4031 SE Milwaukie, 239-6065. View by appointment or at closing reception, July 14, 6-10 pm.

Two ring-neck doves, three powdered donuts, five bottles of beer...Sounds like a convoluted Christmas carol, but the objects are elements of Patrick Rock's multi room, installation series, It is All About You.

The size of the installation and its varying emotional directions is impossible to describe briefly, but some highlights come forth. Upon entering, the viewer is faced with "Mama Tried/Cancer," a folding partition surfaced with Xerox copies of a target. Piercing this surface are small light bulbs. The combination of these symbols and directive title would seem to set an impermeable, somber tone. However, the installation in its entirety also offers self-abasing humor and a general playfulness. In a far corner, crumpled magazine pages are placed in a careful pile, creating "Springtime;" upon close inspection the viewer realizes the glossy images are derived from some naughty sources.

Another room tucked in the space holds "Set Me Free," an installation of work that Rock kept from 1998-99, providing a home for a pair of viewer friendly, ring-necked doves named Ed & Nancy (Kienholz). The roller-coaster continues with "Velvet Over Satin...Jackson Pollack Was A Rock N' Roll Nigger." The icon-loving title refers to text that Rock painted on the walls of a ramp, revealing the sorrowful confession, "I am so fucking alone." Paint dribbles onto the floor into Pollackesgue designs. The ramp leads to Georgia Peach, an alcove filled with 1000 orange balloons, thus providing a light-hearted ending to a half-crazed, run-on sentence.

It is All About You marks the end of Rock's stint in Portland. This month he leaves for San Francisco, in search of the almighty MFA.