6 pm on Saturday, May 19, when the organization holds an open house to celebrate the opening of their newly remodeled North Killingsworth café and recital hall. The evening features a dizzying diversity of student performances, from choral and violin ensembles to rock bands and hiphop groups, as well as a silent auction and a "test-drive" where you can play a sampling of Ethos' instruments. Seriously, Ethos does an amazing job of providing music education for under-served kids, and it deserves your support. Admission is free, but the open house kicks off a month-long instrument drive, so bring along gear you no longer need.

In decidedly more dispiriting news, live music at Langano Lounge will soon be (forgive me), Long-gone-o. At least it will be as we have come to know it since March, when Bloody Hummus Haus-mate Ezra Fowler began booking quality indierock there. Fowler and much of Langano's staff are parting with the space's owners, who run Jarra's Ethiopian Restaurant upstairs. Shows scheduled to go down after May 31 are regrettably cancelled. Fowler is working on a business plan to open a venue of his own in the fall.

Speaking of business plans, tune in to KPDX 49 at 1 pm on Friday, May 18 to catch local electro-dance hooligans Show Me the Pink on Judge Mathis as they blaze a new path to fame by settling internecine band conflicts on national TV. The band took former member David Brichta to pseudo small-claims court for owed rent and damages incurred because of Brichta's pre-tour absconding, "party time 24/7" lifestyle. Amazingly, Brichta and his former bandmates are still friends and seem to have settled their accounts by collaboratively finagling a free trip to Chicago and TV appearance out of it.

After getting sucked into several hours of television subsequent to this fantastic nonsense, you'll probably feel ready to spend the night out. Do so with inimitable brood-popster Ghost to Falco at Valentine's on Friday, May 18 where he will be consecrating the release of his new album Like This Forever, which features contributions from local luminaries including Jef Brown (Evolutionary Jass Band) and Nick Delffs (the Shaky Hands).