"I don't know anybody who doesn't like him." Gary Brown of the North/Northeast Business Association, introducing new mayor, Sam Adams, at a breakfast before the Beau Breedlove scandal broke.

"It sounds like PDC [Portland Development Commission] is Santa Claus and they're going around sprinkling sugarplums." James Posey, African American contractor and business owner, on the PDC's effort to "regenerate" North Portland, yet again.

"I wish you well, but I am here today to make the case for journalism." Steven A. Smith, former editor of Spokane's The Spokesman-Review, addressing Portland's first nonprofit journalism conference at the University of Oregon. He attacked so-called "digital ranters" and "bloggers" in his speech.

"They don't like that we have big queer dance parties. They don't like that we have an event called 'Dinner and Porn,'" Rumpspankers and Cannabis Café owner Eric Solomon, on neighborhood opposition to his business.

"People may be deciding to go live in their mom's basement, take antidepressants, and play Xbox. They have essentially given up." State Workforce Analyst Christian Kaylor on Oregon's record unemployment.

"When I took this job I was prepared and expected to have to deal with people calling me a 'nigger' and saying that they hated black people," wrote Gresham's only black police officer at the time, Sonata Kerbs, in a memorandum resigning her post on the training division over alleged discrimination.

"Zoot-suited hipsters and jungle queens with red nail polish," historian Bob Dietsche said about the people who used to frequent Rose Quarter jazz clubs 60 years ago when the district was called Jumptown.

"This is about 'groundtruthing' and 'crowdsourcing,'" Mayor Sam Adams said, advising people to get involved with the city via Twitter and Facebook at a Portland Plan workshop.

"Foie gras fig newton?" So asked a waitress offering appetizers at TriMet's swanky, private Green Line opening party inside The Original, a Dinerant.

"There has never been a fresh hamburger grilled in Memorial Coliseum," according to a building tour guide.

"PETA can kiss my big fat vegetarian ass!" read a feminist protest sign outside Powell's during an author reading by Ingrid Newkirk, founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

"Water Is Magic!" The initial Rose Quarter redevelopment concept pitched by Cordish, the group hired by the Trail Blazers to develop the district into "Rose Quarter Live."

"We do not lack plans, we lack action, stuff coming up out of the ground." Maylor Sam Adams on his first attempt to redevelop the Rose Quarter.

"Dude, you should have just kept it in your pants! Or at least been upfront about it! Didn't you learn anything from Bill Clinton?????" Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton on the Sam Adams scandal.

"I'm wondering if we've looked at the option of privatizing the sidewalks?" wondered a downtown business owner asking about alternatives to the newly defunct sit-lie ordinance.

"I have been told to break all contact with you. I don't want to be in the middle of what is going on. Sorry." A text from Darryl, whose name is on the city's secret list of downtown offenders, and was told to stop talking to the Mercury by his new bosses, the Portland Business Alliance.

"I am Chris Humphreys." Signs waived by cops at a 650-strong rally protesting the suspension of their fellow officer in November.

"And we are Barbara Weich." Oregonian columnist Steve Duin responds to the police bureau rally with the name of the 58-year-old woman who was punched in the face and had her arm broken after calling Officer Greg Adrian an "asshole" during a traffic stop.

"He's a known quantity." Oregonian Editorial Page Editor Bob Caldwell, explaining why he didn't phone Oregon House candidate Lew Frederick before endorsing his opponent, Karol Collymore, in the race. Frederick later won the seat.

"Degenerate scum! Degenerate scum!" White supremacist, anti-sex agitator Julian Lee, wading out into June's 5,000 person-strong World Naked Bike Ride with a video camera.

"Don't worry, we're legitimate now!" yelled a Zoobomber with his pants down, while posing for a photo in front of the new, golden city-funded Zoobomb monument, as a police cruiser rolls by.

"I'm working on a script for a live action movie/series of Captain Planet and the Planeteers. I already have an actor for Wheeler, Ma-Ti, and Captain Planet. I will need people for the roles of Kwame, Gi, and Linka. I will also need other actors to play villains and other smaller roles. This will be a drama not a comedy so you will need to know how to act. We are planning on filming in about three months. There won't be any money in this." Craiglist post in the "jobs" section.