While waiting at the notoriously long red light at SE 20th and Division recently, you, a female bicyclist behind me instructed me to "get off your cell phone." I think most people who aren't utterly self-absorbed and self-righteous will agree that when you encounter perfect strangers who are in no way imposing on you and are minding their own business, it is just good policy that you in turn mind yours. Fair enough? However, if an appeal to basic manners doesn't persuade you, it will behoove you to consider this the next time you feel inclined to condescendingly lecture strangers—by virtue of them being strangers, you therefore know absolutely nothing about them, their state of mind, or what they are capable of. While in the moment I very much wanted to get out of my car and whup you, that's not my way, and so I let you know by verbal means alone what a piece of crap I think you are. But I guarantee that even in friendly Portland, there are plenty of people who lack my restraint and would have taken great pleasure in physically knocking your impudent ass off its high horse.—Anonymous

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