Marissa Sullivan

A SUNDAY OR TWO AGO I hopped off a plane and went to get a drink at my local watering hole. What was supposed to be a one-and-done situation ended up being a going-to-work-deathly-hungover-on-Monday situation. What happened was DJs Brian Ellis and Gwizski took over Dots like I've never seen anyone take over. By the end of the night Ellis had the whole bar singing "I'm Lovin' It" just like the McDonald's commercial, and Gwizski got everyone dancing in the aisles in a bar known more for its mellow brunch than its late-night dance parties. Gwizski, founder of Omega Supreme Records, can be found on the reg as the resident DJ at Vault Martini Bar and Swift Lounge, while Ellis, from Escondido, California, is working on finding a residency in Portland. Until then, catch his synth work on the new Egyptian Lover record.