So I've been a (uh, minor) Jimi Hendrix fan for years, but just recently—while watching the über-indulgent Hendrix film Rainbow Bridge—I realized something big: Jimi Hendrix was a stupid hippie. Like, what's with Jimi's lyrics? It's all flowers and butterflies and fantasy nonsense. And his clothes? Lace, paisley, Indian motifs... lame! I guess I always focused on the guy's badass guitar playing—which, admittedly, is pretty decent. But, seriously, take your head out of your ass, step back a few paces, and look at the complete picture. His vocals are just a mumbly rap (read: he couldn't sing). His politics... hell, if there's a message it's so incredibly buried in dopey, "psychedelic" imagery you can't tell. What was going on during Hendrix's short reign? Vietnam, civil rights... BIG FRICKIN' STUFF, and here he is singing about snuggling with flowers. You, Mr. Hendrix, are a great big hippie.