FELONY FLATS Yeah, baby, yeah!

IT'S LUCKY NUMBER SEVEN for the Clinton Street Theater's annual Portland Underground Film Festival (PUFF)—so bring your rabbit foot down for all the twisted, underground movies a handful of leprechaun gold can buy.

Thursday kicks off with the grating Felony Flats, by local filmmaker Bob Moricz, in which a mental patient with Austin Powers teeth skulks around SE Foster. I'd personally suggest heading straight for the afterparty at the Aalto.

Put the fun between your legs on Friday with the popular bike porn night. Dirty, dirty bike shorts (like your spandex!) will screen for a raucous crowd of bike enthusiasts, culminating with a Pedalpalooza midnight mystery bike ride.

Saturday opens with a doc about Australian rockabilly punk band Six Ft Hick, and then it's the fun Cherry Bomb, a stripper revenge flick that's equal parts twisted and sweet: It's 1984, and sassy strippah Cherry Bomb (Julin Jean) is brutally raped by a bunch of douchebags, so she sets out for revenge, leaving piles of bodies in her wake. The night wraps with the fest's historically erratic short-film program.

PUFF concludes on Sunday with another local film, The Gray Area, an uneven but lovely looking number in which three dudes mourn the death of a buddy in weepy, Beaches-esque fashion, then cleanse that chick-flick palate with a bit of interrogation and torture. Sunday's two late-night screenings are The Roomies and The Bunny Game, which PUFF is billing as its most gruesome film yet—and that's saying something.