Watching Kirby Dick's new documentary, Outrage, was enough to convince me I've been hiding a secret, one that can only harm American society. More on this, later....

Dick has a history of focusing on solid stories and turning them into compelling documentaries—I enjoyed his 2006 exposé of Hollywood's broken ratings system, This Film Is Not Yet Rated, but it didn't tug at my activist conscience quite so strongly as his latest effort. Outrage opens with audio of former Idaho Senator Larry Craig denying soliciting sex from a cop in a bathroom stall in 2007. Then David Phillips tells us he fucked Craig in the early '80s, after which Craig reportedly told him, "Just remember, I can buy and sell your ass 1,000 times."

While anyone's sexuality ordinarily wouldn't be any of our beeswax, Outrage makes the point that it sure as hell should be when that person votes against giving medication to AIDS patients: Craig has repeatedly voted against HIV assistance (not to mention gays in the military, gay marriage, employment discrimination law...). And he's not alone among closeted Republican lawmakers voting for what I believe is essentially gay genocide.

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Outrage also introduces us to Florida's "bachelor governor" (*cough*), Charlie Crist, who got married last year when John McCain hinted he might get a vice presidential nomination. And we're shown a censored clip of Larry King's show, where Bill Maher tries to out Republican fixer Ken Mehlman—the architect of the party's anti-gay marriage efforts—but is prevented from doing so by CNN's editors. Yep: There's a media conspiracy to go along with this bullshit, it seems.

At least James McGreevey—the former Democratic governor of New Jersey—gives me hope: He resigned, admitting to being gay in 2004, and in Outrage, he claims that Capitol Hill is the gayest, most closeted place in America. Since I'm a firm believer in being the change you want to see in the world, I'll admit it: I'm a big gay senator! There. See, boys? It's not so hard after all.