I am your parking attendant. No matter if my day is going well or not, you get a greeting and a smile every day, whether I like you or not. I take care not to damage your vehicle when it has to be moved. I try not to grumble when you forget to tell me you have a meeting, resulting in extra work and stress while extracting your vehicle from behind 10 other cars. When your wacky work schedule requires a lot of extra work on my part to accommodate you and your employees, consider it done. My point is this: I am a customer service provider. Part of my income is from tips. The customer service I provide is exceptional, as countless people have told me. Are you clueless to my efforts on your behalf, or as I suspect, just a greedy, selfish bastard? Someday when this recession is over, I will leave this crappy job and you will have some other chump to ignore and take for granted. It is likely that this person will provide inferior service, be unfriendly, and likely downright dishonest. I hope you'll be happy. You deserve each other.—Anonymous